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Sunak and Truss: Would Lose to Sir Keir.

Sir Keir, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.


In the Daily Mail , there's an article that spells doom and gloom for Prime Minister wannabes Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. In a poll conducted by the paper, it seems both Tory candidates would lose to Sir Keir in a general election.

At the moment and until the end of the Tory leadership race it looks like Liz Truss will be the clear winner. This was not always the case though, Most MPs backed Rishi Sunak. That was until the vote went out to the 150,000 or so Tory members. Ballot papers have been posted and will be landing on Tory members' doormats soon. We will know who is to be our latest Tory dictator sorry Prime Minister by September 5. And short of a miracle, it looks like Liz Truss will be walking into 10 Downing Street.

Many Tory members will not forgive Sunak for stabbing metaphorically speaking Boris in the back. Those that voted Tory back in 2019 voted that way because of Boris and Boris alone. Two reasons perhaps made people even non-Tories vote for the clown. One was to get Brexit done and the other was because of Boris with his jovial buffoonery.

No doubt, many Tory and non-Tory voters will have been put off Boris by his antics during the lockdown. Nevertheless, amongst Tories and non-Tories who lent the Tories their vote in 2019, there does seem to be a ground swell of the opinion of wanting Boris back. These voters see Sunak and Truss as lightweights and none of them come near Boris. Love or hate the Prime Minister as he spends his last days in office Boris had an 80-seat majority. With Boris going it seems the Tories (some will say thank God) are living on borrowed time.

Sir Keir seems to be the only game in town now with Boris going. It seems if this poll is to be believed that in a general election a choice between Sir Keir or Sunak/Truss Sir Keir would walk it.

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Frankly, it is about time we had a general election to let the people decide. As to whether they want more of the same regurgitated broken Tory promises or a new lot in power. Sunak or Truss my message to you is this: Sort out this energy bill nonsense and hold a general election as soon as possible. Although, the likelihood is they will hold out until 2024 fearing an early election will see them out of power.

Regarding the energy price hike, Boris has ruled out taking any action now. The current Prime Minister has said it is not up to him to take action now. Mr. Johnson has said it will be up to his sucessor to take what action they see fit. Liz Truss said she will not give handouts as the present administration has done. She said instead of doing that she would lower taxes that way in her view keeping more money in people's pockets. However, the word 'handout' sounds harsh and cruel and Truss was taken to task by her rival Sunak. Also, the media lept on this as a sign of no more help if Truss becomes the next Prime Minister. Sunak said Truss's policy of helping those with energy bills is "starry-eyed boosterism". Whereas in contrast, Sunak said his policy on this matter is "clear-eyed realism". Truss said her comments had been taken out of context and she would call an emergency budget to help. However, it has to be noted that Truss seems to make statements and then when scrutinized quickly retracts them. Simon Howe a Tory MP for North Dorset said that all Truss does is say the media are misrepresenting her. A spokesman for the Truss campaign said Liz will have extra help for those unable to pay bills.

Meanwhile, Sunak was caught out saying he took money from deprived areas during his time as chancellor and gave it to more affluent areas like Tunbridge Wells. Sunak originally was going to give £200 to help with energy bills in October. People would have to pay back that amount over 10 years. However, thanks to Labour and other pressures Sunak before he resigned said there would be £400 to help instead. Sunak also lied about not attending parties at Downing Street. Subsequently, it turned out Sunak was in the thick of it with Boris and like Boris was fined for breaking lockdown rules.

Neither Truss nor Sunak is fit for the office of Prime Minister. Many say Boris was unfit to be Prime Minister and as far as I am concerned Truss and Sunak are not fit either. Truss and Sunak are/were part of Boris' regime of lies, corruption, etc. With them, in power, it would be really more of the same.

Hence we need a change and a new direction and for me, that is the real deal.

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