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Strange: Shock as Human Apparitions Hover around over the Walls of a Dead Boy's House in Kisii, Kenya.

Nyamweya is a journalist currently attached to a leading Kenyan media

Fear and shock has engulfed residents of Mwamasagate village, within Marani Sub County, Kisii County, Kenya after human looking shadowy figures started appearing on the wall of a house of a young man who died two weeks ago.

According to the mother of the deceased, Mrs. Jane Nyaboke, the strange phenomena was first experienced on Friday 5th october, this year when one of the family members started seeing human like figures which come and disappear across the wall of the house where the late Kelvin Nyagaka who died while aged 18 used to stay.

“As a family, we are perturbed by these figures and right now, we are all confused as to what is happening” she told this writer who visited the home on Monday.

The late Kelvin Nyagaka had died on October 5th 2021 and was buried on 20th the same month.

The strange incident has continued to attract thousands of people from all corners of Kisii to the homestead who want to see for themselves what is happening.

Upon visiting the scene, the writer joined other spectators who were keenly looking at the figures while others were taking photos. However, the moving pictures cannot be clearly captured by the camera since they are much like shadows.

Mr. Job Matara, one of the spectators at the scene, claimed that he was still wondering as to what was actually happening at that place. He says that he has never seen an incident like this since birth.

“I am still confused as to what is happening here, I have never seen anything like this since I was born” he told the reporter.

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Relatives and spectators have given divergent opinions as to the cause of these happenings.

One Mr. Jane Kwamboka who is a relative to this homestead claims that the moving figures could be the spirits of ancestors who are trying to communicate something to the family.

“I think these are spirits of the dead who are communicating something we are yet to know as a family. The parents should look out for a traditional magician to find out what is happening” she observed.

However, the father, Mr. Nicholus Nyakundi claims that he and the rest of the family are staunch Catholics and cannot involve themselves in magic or anything like that.

“Our Christian faith cannot allow us to seek clarifications from magicians,” clarified Mr Nyakundi also adding “even the late boy was a staunch Christian”

The family has been forced to abandon the house because of these happenings.

Even after calling in the priest to pray for these strange apparitions to stop appearing, the situation doesn’t seem to cool off but rather they are increasing by the day.

Mr. Johnson Obare, a neighbor thinks that it is God who is trying to show that something was not right with the boy’s death.

“I think from my perspective, God is trying to show that the boy did not die a natural death but that some people were involved and hence” wants to expose them” she observed.

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