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Symbols of Freemasonry, Occultism, and Tyranny


Symbols are Everywhere

Symbols, emblems, and logos are all around us; they are used by every organization, corporation, and government. Symbols can be very powerful and they are intentionally used to tell us something. Symbols are used to convey messages and they are always placed specifically and precisely. Sometimes symbols are for our conscious minds to perceive, others are directed at places in our minds that we are not conscious of. Whether for the conscious mind or the subconscious mind; symbols, emblems, and logos are never an accident.

Those who use symbols are trying to tell us something. They are associating themselves with, and promoting, certain ideas, views, beliefs, concepts, opinions, historical events, people, places, or things.

Every organization uses symbols to represent themselves. Finding out where symbols come from, what they mean, and how they are being used is often very telling.

Square and Compass


Freemason Symbols

Freemasonry can be traced back as far as ancient Greece, maybe further. The "G" they use represents geometry. Some people will say that the "G" of Freemasonry stands for "God" or "good," but in reality it means geometry. The "Square and Compass" certainly reflects geometry, and the "G" is in the center of the Square and Compass; what else could it possibly symbolize?

Freemasons also use squares, circles, and triangles in very significant ways. Symbols associated with Freemasonry are in so many places that it appears Freemasons have been involved in every part of the very foundations of modern society. It looks like Freemasons have truly been the "builders" of everything we know.



Five-pointed Star

A five-pointed star is called a pentagram; it represents "evil" and "Satan."

At the center of every pentagram is a pentagon. It is no accident that the United States has its defense represented by a "Pentagon" and not some other shape. The Pentagon is a symbolic representation of evil on this planet and who really runs it -- this is no accident.

We do not have a Heptagon (representing God), which would be the center of a seven-pointed star (heptagram). No, what we have is a Pentagon (representing Satan) as the symbol of defense for our country.

Have you ever wondered why the United States does so many things that are downright dirty -- and evil? Well, there ya go; if Satan and evil are at the heart of it, what do you expect to get? That's right, a country doing evil, vile ("vile" is "evil" rearranged), and despicable things to not only its own people, but to people throughout the world as well. It is because the United States is controlled by the evil force in the world that has come to be commonly known as "Satan." That is who runs it; that is who is in charge, and it is represented by the "Pentagon" along with many other things.



Six-pointed Star

The six-pointed star (hexagram) is the symbol on the flag of the country of Israel. It's known as the "Star of David," but there was no David for there to be a star of; this is the "Star of Saturn." This star is nothing more than two triangles over the top of each other; one triangle points upward while the other points downward. This is a reference to "as above so below," and some consider this to be the "Mark of the Beast." The hexagram is certainly another symbol closely related to Satan and Satanism.

This star also infers a connection between man and "God," but "Satan" is the only "god" that the hexagram could possibly represent. It is something extremely important to understand that the word "God" is more often used in reference to "Satan" or "Lucifer" than what we might consider to be the "Almighty Creator." A study of who the "God" of the Bible actually is can be quite fascinating.

The idea of putting a "hex" on someone comes from the hexagram or hexagon, and there is something very fundamental to the very essence of reality that is symbolized by this particular shape. Of all the "stars," the hexagram is probably the most significant, due to its relevance to the planet Saturn.



Seven-pointed Star

Secret societies often use the seven-pointed star (heptagram). Seven is considered to be a "holy" number and believed to be associated with "God." This is why we have seven days in a week; seven days makes it "holy." This is also why the Menorah, which is very significant in the Jewish religion, has seven candle holders. Each candle represents one of the seven "gods" of the ancient world. Each of those gods represents one day of the week, and each of those days corresponds to a planet in our solar system.

In secret societies, the seven-pointed star is a mystical, magical, and powerful symbol.


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Eight-pointed Star

An eight-pointed star (octogram) is two squares laid over the top of one another; this is the "double square" of Freemasonry.

The first square represents order. It means you play "fair and square," and get a "square" deal. This means it is legitimate, right, legal, fair, and just.

