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Steps for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

In this article, I will discuss some ways for creating a substantial lifestyle.


Let's create your eco-friendly lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint!

We all are aware of the burden of global warming and its threat to climate change. We already emitted so many fossil fuels into our atmosphere, creating more heat in our oceans and land. This, in turn, is creating the average global temperature to increase to dangerous levels. The air we breathe is continuously filled with pollutants. Microplastics are being found in our water and oceans. And sea creatures are becoming extinct! So many disasters are becoming more severe. This includes harsher weather patterns.

Because of all the pollutants emitted in the air, and waste getting into our land and oceans, global warming becomes the exact consequence we experience in the face of climate change. We have too much waste, it is poisoning our water and food supply. Many of us are trying to become eco-friendly, as we become more aware of unhealthy changes in the climate. We should all work hard and do something to clean our water and land.

We can adopt a substantial lifestyle by becoming more eco-friendly to eliminate waste. This can help fight climate change and reduce global warming from getting worse. We do not always need to burn so many fossil fuels to create and manufacture products. We can practice being green about it. For example, it takes more energy to power our homes with fuel and coal. Plus, it is more expensive. Another example is driving a car. Cars emit so much fossil fuel into the air, called Carbon Dioxide. Too much can lead to trapped heat in our atmosphere, which would trap us in a hotter environment. Therefore, electric cars are being made. Don’t you think you would save so much money by not paying for gas?

We might want to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, so we can clean our environment and create a healthier planet. We can take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, which even may save money in the process. Did you know you can even put a Bidet toilet or a bidet that attaches to your toilet? You can get it for less than 50 dollars on Amazon. Getting this will help you save money on toilet paper because you no longer need them. I have a Bidet in every bathroom of my house now and I love it. You just rinse yourself after you go to the bathroom and shake it off a little. If you want to learn more about how to install it and how to use it, you can always check out YouTube.

If you don’t want a Bidet, or can’t afford it, there is something you can do to eliminate waste from the use of toilet paper. You can get compostable toilet paper. Yes, you heard right. Some companies create these things out of plant-based materials, including paper towels, Kleenex, etc. One such company is NaturEz Way. They make everything out of plant-based material, mainly bamboo. They even create eating utensils and create compostable alternatives to plastic bags. Even doggy waste bags.

I’m putting together these options in a list along with other eco-friendly choices. Read on for more…

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  1. Install a Bidet in your bathroom. This way, you no longer need toilet paper.
  2. Instead of disposable materials, buy things made from plants, such as bamboo. Example: Bamboo toilet paper, bamboo Kleenex, bamboo towels, bamboo everything.
  3. Recycled Cotton: This can be used for purses, handbags, sheets, and more. Vera Bradley is a great example of a brand that creates its bags out of recycled cotton. Very sustainable!
  4. Recycle Plastic Pop Bottles, Soda Cans, Beer Cans, and glass bottles. These bottles are often returnable for cash. In some states, it is 10 cents a bottle and can.
  5. Plant many trees. This is a HUGE step to saving our planet. The more trees you plant, the more carbon dioxide (CO2) can be absorbed into the trees from the atmosphere, which is good because we do not want too much CO2 being clogged up there. Cutting down trees is bad for human and animal health, as oxygen is a primary need for survival. Without trees, we wouldn't exist. Plan to plant as many trees as possible and our climate will be healed.
  6. Invest in Solar Panels. Solar panels are a great way to save energy and spend less on an electricity bill every month if you can afford it. When you install solar panels, it is recommended to put them on the south side of the house, otherwise, it wouldn’t work well at all. You need the sun to shine on it, so the panels can absorb the rays of the sun.
  7. Turn off electrical appliances when not in current use. No need to have your lights on in your house when you are not there. During the day, you do not even need to turn on the lights. Just open the blinds. No money for solar panels? Me neither. Think about using less electricity in the house.
  8. Instead of paper towels, use rags or hand towels. I use these when I eat or clean the kitchen, except for the dirtiest. I see too many paper towels being wasted and thrown away in stacks in public trash cans. It is not fair to the trees.
  9. Electric Car. Most cars operate on oil, or fuel. That emits dangerous chemicals into the air causing air pollution. Fossil fuels flow up into the atmosphere trapping heat on this planet. Instead, have an electric car that operates on a battery. That way, you save the planet from emitting carbon, but also save money on gas.

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