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Syrian Missile Targets Israeli Nuclear Site

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It is about 300 km from Damascus, where the missile was fired from to Dimona and crosses into Jordan airspace before entering Israeli airspace. The mysterious explosion near the Dimona nuclear site has military officials there scratching their heads as to how and what went wrong with their Israeli air defenses that missed the incoming SA-5 missile.

The most confusing thing is that SA-5 missile has a range of 200 km, so how could have flown 300 km to its impact site? Perhaps this missile was not an SA-5 or a modified SA-5 type? The IDF has ruled out it being fired from the Gaza area, which is well within the range. Perhaps a rogue Syrian unit inside Jordan fired it? Jordan could have allowed it because of its opposition to the Trump "Abraham" Accord and its West Bank impact. Lastly, and more worrisome, why did the vaunted Israeli air defenses that shoot down incoming missiles utterly fail to respond or detect the one incoming missile? Human neglect and error?

The Dimona nuclear site was at one time Top Secret, but now it is widely known to be Israel's nuclear power plant that produced electricity and most likely high grade uranium for nuclear bombs. It is thought that Israel as around 200 of them stored in various protected and secret places. Had the missile hit its target, what a nuclear mess that would have been for the region. One would think that such a place would be heavily protected and it is shocking that terrorists have not targeted Dimona much more often, this was the second time in a few years.

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