The second square represents disorder. It means that it is not "fair and square," or a "square" deal. The second square means it is not legitimate, right, legal, fair, or just.

When both squares are intertwined as they are in the eight-pointed star, it represents order and disorder, and taking power over both.

It means the same people control "order" and "disorder." This is what is meant by the Freemason phrase "Order Out of Chaos." If you control the "disorder" (chaos) and you also control the "order," then you control the outcome -- it means they have control over everything.

Anytime you see a square on top of another square, or a box on top of another box, this is representing the same thing; it is the "double square" of Freemasonry.

What does it mean that there is a tiny owl on the one-dollar bill?



On the front of the one-dollar bill, in the upper-right corner, at the top-left of the "1" is a tiny owl. It is so small that whoever put it there might have believed no one would ever see it. The term "hidden in plain sight" seems to apply here.

Owls symbolize wisdom, and being able to see things in the dark -- things we can't normally see. Owls often are used to symbolically represent knowing things that others don't.

In ancient times, the owl named "Moloch" was worshiped, as a god, by the Canaanites and Phoenicians. Part of the rituals they involved themselves with during the worship of Moloch was child sacrifice -- they sacrificed children to Moloch. Child blood sacrifice, pedophilia, and other forms of child abuse are very common in Occult practices and Satanism.

In Northern California is a place called the "Bohemian Grove." This is a place where they have supposedly "mock" ceremonies (some say they are real) that very much resemble what the Canaanite and Phoenician people did. The lunatics at Bohemian Grove perform a ceremony that is identical to the Moloch worshiping child blood sacrifice ceremonies of ancient times. The ritual is performed by those wearing clothing that very much resembles what would be seen at a "KKK" meeting. The whole thing, including fires burning, takes place at the feet of a more than twenty foot tall statue of an owl -- Moloch. The giant owl overlooks this mock child blood sacrifice ceremony, which is called the "Cremation of Care." Even if it is fake, or "mock," (as it is claimed to be), what kind of people would do such a thing? It is very bizarre for someone to participate in a ritual where they pretend to kill a child. Whoever would engage in such behavior must absolutely be mentally deranged in some way. Pretending to murder a child in front of a giant owl? What? Who does this? What kind of people would engage in such sick and perverse behavior, and what kind of people must they be in order to do so?

Here are some people who have been to the Bohemian Grove: George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Newt Gingrich, Herbert Hoover, Robert F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Colin Powell, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Donald Rumsfeld, and William Taft.

In attendance at the Bohemian Grove have been many Presidents of the United States, as well as many other government officials from around the world. The "people" (can we honestly even call them that) who are members of this extremely disturbing Bohemian Grove are the most powerful and influential men in the world. Is this not cause for concern in a massive way? Why do we have the most important people in the world participating in this type of activity?

It is for the same reason we have a "Pentagon." The so-called "people" running the world are evil -- there is just no better way to say it; they are Satan worshiping evil creatures who might well not pass for what we call "human." Whoever (or whatever) these people are, they are nothing like the rest of us.

This is a Fascist Symbol



Fascism comes to power after a country has a significant and devastating economic collapse, a major military defeat, a terrible natural disaster, or some other catastrophe that has brought the country to its knees. When a country has endured a horrible national tragedy, fascism will always offer to restore the nation; this is how they come to power. When a country is at its weakest and most vulnerable, fascists will come in posing as "saviors," but they are only wolves in sheep's clothing.

Under fascism, there is no liberty or freedom. The State controls the news and the whole media; they issue out propaganda and manipulate the public in all sorts of ways. Under fascism is much secrecy, generally including a secret police force that will crush any resistance or dissenting voices. Fascism is not something that people who value freedom would ever knowingly embrace.

The symbol for "World Fascism" is a bundle of sticks tied together with a hatchet head. Most disturbingly, when the President of the United States comes on television to do the "State of the Union Address," on each side of the President are symbols of World Fascism. Just watch the first 30 seconds of Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address and you will see. Are they trying to tell us something?

