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Standing up for Human Rights, by Standing With Our Children and With All Who Are Currently Being Targeted, by Tyranny

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


We Didn't Pass it to Our Children in the Bloodstream; It Must Fought For and Protected

Here in the States, many of the most radical school districts, have forced children to wear masks all day long, while on school grounds, whether their Parents have objected or not.

These districts believe themselves to be above it all; above the wishes of the Governor of their particular State, but much worse than that…in too many cases, they believe themselves to hold more power than Parents and Guardians!

In spite of the Governor of the free State of Florida's decision, to keep masking optional and up to Parents to decide, many radical school districts remain defiant.

As a result, many Parents in the State of Florida, have showed up and have spoken out on behalf of their children and on behalf of their children's rights - at local school board meetings.

This has been ongoing for months at school board meetings all across the Country.

The goal of Parents isn't to make a scene.

The goal isn't to rip the masks off of another person's child, but rather to protect their own individual right, to choose, for their own child.

It is all about protecting the institution of freedom.

There is no doubt, at this point in time, there has been a continual infringing upon, across the board, across the nation, across the world!

To not be involved, completely blase' about something that is so instrumental in insuring a future, with any kind of meaning, for our children, our grandchildren, is playing right into the hands of tyrannical government!

There’s no two ways about it

Those of us who cannot and will not give up on our sacred rights, understand what is at stake!

If we have passed this knowledge onto our children, they too are understanding...

now it's their turn.

The torch has been passed from one generation to the next

Students all across the Nation are finding their voice and using it.

They need not destroy or do harm as many wayward, self serving groups across America have done in the past, {Ex: ANTIFA and BLM}.

They simply state their case, with no false pretenses, at no cost to anyone else, at no expense to their neighbor, they watch, as, on its own, it ignites and spreads.

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What we do not need, on top of everything else going on, are uninformed parents, clueless upper class students, those in the workplace, etc., assisting in the handing over of our rights; giving up freedom in the process!

May God be with all of the States in the midst of battle, as decisions are being made, which will have long term repercussions on our children.

Perhaps, when all is said and done, more young people will begin to recognize for themselves, what is truly at stake!

A hands on, in real time, true life, Civics lesson

In the meantime, we must stand firm and resist and push back, as the robbers of Rights have no problem doing, so eagerly and so foolishly getting in the way of freedom.

Students Standing Up For Their Rights

Canadians Not Backing Down

It Must Be Handed On, For Them To Do The Same

There are doctors, nurses, teachers, paramedics, firefighters, military personnel, police officers, truckers, etc., who have been on the front lines.

For nearly two years, without a COVID-19 vaccine, handling their duties, going above and beyond - and then some!

Now, suddenly, because there’s a vaccine available, (which is a wonderful thing for those most vulnerable) I pray it protects them, but because there is now a vaccine, these same heroes are being threatened.

Threatened by their local, their State or their Federal Government!

Their hero status, suddenly stripped away, right along side, their dignity and their fundamental rights, reduced from hero to zero -

Currently being threatened with losing their jobs, if they don’t comply and get the vaccine!

Individuals, living in a free Country, should never be mandated to do so, against their will.

Absolutely...there is cause for pause, there is reluctance; the vaccine has not been proven to eliminate all strains of this particular virus.

Many have already walked away from their jobs, their careers, their income, because they understand what's at stake!

Vaccinated or not... isn't the point!

They understand that it's an individual's right to make such choices, that is not the job of elected officials.

After all that has been asked of them, Government now dares to dictate what their next move must be!

Threatening them, making them to feel small and insignificant, not worthy of being in the workplace, they once were hailed for occupying..…if they don’t do as they are told!

This is not only kicking them hard and repeatedly in the gut, it is robbing them of their Constitutional rights!

Government was never intended to be a part of individual or family decisions, such as this.

Their role, is quite the opposite, they are in place, to protect our rights, which have been granted by God - not them!

Using coercion, putting these heroes, as has recently become the case of the freedom truckers in Canada, in such a predicament, to have to speak out/act out, is unacceptable!

This should go without saying

Doing the same to school aged children; using coercive measures and methods to make children feel inferior, unclean, insignificant, as they are isolated, for standing up for their rights, is abusive!

Parents, having their names added to Watch Lists, for choosing to do what they feel is in the best interest of their own child, all while pointing out their individual right to do so, should place school board members and administrators, pushing against both, right out of a job!

They are not fit and I would suggest a time out, where they may learn, what these exceptional parents, students, doctors, nurses, truckers, etc., already know!

We must always remain an informed constituency and understand that our Rights are granted by God, not Governments!

In the case of the U.S.A., guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights and are to be protected, not undermined, by those in Government, at all times, in all places, under all circumstances!

© 2022 A B Williams

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