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The Swastika As Hitler's Monogram.

A personal study combining general knowledge and acute observation. My mother was an Aryanized German in her early high school years.

The Swastika is a Monogram of "HITLER"

If we visually "excavate" the swastika we can easily discern that Hitler chose it because the letters of his own surname can be perceived in it.

I have drawn a pencil diagram breaking down the swastika into the capital letters of "HITLER" to demonstrate the monogram.

Notice that the "foot" of the R suggests the later tilt given to the original Hindu swastika.

In these diagrams I have used a combination of larger and smaller sized capital letters to reveal the normal compositional processes that probably occurred in Hitler's own decision making. For example the larger "R" creates a compositional suggestion of a tilt to the composition. In other words all of the letters of Hitler's surname can be then seen in the final result.

Why the Swastika was "Chosen".

The tilt of the foot of the "R" suggests the later change into the tilted final result.

The tilt of the foot of the "R" suggests the later change into the tilted final result.

The first directional draft does not cleverly balance the effect of the "R" foot in the overall composition.

The first directional draft does not cleverly balance the effect of the "R" foot in the overall composition.

Calculated for Subliminal Effect

The use of Hitler's own surname in the main logo of the Nazis was calculated by the mad tyrant to have a subliminal and suggestive effect on the viewer without the viewer being aware of it.

Hence Hitler used it as a hidden subliminal hypnotic device. Such subliminal devices bypass the conscious mind and go straight into the subconscious.

His own name emblazoned as the Swastika was a repeated motif forced directly into the minds and subconscious of the population. Hitler used this and other psychological devices to make himself synonymous with the notion of ancient Aryan mythology.

Many other known and hitherto unknown similar devices were used by Hitler. Some of the more commonly known symbols were the use of the wolf symbol, the earth symbol (brown), ancient Roman pomp and ceremony etc.

There are many theories as to why and how the swastika was selected. There are literally thousands of ancient Aryan and Hindu symbols to choose from.

Hitherto Unknown Uses of Subliminal Suggestion.

Some of the hitherto unknown symbols revolve around the use of words and names that Hitler used.

Many of the more obvious and subtler symbols were associated with the ancient Germanic god "Wotan".

"Wotan" or Odin

The ancient Germanic God Wotan or Odin.

The ancient Germanic God Wotan or Odin.

Albert Speer=the Spear of Wotan.

When Albert Speer was chosen as chief architect, and later as armaments minister, everyone in the inner circle of the Nazis could not comprehend why. Even Albert Speer himself was shocked. Wotan as we see in the picture carries a literal spear. This bears a remarkable phonetic resemblance to the name of Albert Speer. Hitler held a symbolic spear, his own unexplained favorite confidant Albert Speer.

In Speer's own biography he spends a considerable amount of time wondering why Hitler chose him at first as architect and later as minister for armaments. He was an architect with almost no professional experience other than perhaps a couple of minor house renovations. Certainly he had no experience regarding armaments.

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Surrounded by Wolves

Hitler surrounded himself with wolf symbols because Wotan was associated with wolves.

His "first love" was a much younger relative name "Geli": this bears remarkable resemblance to one of the two wolves that Wotan is depicted with in traditional image. Its name was "Geri" (the other was "Freki")

Hitler's hand picked secretary was named Johanna Wolf. She was endearingly known to Hitler as Wolfin or she-wolf.

Hitler ordered his sister Paula to change her name to Frau Wolf.

I will not dwell on the other more well known uses of the wolf symbol except to mention that Hitler's Ukraine headquarters were known as "werewolf" and the Volkswagen factory was situated in "Wolfsburg"!

Hitler was known to whistle the Disney tune "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" while chuckling to himself. Only he was in on the secret of his word play. He believed it was having a hypnotic effect and it probably was: suggestion is a tried and tested hypnotic technique. In Hitler's case such mind games were given free reign on a massive scale via the new media of film.

His word play was a magical device. It was both shamanistic and also modern subliminal advertising. He played on the different phonetic resonances like it was an instrument; deliberately trying every subliminal suggestion at his disposal to bring together his heinous plans. The use of ancient subliminal symbols and words combined with modern mass media bludgeoned the unsuspecting subconscious and conscious minds of the German people.

It was clear he was "doing something" that others could not understand. At a time when the movies and modern media were just being utilized by Disney for cartoons and by Chaplain for comedy, Hitler was using sophisticated psychological media marketing techniques way ahead of his time for mass hypnosis.

At the excavation of the Eagle's Nest retreat a rock was found in the shape of a hand. Hitler was overawed and dubbed it the "Hand of Wotan" and had it put in a glass case like a holy relic. He was obsessed with the ancient Germanic religion and saw himself as its champion and its literal symbol.