Symbols are always for a specific reason. They are not placed by accident or mistake, and they always mean something. Nothing in politics is by chance or accident -- it is all very carefully planned. So, why do we have these symbols of "World Fascism" being displayed to us in the manner they are at every State of the Union Address?

Symbols of fascism do not belong anywhere near the American flag, especially the American civilian flag. The civilian flag has vertical stripes and can be seen directly behind the President during the State of the Union Address. The American military flag is with the stripes horizontally and can be seen everywhere.

If a gold fringe appears around the perimeter of the American military flag, that means "time of war" and "martial law" and can be seen in every court in the United States. Next time you are in a courtroom, look at the flag -- you are in a "Military Martial Law Court."

The symbol of the sticks with the hatchet head (fasces) is from Roman times. It represents a nation that wants to be in total control of everything -- the entire world. The gathering together of sticks symbolizes that one government alone cannot run the entire world. There has to be a group coming together to control the world; the UN is a good example of a group of countries coming together in an attempt to control the whole planet. Fascism always works this same way; there has to be a "consensus of power." It's never just one country, but a gathering together of nations to do a certain job -- that is the way fascism works.

"One" cannot do it alone, but together the objective of "world domination" can surely be achieved. Symbols of fascism can be seen in far too many places in America. People who enjoy liberty and freedom should reject fascism completely, and anything associated with it. Fascism is not freedom; it is slavery.

These Usually Represent God


Triangles and Circles

The triangle and circle are symbols very often used to represent God. The reason we fold the American flag into a triangle is for this reason; it represents God. Every religion has a "trinity" and this is symbolized by a triangle, because it has three sides.

In ancient Egypt the "trinity" was Isis, Horus, and Ra. This was the original idea of a "Holy Family," such as the Holy Family of the Throne of England.

When a new King takes the throne, the Archbishop of Canterbury has the new King say certain things, like the President of the United States says an "oath of office." The Archbishop of Canterbury has the new King say that they are "King of England for Jesus Christ," and that they will be sitting on the very throne of God. The King proclaims he is the "Messiah" until the "God" of the Old Testament (Satan) returns to Earth -- no wonder they are so evil. They believe "God" put them on the throne. This is why we have the United Kingdom, it is the "Kingdom of God on Earth" and the King of England is "Jesus Christ." These people are insane; they think they are God and that they have a "divine right" to rule over us -- there is no divine right to rule, and thinking that you are superior to others, based on your DNA, is racist in an extreme way. What lunatics these "people" are. If regular people go around believing they are "Jesus Christ" or "God" they are considered mentally ill. Why should we not consider "the King" to be just as mentally ill for believing himself to be the "divine ruler" of Earth?

The Cross and Crown is a Freemason Symbol


York and Scottish

In Freemasonry there is the "Scottish Rite" and the "York Rite."

The York Rite of Freemasonry comes from England; this is why we have "New York." The Duke of York, representing the York Rite of Freemasonry and the Colombian (the United States is presided over by the District of Columbia) Faction of the Illuminati, set up New York City. They went so far as to include an Empire State Building -- a New World Empire. When someone has made it to the "33rd degree" of Freemasonry, they can move to the Scottish Rite, which is totally based on the religion of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Inside Freemasonry is something called the "Order of the Red Cross," commonly known only as the "Red Cross." Most people don't have any idea that the Red Cross comes to us as an expression of Freemasonry.

Have you ever wondered why the Red Cross can go behind enemy lines in any war? It doesn't make any difference who is at war, the Red Cross can go wherever they want without ever getting shot at. It's because they are part of the war; they operate and control both sides of the war. All too often, in times of war it is the same people running and funding both sides of the war; this is why it's called the "theater of war." War is directed like a movie -- and it is for entertainment. Wars are always planned and funded by the same people -- to keep you distracted -- to keep you afraid; frightened people do what they are told to do.

There is a "hidden hand" operating, controlling, and running all major world events from behind the scenes. That "hidden hand" is the secret society network that has woven itself into all of society, and Freemasonry seems to be at the very core of it. Secret societies control everything -- they even have direct personal control of every human being on this planet.

