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"Stakes Are High": Boris.

Boris:  Warning on Russia.

Boris: Warning on Russia.

Vlad:  Keeping Everyone Guessing.

Vlad: Keeping Everyone Guessing.

American Foreign Minister, Antony Blinken, has stated today that Russian military action, could start any time. Despite, Russian denials of intent to invade, Russian forces are building up to make sure, they have enough forces to carry out a full invasion according to American and NATO sources.

Meanwhile, Vlad Putin is keeping everyone guessing as to what his ultimate intent is. Is he assembling his forces just as a military exercise, to scare the Ukrainians and show NATO it means business or, is there a real intent, to launch some kind of invasion into Ukraine? Meanwhile, the Americans and NATO have been flying in high-tech weapons to help the Ukrainians defend themselves. There are also, NATO troops there, supposedly not in a combat role, but advising the Ukrainian forces. No one is doubting that the Ukrainians will fight any Russian incursion.

Meanwhile, Boris has been sounding off about any Russian military action. Like Antony Bliken, Boris has been warning that the next few days will be crucial. Using words like: "most dangerous moment" to illustrate his point.

Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg said, "It was time to de-escalate. I don't think a decision has been taken" (by Putin to invade). However, he also balanced his statement by saying "it doesn't mean that Russian won't act". Mr. Stoltenberg added that Europe is facing, the biggest security crisis in decades.

Boris continued, "the stakes are high and this is a very dangerous moment. At stake are the rules that protect every nation - big or small". The Prime Minister said the UK's commitment to European security is "absolute" and "immovable".

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General, said he was prepared to listen to Russia's concerns, but also, said again "we are living in very dangerous times"."NATO will not compromise and every nation must have the right to choose its own path and NATO will protect that right". Boris visited Belgium and Poland, to show the UK's support for European nations, in the face of Russian aggression. Asked if he thought, Russia would invade, "I cannot say" he replied.

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Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, and 'wannabe' Margaret Thatcher went to Moscow, to speak to her Russian equivalent, Sergei Lavrov. Both sides it appears got nowhere in talks and the press conference they gave after, was cold and unfeeling. Lavrov said that the conversation between himself and Ms. Truss was like talking to a "deaf-mute". In other words, Truss and Lavrov listened to one another but the words from both Foreign Ministers fell on deaf ears.

Boris must be looking for distractions, to take him away, from 'party gate'. The heat is on Boris and he is obviously, feeling it. With a looming Russian invasion, potentially on the horizon, this must be a welcome distraction from Boris' woes at home.

If Russia does take military action against Ukraine, the West will unleash the harshest of sanctions on Russia. This will potentially break the Russian economy and the people will feel it sharply. It is doubtful that Putin and his cronies will feel the harsh sanctions as much as the ordinary Russian people. However, such is the strength and stoicism of the Russian people, they will survive it. If they can survive bitter winters, the Czar, Stalin, etc, they will survive hard sanctions. Russia has already been sanctioned when it invaded Crimea, which was part of Ukraine at the time. Russia claimed it as its own and indeed, there are historical arguments for Russia's point of view. Since then, Ukraine has been fighting a war against Russian-backed separatists. So war has been raging on this front, which the world seems to have largely forgotten about it, ever since the Russian capture, of Crimea.

China and Russia are good buddies, China backs Russia, and no doubt, it will back any Russian action against Ukraine. China will be watching what Russia is up to. If Russia attacks and successfully conquers Ukraine, it will take heart. China, has its eye, on taking Taiwan. It feels Taiwan is a runaway Chinese province. China wishes to bring Taiwan to heal, either by invading the island or launching aerial attacks on the island. The US, like Russia now with Ukraine, has warned the Chinese not to do this. So any Russian action against Ukraine and if it is successful, will embolden, China to take action against Taiwan.

In the coming days, weeks, and months what happens in Ukraine will be determined by any Russian action and what the Americans and NATO do, in response.

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