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Stage 4 Could be Delayed.



Looking at the beaches in England yesterday, from Blackpool - Brighton, you would think, there had been no pandemic. People gathered on the beaches, as if it was pre-pandemic, days. And in a sense, you cannot blame them, it is the nature of the human-animal, to be sociable, it's ingrained in our DNA. No doubt, many of these have been vaccinated and have, some, level of protection. However, while many say, the current vaccines give some level of protection from the Indian variant, some say people gathering together, even though, these people were in the open air, gatherings like this still could be risky.

Boris wants or wanted, to lift the current lockdown on 21st June. People are now allowed to eat and drink in cafes, eateries, bars, etc. However, 2-meter distancing, mask-wearing, and sanitizing, are still standard practices, (rightly so).

If Boris, on Stage 4, of his 'Roadmap', gets to lift all legal restrictions on 21st June, then life should return to normal pre-pandemic days, (maybe). However, this date could be delayed because of the dangers of the Indian variant. Bolton was top of the danger list because of the Indian variant, but right now that honour, (if that's what it is), has gone to Blackburn with Darwen.

Boris has been attacked by many for allowing 20,000 Indians into the UK, before India, went on the 'Red List' of nations, rife with COVID. Professor Ravi Gupta, a member of the 'New and Emergency Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group said, opening up on 21st June would be, "a bit early".

Professor Gupta has said we need a few weeks yet, probably a month, until schools close. Professor Gupta said by then, the situation would probably be clearer, and how effective, the vaccines had been against the Indian variant.

Professor Gupta warned that younger people and others not vaccinated, are at the greatest risk from this variant. Gupta admitted that the roll-out of the vaccine and the number of people vaccinated was great. However, we should not blow it now by lifting all restrictions too early, for obvious reasons.

Professor Adam Finn, also, agrees with his fellow scientist, agreeing that enacting the final stage of Boris' plan would be too early. Professor Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation said, lifting the restrictions on 21st June would be quote: "a bad decision".

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The government is to review the situation on 14 June about enacting the final stage, of the Roadmap. The government always says, "they listen to the science", regarding these things. Let us hope, they really are listening to the science, and if the final stage of Boris' plan has to be delayed, then, so be it.

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