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Sowing Seeds of Sedition And Saying It!

Politico-Socio issues stay ever with us. Gain perspective deciding if these words resonate with your understanding and thinking.

President Joe Biden gave a speech that marked a historic change from other presidents. He managed to insult half of the United States of America while feigning a message of unity. The only unity that existed in that speech was the unity in the words that came together and personally attacked me whether he meant them or not, whether someone else wrote them for him to read or not. Officially, the president of the United States came after me for something I did not do because of what happened on January 6th of 2021. So, I am writing this open letter to the President.


Dear President Biden,

Firstly, I want to inform you that I gladly pray for your health and welfare. I want you strong and able to lead this great nation of ours. We need unity because it seems as though it went away in 2016 at the election of former President Donald Trump.

It pains me that you and he could not meet together as adults and continue the tradition of the peaceful passing of the torch of the presidency. I voted for the former president, but I support you with all my heart as the current president who won in an election fair and square to my knowledge.

I will admit that I went down the rabbit hole with President Trump for a few weeks before I accepted your win. Once I did, I immediately put your name and your wife's name on the alters in my house of worship. We call them temples. I don't want to get into religion so much, but I want you to know that I pray for your and your family.

Secondly, Politics, Law, and Safety ...

I want you to know that I disagree with you on just about every political point and policy I am aware that you support. That does not mean we cannot have a dialogue or associate politically. It means that I will not vote for you in the next election. I must and I choose to be honest with you because I feel like the government is no longer honest. This mistrust of the government occurred under your watch. I was mildly antagonistic towards your presidency when you purposely undid all the good things the last president did for our country.

I liked being energy independent. I liked not being a part of some global environmental initiative that only Western society seems to want to follow. I liked cheap food and petrol. I could be wrong about my political views, I admit. I am not married to my political views as I am committed to doing what's right. I tend to think like many conservatives. I support the Republican party because it fits better with my political views and it is the party that freed my ancestors twice, being African American--once through Abraham Lincoln and then through Congress in several different actions that became the Civil Rights Act.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that the Democrats did not support the Act too. More Republicans supported it though. I support the party of Lincoln. Sadly, I will admit that it doesn't exist anymore. Republicans today seem like Democrats from the 1990s and Democrats seem like socialists and communists today. I really don't understand the move toward fascism that is occurring under your presidency. It alarms me.

Under your watch, the FBI, an agency that derives its authority from your office, raided a former president's residence. I do not understand why the former first family is unprotected from an illegal search and seizure. I say it is illegal because the document does not specify what it wants. There is no smoking gun, yet, at least.

I don't feel safe anymore in America because of that. I want my freedom. Safety is not a good enough reason for me to forfeit my God-given freedom of privacy. I love the Constitution and the freedoms it safeguards. For some reason, I hear people falsely claiming our rights come from the Constitution, and they don't. They come from God. That leads me to the most important thing I want to write about to you.

I liked being energy independent. I liked not being a part of some global environmental initiative that only Western society seems to want to follow. I liked cheap food and petrol.


Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic ... But there is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and that is a threat to this country ... MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people.

They refuse to accept the results of a free election....

— President Joe Biden

Thirdly, Your Views on MAGA and Your Hate Speech ...

The speech that you gave with the ominous red colored background seemed like a disunity speech instead of a unity speech. You declared Make American Great Again supporters as terrorists! As much as I pray and support your presidency, I was insulted by that mischaracterization. You know that half of the country is conservative and a great number of us support that philosophy of making America great again, including me, and you called us a threat like militant Islamists.

I want to tell you, President, that I vehemently disavow the action that those people took raiding the Capitol building. All those people thinking they were defending the USA, broke their promise of allegiance to the United States and the republic for which it stands when they attacked the body that makes the very laws of the nation. We elected those men and women to make just laws, not to fight angry mobs. Each of those people must understand that they attacked the US by doing what they did and should be tried as treasonous depending on their crime within the building, especially if they harmed another person in the act.

I was ashamed of President Trump's slow response to send aid to the lawmakers of the nation. I forgave him, just like I forgave you for all the gaffaws and racist things you supported over the years. I did not vote for him the first run. I still think poorly of him, but I think better of his policies than I think of yours. Also, I knew what I was getting with him. He is a worldly man who has been married too many times and has too much celebrity. He likes to win.