Eerily Hitler's own name, Adolf, means wolf. In the early years of his rapid rise to power he asked others to call him Herr Wolf so as to remain anonymous until the time was right.

Eva Braun= "Eve Brown"

The name of Eva Braun is particularly significant as it combines the new "Eve" of the Reich with the sacred "brown" symbol of the Nazis. She remained "Eve Brown" until the very last moments of her life to maximize the subconscious effect.

Such word play and subliminal use of words can be seen occurring with alarming frequency once we begin to take notice.

Both of the main females in Hitler's life had phonetic resonance with Ancient Germanic myth. Geli the she wolf and Eva the new Eve.

Why Eva?

There were thousands of similar looking Germanic women throwing themselves at Hitler. He chose the one whose name was phonetically related to ancient Germanic myths.

There were thousands of similar looking Germanic women throwing themselves at Hitler. He chose the one whose name was phonetically related to ancient Germanic myths.

"The Fuhrer" created a furor.

The name Hitler itself also has a bizarre association with violence ("hit" or "strike"). It was Hitler's father, Alois Schikelgruber, who had first changed his name from "Schiklgruber" to "Hitler": this was based on the alternative spellings "Heidler" and also "Huttler" (the surname of Alois Schikelgruber's stepfather). Of course any reference to the Jewish name "Schikelgruber" was hidden from Hitler's past and the spelling "Hitler" was kept instead of the alternative spellings "Heidler" or "Huttler". The obvious phoentic resonance of "to hit" was essential. Both Hitler's names have the meaning Wolf (Adolf) and Hit (Hitler) or we could say "a wolf who strikes".

The names of Hitler's very closest affiliates is an often gory list full of histrionics and symbolic references to Hitler's mission.

Goering resembles the grisly word "gore".

Artur Axmann ("axeman") was the long serving leader of the Hitler youth.

SS chief Albert Eichman resonates with "Reich".

Joseph Goebbels resonates with "bells", announcing the propaganda.

Heinrich Himmler parallels "hym" or Germanic song.

Martin Bormann, or "to bore through".

Josef Mengele, or "the mangler'.

There are also many Wagners', Hess' and Wolfs' sprinkled into the mix of close associates, particularly "friends".

If we examine the list above it reads like the names in a novel or the cast in a theater play. Often a novelist will create a name artificially to depict a character. Charles Dickens for example was well known as a creator of novel names. However in the case of Hitler the names are built into a "real" narrative. Hitler was adept at manipulating the new movie media that had suddenly evolved in a few short years. He wrote the script, chose the actors and and was "chief director".

The Fuhrer create a furor by playing with words, concepts and subliminal suggestion.

Today we are still able to suspend disbelief sitting in a movie theater; how much more powerful was the medium presented in the 1930s as a documentary style "reality" show? The audience was part of a movie, the players were real characters straight out of a book as it were, and the whole Nazi phenomena was subconsciously perceived as a living movie.

Other Names

Book Excerpts

Most of the new theories outlined in this hub are my own concepts. Due to the complexity of the some of the ideas I have broken them down into several other hubs in different formats.

Ancient religious symbols and practices can be understood by using holistic methods of observation.

Some of these theories are also used in various other hubs dealing with alleged historical "mysteries".

In future I will be adding further excerpts in another Hub format that deals with an entirely different event in history.


Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on December 14, 2015:


yes I know how sacred the real symbol is to Hindus. It's a pity such an evil man purloined it for his own ego. However in reality the symbol will always maintain it's purity.

sai ram.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on December 13, 2015:

This is a sacred Hindu symbol. Nice post regarding Hitler and the use of the symbol

Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on November 10, 2015:


out of the thousands of Hindu and other symbols Hitler chose to pollute one that made a monogram of his surname to help brainwash people. As we know it was/is a sacred symbol in India and I believe in the ancient Americas.

Jewels from Australia on November 09, 2015:

I remember when I first learned of the original meaning or symbology of the swastika in the Hindu model. Having learned more about Ahriman and the forces of darkness I could feel the correlation of taking this virtuous symbol and 'demonizing' it. Paradoxically that was not the thinking of Hitler, he thought he was purging the world of lesser beings. How amazing and destructive our minds can be. You could place the Reformation in here also as an Ahrimanic chess move.

Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on February 17, 2015:

Thanks Mel

it surprises me when so many Hubbers view an original Hub but don't comment. In the past I have had a number of ideas used without permission.

Anyway I hope HP can help.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on February 17, 2015:

The swastika is actually used in many cultures throughout the world as a very benign symbol. In New Mexico, where I grew up, it is still displayed on road signs and store fronts, because it carries a lot of meaning in the local Pueblo Indian culture. It seems shocking to outsiders but of course it predates the Nazis and has nothing to do with them. It is appalling that Hiitler took so many once harmless things and turned them into such revolting, fear inducing symbols. Great hub!

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