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Southside Isd Elections --Cried out for Change

The winners of the 2015 Southside ISD Elections

The winning slate.

The winning slate.

Southside High School

Southside High School

Congratulations to the new members of the Southside ISD school Board

The Southside ISD school board elections for 2015, were as interesting as always. The candidates, while all are passionate, each had a different time of following. Some supporters took the low road and others took the high and in the end, the community members of Southside ISD showed the county of Bexar that they were tired of the lack of transparency, the misuse of funds and basically taxation without representation.

They took the bull by the horns and fought for change. In the final hour, it came. Congratulations to new members of the Southside ISD school board.

Members up for Election


Community Members Step up to Make Changes

  • Julian Gonzalez, Former School Board Member and pastor at Iglesia Bautista Cristo El Rey should have been running against Frank Cannon, current board member who was arrested at a Southside ISD school board meeting for not taking responsibility for his outstanding tickets, $14,000's worth. Frank Cannon and his family blamed members of the community, former board members and even his mother-in-law for turning him in. He never took responsibility for the fact that he was the one who never paid his fines and continued to drive without a license and insurance. Mr. Cannon lives in a $300,000 plus valued home and has been in trouble with the IRS as well for not paying taxes on his property or his business taxes. Frank Cannon chose not to run for re-election. Instead, Mr. Wood withdrew his packet to run and hold his position and instead ran against Julian Gonzalez.
  • Daniel Espinoza, former Southside ISD employee, Former Principal of a charter school and retired educator, was to run against John Wood, who was not elected to his seat, but appointed when a sitting member resigned. John Wood was a member of the ESD#6 Board and all it's turmoil. As Ms. Vargas, former ESD#6 member said "John Wood never knew what was going on with the ESD#6 until Sylvia (reference to Sylvia Mendelsohn, former President of ESD#6 board) called him and told him." His job on the ESD#6 board was to second motions. The day of his appointment to Southside ISD board, he came prepared wearing a suit, friends, family and a person to swear him in among them; that night he was appointed immediately after the resignation was accepted by the board for the sitting member and not allowing time for others to apply for the position. Mr. Theodore "Theo" Castillo ran against Daniel Espinoza. Theo Castillo's wife was appointed the ESD#6 and took over where Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn left off. Ms. Mendelsohn hand picked another Southside ISD board candidate.
  • Johnny Cantu a senior technician at Southwest Research ran against Alma Guzman. Ms. Guzman was the board member that filed a suit against the district, ran for office and was elected. She lost her case, but her friends currently on the school board called the case back and settled with her for $120,000. She was also awarded Board Member of the Year by her friends on the school board. The history of Southside has shown that they have never awarded such an honor to any member as it takes an entire board to achieve the district goals, not just one member.
  • Kenneth Bouldin Jr. a retired Master Sgt. of the USAF and current Fire Chief for the Ata-Bexar Fire Department ran against Daniel Rodriguez. Daniel Rodriguez was a former board member at Southside ISD and was appointed after a sitting board member resigned. Like Mr. Wood, he was prepared to take over without enough time to allow anyone else to apply for the position. Mr. Rodriguez would not disclose his name of employment.
  • Manuel Sandoval , an engineer for Schneider Electric was another appointee of the "team" but Mr. Sandoval was known for asking questions and aggravating the board members. The board went as far as scheduling meetings knowing that Mr. Sandoval would not be available to attend due to his work schedule. The "team" is ran Norberto Chavez, Jr. against Mr. Sandoval. Norberto Chavez Jr is a mall cop working for U.S. Security and Associates and was a fairly recent graduate of Southside ISD.

What about education?

The "team" are all about the extra-curricular activities in the school and using the campus as a community center; all on the tax payers dime. What about education? The district has several Facebook pages and recently revamped the school website showing their dedication to athletics and other "fun" organizations and activities within the district.

While the students may remember all the fun they had in school, their education is what suffers.

Making the grade or not? This is how they fared in education:

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  • Southside High School, no distinction, students prepared for advancing to college is well below average.
  • J.L. Matthey Middle School, no distinction.
  • Losoya Intermediate School, no distinction.
  • Gallardo Elementary School, no distinction.

The schools had previous distinctions such as exemplary, but now they are meeting the standard, but no excelling past it.

These below are failing.

  • Pearce Elementary, improvement needed.
  • Heritage Elementary, improvement needed.
  • Freedom Elementary, improvement needed.

Board Members son--was Candidate for Southside ISD School Board

Southside Dedication to Education

If you want to have fun, go to Southside ISD and enjoy your tax dollars hard at work.

  1. Enjoy the new nearly $1 million dollar score board.
  2. Take a Zumba class.
  3. Join the Cardinal Fest.
  4. Enjoy the coming multi-million dollar athletic facility the district voted on.
  5. Enjoy the multi-million dollar turf at the refurbished stadium.
  6. Take a Karate Class.
  7. Sign up for Southside Football University, it will cost you about $600 average, but your son will be a cut above the rest for next season. He might not get into college because his education suffers, but he will have enjoyed and awesome year of football.

That is what you got from the 'team". The community has spoken and very loudly. It is time to put education back on the board. Electing five new members to the board.

The "team" took the phrase all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy to it's extreme. A school district needs a balance of education and activity to have a well round student and in turn a successful adult.

Southside ISD

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