Is it more disturbing that this is true, or that almost no one realizes it? A famous quote, often attributed to Harriet Tubman says, "I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." Another famous quote, attributed to Bob Marley says, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds." One must know they are a slave before one can emancipate themselves from that slavery. Nothing in this world is as it appears to be; see it for what it is and you will be well on your way to self-emancipation. Another quote (much more well known) says, "know the truth, and the truth will set you free." ... Exactly.



Order Out of Chaos

The symbol of World Freemasonry is a snake biting its own tail (Ouroboros). The motto of World Freemasonry is "Ordo Ab Chao," which translates to order out of chaos. It means that if chaos can be created, they can bring the "order." They want to create a new order -- a New World Order. In order to create a new order, you have to destroy the old order; this is why we are seeing destruction like never before all over the world. They are bringing the new order to the world -- the new arrangement of society on planet Earth -- the New World Order. The "New World Order," as it is planned to be, is very simply understood -- total enslavement of every person on the planet; that is the New World Order, and it is blatantly happening before our very eyes.

The "double-headed eagle" of Freemasonry means Masonic jurisdiction of the East and the West; the eagle is looking both ways. The eagle sits upon a sword; this represents that "real power" only comes from the sword. The sword represents war, violence, and destruction -- chaos -- they want to bring order (control) out of that chaos. Often, they create the chaos, just so they can bring in the order, the order they want. "Order out of Chaos" = CONTROL.

In Switzerland, there is a very large round building that is divided into three equal parts. One part is the United Nations (UN) headquarters, another part is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) headquarters, the other part is the world headquarters of Freemasonry. World Government, World Bank, and World Religion, nice and neat all in one building; all we are missing is the World Army aren't we? How nice is that? From above, the building looks exactly like a "peace symbol." Peace? How ironic; it is an inversion of peace, if it is anything at all.

Maltese Cross



World leaders of all nations bow to the Pope, because the Pope represents the "Knights of Malta." The Knights of Malta are a very powerful secret society that all presidents and world leaders bow down to.

Imagine what the "Founding Fathers" of America would think of an American President bowing down to, and kissing the hand of, a foreign leader. Vatican City may be the smallest country in the world, but it is a country. When our President bows to the Pope, he is bowing to the leader of a foreign country -- the Founding Fathers would have had nothing at all to do with this; it's a disgrace.

Leading up to, and during World War II, the Pope and the Vatican sided with Hitler and the Nazis. The Pope was certainly not on the side of the Jews -- he agreed with Hitler. Adolf Hitler was trying to establish the "Aryan System," and in doing so, he had to kill off the Jewish people. The reason that Hitler and the Pope were on the same side is because they are both an expression of the same thing -- the Knights of Malta.

The "Swastika" was a Hindu symbol of the Sun. This symbol comes from the "Aryans of India"; it makes perfect sense why Hitler used their symbol. He took their symbol, and bent the legs backwards to symbolize the re-establishment of the ancient "Aryan Brotherhood Society."

Nazis also commonly wore Knights of Malta crosses (Maltese Cross). Maltese Crosses are used by religious organizations all over the world, but there is nothing holy about Maltese Crosses -- they represent the occult.

The knights of Malta were the collective power of the Old World that came out of Europe. That all coming together as it did made Malta the very symbol of occultism. Understand what is happening when you see world leaders, including the American President, bowing to the Pope. Understand who and what they are actually bowing to, and you might get a tiny glimpse of what is really happening on this planet.

Arches Symbolically Represent the Feminine


Pointed Arches and Robes

Pointed arches in churches are feminine symbols. In the ancient world, women were the holders of spiritual enlightenment -- not men. Men, in ancient times, fought wars and hunted animals for food; women raised the children and built society. Women were much more spiritually enlightened and wise than men were. This understanding is partly symbolized in religious buildings by pointed arches. When women were removed from their rightful positions (the true holders of spiritual wisdom), arches were included in construction to compensate for and symbolize this. The men who planned the construction of these buildings knew very well why they were being built that way. They knew what they were doing when they included arches, and pointed arches, into religious buildings -- they were trying to make up for the loss of the feminine.

