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Stolen Votes? Rise Of The Minority


( Part 4 of the cute female president )

Continued from Part 3 of The cute female President .

From that moment when the Shilingi Sumeya party was formed, about seven months down the line, Anab Subow, a close relative of Sumeya and the party’s secretary, had been writing a fiction story about Sumeya’s journey to political prominence. The book which was titled as,” Somalis Will Rule” was now published and available in the local bookstores.

In that book, Anab Subow described the leading character who was a female from a marginalized community beat all odds to become the first female president of her nation. The book was greatly applauded and it was commercially successful as it did well in the market.

Various international organizations including the United Nations and African Union awarded Anab Subow lucrative prizes as they described her as an, “optimistic author”. This book, however, was destined to be the platform of Sumeya’s victory in the approaching election. This book was a campaign tool of its own kind for the party.

The eagerly awaited day finally arrived. After twelve months of waiting, the election day was less than a minute away to begin. That early morning the voters equipped with their national Identity cards and required documents frog matched towards the voting stations. They queued for more than three hours to vote for their favourite candidate.

After three days of voting process across the country, the final result was now ready. The chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya was to announce the winner. The citizens were eager to hear and see who that lucky person was who would lead Kenya for the next five years as they were watching it live in their televisions, from Citizen TV to KBC and in many other channels.

Everyone was staring at the televisions, who could that lucky winner be? However, the chairman had some advice to share with the citizens before announcing the winner. He said, “My fellow Kenyans, in any competition, exam or race, there must be a winner, that person who eventually emerges the first and leaves the other competitors behind. It was a free and fair election, there were no malpractices whatsoever and the winner is Sumeya Hussein.”

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That pronunciation of “Sumeya Hussein” by the chairman had two impact on the minds of Kenyans. For one group, it was extreme joy as if Angel Gabriel paid them a honorable visit whereas the other group was made up of frowning people who were blaming the electoral commission of lack of transparency as they claimed that corruption had taken place.

There were colorful celebrations across the counties that were largely inhabited by the Somalis.”Our time has arrived, Somalis will rule,” they were boasting happily. Sumeya prostrated to God thanking him for the victory, she was now going to be the first female president of Kenya. The opposition party, was however not willing to concede defeat claiming that most of the officials of the electoral board were bribed in one way or the other.

The opposition supporters armed themselves with hazardous weapons and begun attacking the Somalis in their neighbourhood. The matter worsened and was out of hand when the Somalis in a bid to revenge for their loved ones begun killing hundreds of non-Somalis who were living in their area. It was a tit for tat is a fair game situation.

Kenya was now divided into tribes with each tribe aiding the other in fighting and killing of another. You could think that it was the Second World War where countries were supporting each other to attack others. With every passing day, the number of the dead people increased significantly. Blood was shed in every part of the country.

Three days later after announcing the results, the chairman of the electoral commission of Kenya was found butchered mercilessly at his home .There were also bomb attacks that were aimed at the house of Sumeya. Roadblocks were set up everywhere, schools and other educational centres were shutdown. It was an indoors scenario in Kenya.

The United Nations and African Union as well as other international organizations including the European Union intervened trying to negotiate peace between the principals of the parties but to no avail. Kenyans butchered each other the same way they slaughter animals during Christmas or Eid festivals. Properties worth billions were destroyed and more than one hundred and fifty thousand people were murdered in just one month, surely the country was in a fierce political turmoil.

The headline news in every media centres across the world was about Kenya’s civil war. Others were arguing that if these killings continued for another month, then it would turn to be either a massacre or a genocide. Sumeya thought for a while about this ongoing calamity. She then decided against her desires, at least to save Kenyans from more bloodshed. Then on her Facebook, she posted,” Why all these public outcry? Why shed the blood of innocent people? I invite the media to come to my home, I want to tell you something.”

(Part 5 coming soon )

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