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Southside Isd Board President Loren Brewer-- Behavior Called to Question

All Politicians embellish, but those that flat out lie to deceive can never truly be trusted.

Is history repeating at Southside ISD

In May of 2006, when Mr. Brewer previously served on the school board at Southside ISD, he gained control of the votes on the board and quickly removed then Superintendent; Dr. Mard Harrick.

The board then hired Fidel Del Barrio, who was also the employer of current board member and "team" member of Mr. Brewer's; Robert Chavez. Mr. Del Barrio was retired at the time from Northeast ISD, where he had been an assistant principal. Mr. Brewer also made it known that he wanted Mr. Del Barrio to be hired as the Superintendent, but no longer had the votes at the time to secure his agenda.

Mr. Brewer's actions as board member had him censured and he was replaced as board President by Ms. Liza Salazar.

In November of 2006, Fidel Del Barrio resigned his position as the board decided to go in another direction and re-opened the hiring for the position of Superintendent. While Mr. Del Barrio was with the district, as the district experienced once again; there was exodus of employees. Also, following Mr. Del Barrio were allegations of sexual harassment.

Attempts at hiring a new superintendent were futile. Mr. Brewer said that he wanted to hire somebody that was very experienced, something that was not an issue to Mr. Brewer, when he attempted to hire Mr. Del Barrio for the position, being that he did not have the experience for the position.

The district was run by two administrators while the district searched for a Superintendent.

April of 2007, the board was meeting with issues in trying to hire a permanent Superintendent. The board had all but secured the hiring of Eddie Ramirez, the Superintendent from La Pryor, Texas. Mr. Ramirez had been a Superintendent for six years with a background in PK-12 education, mid-management certification and Superintendent certification.

The majority of the board, Ms. Salazar, Ms. Lopez, Craig Knapp and Raul Martinez voted to hire Mr. Ramirez; while Mr. Brewer, Tony Luna and Daniel Rodriguez all voted against it.

As the board was ready to hire Mr. Ramirez, the district received an email from Mr. Ramirez declining the position. Leaving the district without a Superintendent once again; after it's second attempt to hire one. Brewer, Luna and Rodriguez sited his salary was the reason they chose to vote against him. His salary at La Pryor ISD was at $82,000 a year.

Salary issues came up again when deciding to terminate Superintendent, Dr. Juan Jasso. Salaires and raises that Mr. Brewer voted for.

Mr. Ramirez chose not to accept the position because as he said "I began to understand how fragmented the board is and how unprofessional Loren Brewer and the other two board members that follow his lead. It is evident to me that there are systemic dysfunctions within the organization and some board members....please communicate my Thanks and extend my declination of the terms and position to the entire board due to negativity of Mr. Brewer in board meetings and his unprofessional comments in the printed media."

After the 2015 elections and the loss of Mr. Brewer's support and ability to retain the power of the board, Mr. Brewer has decided to fight until the end to secure the position and pay of his supporters on the district to include the hand picked unqualified Superintendent Ricardo Vela.


Does Anyone see the similarities?

Southside ISD School Board L-R: Rick Quebe, Daniel Rodriguez, Loren Brewer, Raul Martinez, Margie Lopez, Craig Knapp, Lisa Salazar, Dr. Juan Antonio, Jasso.

Southside ISD School Board L-R: Rick Quebe, Daniel Rodriguez, Loren Brewer, Raul Martinez, Margie Lopez, Craig Knapp, Lisa Salazar, Dr. Juan Antonio, Jasso.

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Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso

May 27, 2007, during a late night meeting, the Southside ISD board voted 6-0 to hire Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso as Superintendent of Southside ISD. Trustee, Craig Knapp was absent and did not vote.

Dr. Jasso had been a finalist for the position when Mr. Ramirez was pursued as a possible candidate, but had withdrawn because he didn't want to jeopardize a much needed bond election for his current district.

Dr. Jasso was a graduate from Pearsall High School. He earned a degree in general education, a masters in education from UTSA and a doctorate in public executive leadership for UT in Austin. He was employed at Harlandale ISD and founded the Harlandale Extended Learning Center.

Since Dr. Jasso's arrival at the Southside school district, there were many firsts:

  • First Exemplary Rated Elementary Campuses (Heritage and Freedom)
  • First Recognized Rating for three consecutive years (Pearce Elementary)
  • First time to receive two Title I Distinguished Progress Awards (Heritage and Freedom)
  • First time major construction projects are under budget and on time
  • First time contingency money has been used for board approved improvements to facilities
  • First absence incentive program for teachers and bus drivers
  • First Head Start program
  • First time to institute a Cardinal Fest and an Education Foundation
  • First Intermediate school
  • First time to have a Superintendents community forum--transparency in the district and community input
  • First time to investigate and implement a dual language program
  • First Southside Evening Academy for Learners
  • First Campus/District Behavior Contract to reduce disciplinary DAEP Placements
  • First time Matthey Middle School- received the the most STAR awards for educational excellence outperforming most middle schools in San Antonio
  • First time students serve in intern positions within the district
  • First time the parents can monitor their children's grades- pay lunches, etc online
  • First organized annual Wellness Extravaganza for community and students

All these first's since the hiring of Dr. Jasso and Mr. Brewer and his "team" found that his salary was a reason to let him go.

Dr. Jasso's replacement is making much more for doing much less and is uncertified and unqualified, but bends to the wants and desires of the board without regard to law or policy.

More on Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso

Loren Adcock Brewer, aka. Loren Martin, Loren Glenn Adcock.

Loren Adcock Brewer, aka. Loren Martin, Loren Glenn Adcock.

Ricardo Vela

Ricardo Vela

Mr. Brewer breaks own record

After less than one full term, Mr. Brewer's was under investigation of by TEA. It was all over the media as to the actions of the board for going after former board member Craig Knapp, their quick appointments of their friends to the board, the job positions they've created for friends and family at more pay than is actually called for; but now TEA after receiving so many complaints about their hiring practices made a quick look into the fact and swept it under the rug. No actual findings were listed as lack of transparency has not been a strong suit of the districts.

TEA was also going to follow the Superintendents process of getting his certification and source information shows that Mr. Vela does not have the, nor will he have the completed courses to get his certification, nothing has been done about it so far.

Mr. Brewer and his "team" gave contracts to friends to build wash stations at the school bus barn, without taking bids from other companies, which is or was policy, they gave administrative positions to family members without putting the positions out for others to compete for the job, whether from within or outside the district, showing that some of these individuals were hand picked for their positions.

Mr. Vela, with team approval hired his Deputy Superintendents wives company and his sons as well to profit from the district totaling over $30,000.

The district had plenty of positions filled with these individuals, but the board and their superintendent still hold many positions open even after hiring 200 tutors at $14 an hour, they are asking to hire 30 more. High school diploma is the major qualification for a tutor. The special education department is still short of staff, some positions open since 2013 have not been filled.

Southside ISD Administrative Office Building

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