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Stop Plastic Bag Blight - Use Cloth Bags

Billions of plastic grocery bags are dumped into the environment world wide each year. You've probably seen many of them blowing through parking lots, stuck in trees and cluttering up the landscape. You can help rid the planet of this plastic blight by using cloth shopping bags. Aside from the obvious reason for reusable bags, there are added benefits you only notice when you start using them regularly.

Pain and Suffering

The baggers must think I'm a champion weight lifter, so tend to put all the heavy items in one plastic bag (when I forget to take mine). They hear grumbles about the bags breaking, so they actually use two or three - together. If you've ever carried a heavy plastic grocery bag up a flight of stairs you know the ‘dented hand syndrome' and the pain when the weight of the bag causes the handle to nearly sever your fingers. Carrying them in layers can be tricky, if you grab only one, or the wrong one - you have problems keeping your bottled products from crashing onto the parking lot Then there's the whole issue of ‘letting go' which can be tricky with two or three together because they are now embedded into your hand and you're not sure which layer to remove firs. Of course there are always the tidy packers that insist as they ‘MUST GET THEM ALL IN THERE !";; and tie the handles together to tightly you have to have them surgically separated.


I know for sure that when I carry those two expensive bottles of wine in my cloth bags that there will be no

Repeats of the great Merlot tragedy of 1989. Yep, party equals wine, equals flimsy paper bag, equals a very expensive and messy kaboom! The cloth is also a better buffer from bumps to the outside of the bag as well.

Cheap Advertising

I know this is a little self serving, but I'm a starving artist (if a size 12/14 can be considered starving). I can paint my logo and a bit of my art on canvas bags and let people know ‘I'm Here!";; Also, I can promote the causes I'm passionate about: Autism Awareness, Pet Rescue, the local Farmer's Market, etc. on my cloth bags. I know the women in the line behind me are tired of reading the ";;People";; magazines for the third time, so they have a chance to admire my designs and I get to tell them about my causes (well sometimes). If I feel adventurous what going to the store, I choose my Paris and Las Vega tote bags that I find at thrift shops. It doesn't make me feel any better, but at least maybe the checker person will think that I really did go someplace! (Like she cares).

Entertain the Troops

When my daughter was in Girl Scouts she had to make a cloth tote bag for her sewing badge (or whatever it was). This is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to do a project with your kids that will have a real purpose once it's finish. My daughter is married and has kids and still uses her ";;Girl Scout' tote.

Fashion Statement

I know a woman who has fun embellishing everything. She glues buttons and plastic bugs and flames onto her shoes. You know the type - pens with fuzzy pink feathers on the cap, troll doll on her desk, Her computer monitor covered with little critters and stickers. I foresee her future as a cloth bag 'decorator' to the stars. Cloth bags can be another outlet for your creativity! Plain canvas bags are available at most craft stores. This would be a great project for any group of scouts or family gatherings.

Spreading the Word

When people see you using your cloth bags, it may encourage them to do so as well. Even if only one more person switches from plastic or paper to cloth, it will be worth it.

Cloth Shopping Bags save money and the planet.


Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on February 25, 2019:

Here is another solution: reduce the human population to a sustainable level. Men must become responsible for their own procreation. Men must get a vasectomy after one child until a target level is reached. What is that target level? One billion? 100 million? 10 million?

Pat Merewether (author) from Michigan on February 07, 2013:

most cloth bags are washable - some people worry about this when food is involved. You can also use cloth bags to promote your business or favorite charity. some are made of nylong (WalMart) has them that are made of nylon and can be scrunched up and put inside a little bag of their own so you can carry them in your pocket or put them on your keyring.


Afaf on February 06, 2013:

amazing I have o project it talk about the Use of cloth and plastic bags !! thanks pleas if there is other informmation tell me att (afafat@ymail.com)

karishma on June 15, 2010:

its better to use cloth bag,its save our environment.

Julienne on November 06, 2008:

I agree completely and enjoy your humour too..keep it up!