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Strange Candidates in the Philippine Presidential Race 2022

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Senator Grace Poe

Senator Grace Poe

VP Leni Robredo

VP Leni Robredo

Sara Duterte with her dad, President Duterte

Sara Duterte with her dad, President Duterte

Potential Historical Outcomes

So far, this ever changing list of presidential candidates include a world champion boxer, the son of a former Filipino dictator (Marcos), the current president, Duterte, his daughter, Sara, the current VP, and a Senator from a mostly American-Filipino background!

I am sure this list will become more colorful as 2021 progresses. However, in two cases, the end result could be (if elected) historic. In the first case, should the Duterte team be supported (with Sara Duterte running for President, her father who currently is the President, but would become the VP). Of course, maybe the father will run again for President and have his daughter as VP. In any case, it is nepotism on steroids, were either scenario happen and would just be BAD for the Philippines. The current president has done several controversial things that has turned the public support away but his worse offense is his love affair with China and his hatred of the US. This is the opposite view of most Filipinos, which like the US and mistrust China on just about anything. It has recently got worse because of China's actions in the Philippine waters where they have seized many islands and Duterte has looked the other way.

The second historic event could be the first all woman President and VP. Leni Robredo is the current VP and nearly beat Duterte for the presidency last time. She remains popular and is well educated. Grace Poe is a Senator there and has an amazing story as an abandoned child. She was adopted by well known film stars there and went to college in the USA where she graduated and worked. She acquired US citizenship and married a Filipino there who was in the USAF. In 2010, she renounced her US citizenship and obtained Philippines citizenship and began her career in government. She was the third most popular candidate running against Duterte in 2016 (Robredo was the second).

Both Robredo and Poe are more liberal than the Duterte's. The Duterte's are more similar to the US Republican party, while Robredo and Poe are similar to the Democratic party.

While it is too early to tell how the 2022 Presidential election candidates will pan out, were it come down to a Duterte ticket versus a Robredo\Poe ticket, the election results would be exciting to watch. My bet would be on the all woman ticket since both are very popular and did well against Duterte in 2016. Having Sara Duterte on the same ticket with her dad has had mixed reactions. Sara is just a mayor of Davao, the Philippine's third largest city and got the job from her father, who was also the mayor there before becoming president. By trade, Sara, is a lawyer with zero experience in government.

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Now, if the Covid situation is still a problem there in 2022, the election itself will be interesting to observe as there has been talk of postponement. However, the Philippine government has instituted several protocols for the May, 9th, 2022, election:

  • Social Distancing will continue
  • Voter ID using QR codes will validate a voter (as well as computer records)
  • There will be five polling observers at each voting site
  • Voting by mail will be in place
  • Security will be present at all sites
  • Masks may be required (depending on the state of the virus)

Much of these planned protocols have been influenced by the U.S. elections, no doubt, to avoid confusion and mischief. There already is huge public campaign regarding Voter ID and downloading the official application to vote using your cell phone. The problem will implementing the Voter ID and Vote By Mail. The Philippines is still improving their Internet service and their mail service can be unreliable about meeting deadlines. Should be interesting.

Stay tuned.

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