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Trump Derangement Syndrome - Part III

Jack is retired. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.



I have published two articles about TDS on HubPages. This is the third in a series. I felt it necessary to write this since it is still very much in the minds of some people even 8 months after Trump left office.

Now, it is manifested as a blame Trump first.,.on everything that has gone wrong.

- Aug. 2021


TDS was coined by Charles Krauthammer, a political commentator and writer. Here is link to a full description of TDS.

In recent days, with all the fiasco of the Biden administration on full display, it is time to update TDS to include a whole new phenomenon.

For those who hated Trump, getting him out of office was their number one priority. Now that he is out, they just can't stop themselves. With every bad move made by the Biden administration, in many cases reversing of Trump policies, they will still blame it on Trump.

Withdraw From Afghanistan

It is no secret that the American public have been worn out by the war in Afghanistan. It has lasted 20 years, the longest war in our history. Each of the last 3 presidents have said we need to leave it, starting with President Obama. He left office in 2016 but failed to end our engagement. Here is a story explaining the reason. - The Afghanistan Papers.

President Trump also wanted the US out of Afghanistan but for more practical reasons. He thought the nation building was a waste of our time, energy and resources. He negotiated an end to this conflict with the Taliban in 2020.

Here is a story on that aspect from AP News.

Now, President Biden made the command decision to leave by Aug. 31. Some reported the date was chosen so on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Biden could give a speech declaring he has finally ended the conflict in Afghanistan.

His plan backfired when the Afghanistan government and standing army collapsed in a few days, much quicker than the experts thought. This did not allow the people trapped there to escape.

Meanwhile, we have left billions of arms behind for the Taliban. We have abandoned our friends and the local people who helped us.

This rapid withdraw was done in the absolute worst fashion. It was done in reverse order where the troops left before the civilians and the Afghan assistants. They left vehicles, and weapons and helicopters and even Hercules cargo planes.

The long term effect cannot be under estimated. Many of our allies and friends have been caught off-guard by this debacle. They will not trust the US anymore and have announced they will look to other solutions going forward. The US went from a first world nation to a third world nation with this one act by Biden. Taiwan is in the crosshair and will the US defend it against CCP ambitions?

Escape from Kabul


The Excuses

My colleagues blamed this debacle in Afghanistan on Trump. What else is new? Except, it does not fly. Ever since day one of the Biden administration, he has reversed every policy created by Trump. From the Paris Accord, to the XL pipeline, to the Iran nuclear deal and the wall on the southern borders... and the stay in Mexico for asylum seekers...Biden issued more executive orders in his first week than any president in the past.

If he had a better idea, he could have reversed Trump's plan but didn't. Instead, he fouled up the withdraw in the worst way possible and then blame it on Trump...his hands were tied...???

My Proof TDS is Real

One particular colleague who has been debating me this past year or so always ask me for "proof" whenever I state something he disagree with or have not heard reported. Here is the proof of the reality of TDS.

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Never in our history, have sufficient numbers of our citizens voted for a President knowing that he was deficient mentally, over President Trump because of their hatred for anything Trump.

Evidence 1: Biden conducted one of the weakest campaign by staying in his basement.

Evidence 2: Biden has very little accomplishments in his over 40 years in public service while getting very wealthy.

Evidence 3: Even President Barack Obama did not endorse Biden until the very last moment due to lack of confidence.

Evidence 4: Biden picked Harris to be his VP who was chosen due to her ethnic background and her gender, not her experience or popularity. She was the first candidate out of 17 in the democratic primary to drop out.

Evidence 5: Biden needed the help of the media and big tech to hide his many shortcomings including the conflict of interest of his son Hunter Biden and his dealings with Russian and the Chinese companies.

Evidence 6: Biden showed early signs of dementia while giving speeches and making gaffes. There are plenty of video evidence where he lost his sense of awareness.

Therefore, it is my conclusion that a whole mass of Democratic voters, cast all those considerations aside and voted "against" Trump and not "for" Biden/Harris in 2020. This is a classic sign of TDS - willing to sacrifice own well being and the well being our our nation by voting for a weak President at best because of their hatred for Trump.

My Extreme Disappointment

During this past year, after numerous email dialogue with some of my colleagues, I must conclude they are afflicted with TDS. It is the only explanation for their behavior and attitude towards me.

We disagree on politics and policy which is common among people. What is different is the depth of those disagreement and the willingness to go with personal attacks.

This is also not new among people on the internet with anonymous profiles. That is not the case here. I have known these people for decades. My life is an open book. They know me, my family and my background. They know what I did and what I am doing now after retirement. They know how I conducted my self with various charities and volunteer work at non-profit organizations. After all that, they chose to attack me personally because I am a Trump supporter.

This is very disappointing to me. As someone who value difference of opinion, and are open to debates based on issues and policy and ideas, these personal attacks are just a distraction. When someone have no case, they usually resort to name calling; A sure sign of defeat.

My disappointment goes deeper. It is hard to believe that well educated, college graduates, could stoop so low to attack me personally. The only logical conclusion is they have lost their sense of balance. They are not acting rationally. They are afflicted with TDS and just can't help themselves.

My autobiography is found here.