Robes are also a feminine symbol; priests wear robes. The whole thing is feminine, yet women are not allowed to be priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Only men can hold these positions -- even though they know that women are the true holders of everything spiritual. Putting a woman's dress (Robes) on the male priests was done, again, to compensate for the removal of women from their rightful places in The Church.

Thinking on this can put many things into perspective. Consider the effects of having the men step into and take the place of women. Put the men in women's clothing, have them do feminine things, then wait several thousand years to see what happens. How do you think this might have ended up playing out? Consider this the next time a strange story of sexual abuse comes out of the Catholic Church.

When the feminine is removed, and then put onto the male, what do you think is going to happen? There will be an imbalance that expresses itself as a distortion. This distortion would then take the place of what would be considered "appropriate" or "normal" activity. What has come from "The Church" is certainly a distortion, and much of it is due to the removal of the "natural" feminine and by replacing it in a most "unnatural" way -- of course there is massive sexual abuse. We should not expect anything else from this situation. What else can, logically, be the result? If the feminine had not been removed from its rightful position, we likely would be in a remarkably different situation. A proper balance of masculine and feminine is required to have a harmonious situation. It is time for humanity to understand this, and restore the feminine to her rightful position; not just in The Church, but in all of society.

Having society shifted to the masculine (left brain), and away from the feminine (right brain) has had a devastating effect on the human race as a whole. Balance needs to be restored, and when it is, we will see society change dramatically, in ways that we are currently incapable of comprehending.

Soviet Union Coat of Arms


Dawn of a New Day

The symbol of the "rising sun" (usually between two mountains) is used by many. Freemasons use the symbol of the "blazing sun" rising over the mountains of the East to signify a "world fraternity." The Assyrian Babylonian symbol of "God's Sun" includes mountains. The Hebrew symbol of "sunrise" means the "dawning of a new day"; it means an old order is going down and a new order is coming up.

The symbol for "World Communism" is the symbol of the rising sun; it was part of the Soviet Union Coat of Arms. It means, the dawning of a new day -- of communism.

The "People's Democratic Republic of China" uses the rising sun symbol. It's on the half-dollar and on the back of the dime. Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as many other religious organizations, use it too.

The sunrise happening over mountains -- many countries use this symbol; it's used in so many places it would be difficult to ever list them all. Google Image Search Symbol of Rising Sun

It means the promise of a new day; something new is coming. Typically that might sound nice, and in some contexts it is, but not in this one. This "New Day" represents coming tyranny, totalitarianism, and fascism.

This symbol is being used worldwide by education systems, hospitals, banks, fire departments, police departments, courts, governments, corporations, religious organizations, and so much more.

Even our own President (Obama) used this communistic fascist symbol of the rising sun (the dawning of a new day of communism) as his own personal logo. Look what has happened to our country while he was President -- just look at it. Some will ask, "What happened?" -- communism happened. Our country (and the world) has been gradually moving closer and closer to a state of absolute totalitarian fascist communism for a really long time. If we do not start moving society in another direction, the whole planet will be lost to communism. Anything resembling "freedom" or "liberty" will be lost to the human race -- humanity will be reduced to nothing more than mindless slaves, if we don't do something about this.

When we see symbols such as the "rising sun" of "World Communism," we need to be aware of what we are seeing. We also need to understand that these things are not an accident; symbols, emblems, and logos are never an accident -- they are always there to tell you something. We need to start paying attention to what they are doing, and what is happening. We are on the very edge of losing our country, and the whole world, to tyranny. Becoming aware of what is actually happening is how we begin to move in another direction. Learning the meanings, uses, and intentions behind symbols, emblems, and logos is necessary if we are to move in a new direction. Once we learn how these symbols are used, and how they effect us, that knowledge is all that is needed to disarm their power. Symbols are powerful, but they cannot control you when you understand them. It is only by knowledge of something that we can do anything about it. We have to become knowledgeable ... and then do something about it.


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