I thought you would be good for us, even if I didn't vote for you. I don't care how small a percentage MAGA Republicans make of the party, you put a bulls-eye on them for being different, even though the vast majority of them did not riot at the Capitol. Because of you, I don't feel free to speak my views. Because I know that men and women are different and not interchangeable, that gender is not interchangeable, that men cannot become women, or vice versa, you have helped create an environment where I must hide or be attacked. I choose to be attacked.

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I am disappointed that you went to the far Left when you became president. It is not "progress" when every person can claim a different gender or pronoun to describe him- or herself. I already referred to people the way that they wanted. I worked with people who were non-traditional. If a person dresses like a woman, I treat that person like a woman, pronouns and all. If a person looks like a man and dresses like a man, I refer to him as such. If I cannot tell a person's gender, I ask for that person's name and I speak in a way to avoid using gender pronouns. I refer to the person the way he or she refers to him- or herself unless I am demanded to do so. Once that occurs, my hospitality is withdrawn and I will not engage.

Your speech and theatrics make me feel like I must protect myself against what happened to Donald Trump at his home in Florida, and I don't have anything. I'm poor. If the government decides it wants to infringe on my rights, I feel, for the first time in 45 years, vulnerable. You did that with your speech and policies, but mostly the speech.

Why did you have to read such a speech? Did you write it? Do you truly believe I am a threat to America because I don't agree with your politics? Will you round us up with your IRS military in the future? I HONESTLY am afraid of the future. I don't want you to be president. I never did. I do want you to finish your term. I don't want another Kennedy-Johnson issue where the president dies and the vice-president is in office. I am sure I will not agree with Vice-President Harris any more than I agree with you, but I defend your office with the sacred promise I make when I pledge my allegiance to this country.

Lastly, Respect For Diversity ...

You said in your speech you are the president of America. I am American. Will you stand for me? You told me in your speech that you would not fight for my rights to free speech and expression. You said in your speech that I thrive on violence and anger. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I do not have such things in my heart. What I have is sorrow because you mischaracterize me, and all people who support the philosophy of MAGA.

I do not agree with you or your party politically, but I sue for your right to have your views in all areas. You won't support me the way I KNOW I support you.

I pray you will change your heart about us. Some of us MAGA supporters are what you describe in your speech, full of hate. I have spoken to them. I know. I also know there are others out there like me who likewise love America, who love peace, and who want freedom for all.

I don't want there to be an all-Republican Congress. I want it 40% Republican, 40% Democrat, and 20% Independent or other. I want us to come together and hash out what is best for the country together, with all sides included. It is idealistic, but it could happen.

I will never get the candidate that I want to win office. My candidate would be Christian, pro-traditional family, pro-limited abortion, and pro-energy independent. I don't know where you stand on your family beliefs, but I know you don't like independence from other nations regarding energy and you don't mind killing people who are not born. I also know you will use exceptions to pre-born murder to plead your case to the world. Most pre-born human murders occur in the Black community, my community, I'm told. All those angry people marching in the streets so that my people can die before they are even born ... You all really hate us that much?

I want some honesty. I do not believe you will read this, but if you do read it, tell me the reason sterilization is pushed so much more in minority communities. Your political party is the one that is doing it. You are Catholic, which means we should have more in common because your faith does not disappear, or does it? You are supposed to represent the best of us as president. You, sadly, do not. You are the most divisive president, even more than Donald Trump.

People are bringing up civil war under your presidency. I am not a supporter of such talk, but you didn't help with that speech!

Feelings matter to you the way you guys in the Democratic party seem to suggest, pay attention to my feelings. You said in your speech it would be hard to hear for some of us. I accept that. I also accept that you alienated me because I did not support your political ideas. My covenant obliges me to support your presidency. I pray, however, that you lose the next term. I pray that you lose the 2022 majority. I also pray that every good thing you overturned the new president will restore.


Rodric Johnson

The Person You Called A Terrorist

President Biden's 9/01/22 Speech

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Rodric Anthony Johnson

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