A Failure to Communicate

It was said by a warden to Paul Newman in the movie "Cool Hand Luke", the line "what we have here is a failure to communicate."

In my many email exchanges, it is clear to me that that is exactly the case. Often, my words, which was written in English, was interpreted by some of my colleagues in the worst way and with the worst intent. In psychology, this is known as projection. These people have projected their own perverted understanding of me, into my words. One even brings up the concept of speaking in "code words" which I didn't know existed.

I am an amateur writer/publisher here on HubPages. I write not for profit but for my own hobby and enjoyment. I love to share my experiences and ideas and projects...and self help. I have over 100 followers here on HubPages. I was a member of a local Writer's Group until the pandemic which put an end to that activity. I think I know how to write and how to communicate. Yet, with these group of colleague, (all progressive Democrats) they have a hard time understand my writings. How come?



TDS is real. It is afflicting a large number of people in the media and elsewhere. Some are our friends and relatives. They desperately need help. They have allowed one man to cloud their judgement and remove any form of common sense. They have allowed Trump to occupy part of their conscience brain. In some cases, even the name "Trump" is so toxic to them, they resorted to making up names to replace it.

One group came up with the term "ass wipe" or AW for short when speaking of Trump. How insane is that?

I think, deep down, they know it but they just can't help it. It gets worse with each passing day instead of better. With every new story about how Biden has screwed up, they have to blame it on Trump somehow.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Jack Lee


Jack Lee (author) from Yorktown NY on September 01, 2021:

Good article was mostly about TDS as an affliction. The Afghanistan debacle was one key indicator.

The-logician on September 01, 2021:

1.Biden: That Disaster You Saw in Afghanistan Was An “Extraordinary Success”

From Katie Pavlich: “Biden also placed blame for Americans left behind in the country not on a hasty, chaotic exit as the Taliban took over, but on the Americans clamoring to get out in recent weeks. He explained how Americans still in the country will have to rely on the United Nations and the Taliban to get out.” The story includes numerous clips from the angry Biden speech, where he ended without taking questions (Townhall).

From the National Review editorial board:… leaving Americans behind is a low point in the nation’s diplomatic and military history, and a rank failure of the most basic obligation of a government to take care of its own. There hasn’t been any official estimate of how many green-card holders we also abandoned, and vulnerable Afghan allies still in the country number in the tens of thousands. Media reports suggest that the Taliban, which went out of their way to block these Afghans from getting to the airport, are already hunting them down. Many Afghans who trusted our staying power and word — and their families — will meet gruesome ends (National Review).

From the Wall Street Journal editorial board: President Biden’s defiant, accusatory defense on Tuesday of his Afghanistan withdrawal and its execution was so dishonest, and so lacking in self-reflection or accountability, that it was unworthy of the sacrifices Americans have made in that conflict. Later: Mr. Biden’s unapologetic speech also signals that the White House intends to close the books on Afghanistan and pivot to domestic affairs. No one will lose their jobs. They’ll all talk from the same script. Mr. Biden may never speak of it again. All the more reason for Congress and the press to explore the many bad decisions that led to this American security debacle (WSJ).

From Rich Lowry: The Biden administration wants credit for the Afghanistan evacuation as measured by the sheer number of people it flew out amid a security and humanitarian crisis of its own making. This is the arsonist bragging about how many fires he has put out. Those with memories that stretch past a couple of weeks ago will recall the halcyon days when a mass evacuation at a civilian airport exposed to suicide bombers and other attackers wasn’t, according to Joe Biden, even conceivable (National Review).

From Mitch McConnell: President Biden promised he wouldn’t pull out of Afghanistan before every American had gotten out. He broke that promise and abandoned Americans and our Afghan partners. The President’s reckless withdrawal has created a humanitarian disaster and emboldened the terrorists (Twitter).

From Meghan McCain: This is extremely difficult for me to say: I once thought I truly knew Joe Biden and he helped me through pain and grief, for which I am grateful. This man on tv giving this speech, I do not recognize this man. God help our country. God help the Americans we have abandoned (Twitter).

From Senator Tom Cotton: Joe Biden cares more about blaming others for his catastrophic failure than he does about the Americans he left behind (Twitter).

While Biden claimed in his angry lecture that all of the military leaders agreed with him, congressman Dan Crenshaw said “I know for a fact they gave him the right advice and he decided not to take it” (Daily Wire).

Since Biden didn’t answer questions, Jen Psaki did and she was absurdly evasive (Fox News). Americans and Afghans aren’t the only ones stranded behind enemy lines. 1250 Canadians are still there (Globe and Mail).


White House Abandons Afghan Man Who Saved Biden in 2008

Mohammad rescued Biden and two other Senators when their helicopter was forced to land in Afghanistan in heavy snow.  The story explains “Mohammed jumped in a Humvee with a Quick Reaction Force from the 82nd Airborne Division and drove hours into the nearby mountains to rescue them. Mohammed spent much of his time in a tough valley where the soldiers said he was in more than 100 firefights with them.” He has spent a year trying to get out. At one point recently, he got to the Kabul airport with his family, but U.S. forces said only he could leave. A man who would risk his life to save three Senators certainly wouldn’t leave his family to the fate of the Taliban.

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