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Southside Isd Deputy Superintendent/Interim Superintendent Caught Running the Same Scam

All Politicians embellish, but those that flat out lie to deceive can never truly be trusted.

Southside Administration Building

Southside Administration Building

Dr. Joe E. Gonzales

Dr. Joe E. Gonzales

So who is Joe E. Gonzales?

Joe E. Gonzales was the son of Lucy Gonzales, who passed away in Freeland Michigan a couple of years ago. Joe went to college in Michigan. He grew up in Freeland and graduated from Saginaw Arthur Hill, where he and his wife Edna raised their son Steven.

Joe E. Gonzales left Michigan and worked in various school districts throughout Texas, leaving a paper trail that should have opened him up to scrutiny and questions.

Where did Joe E. Gonzales come from?

Like all the other positions that have been filled at Southside ISD, the siting board knew before the agenda was put out who they were hiring for their created positions. The Deputy Superintendent's position was no different and was brought in like a thief in the night to the Southside ISD community.

  • Ricardo Vela used the name East Austin College Prep when asked about his completing his Superintendents certification. Who was in charge there? Joe E. Gonzales, who shortly there after joined Mr. Vela at Southside ISD.
  • Joining the group was another of Joe E. Gonzales colleagues, Karlyn M. Keller from East Austin College. A position was adjusted for her to gain employment at Southside ISD.

EA Prep STEM Institute Newsletter

Dr. Joe E Gonzales, Superintendent
Karlyn Keller, STEM Facilitator
Erline Miller, STEM Onsite Admin

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Into the frying pan

  • Around 2001-2002, while working for San Angelo ISD; the District Attorney obtained 8 indictments for Gonzales after an investigation that was started by the State Auditor's Office with the help of the Department of Public Safety. The indictment was for ,misappropriated funds between $5,000-$20,000. Jan 2003, the case was set to go to trial for eight counts of theft by a public servant. After several postponements, Joe E. Gonzales settled his case bargaining to have seven counts dropped and making restitution for one, $1576.43. He used his school expense account to purchase tickets to see the San Diego Charger, Neil Diamond concert tickets and season passes for four to the minor league baseball team in San Angelo. As well as making donations to a museum and a local rehab center; where he was a sitting board member.
  • No sooner had Joe E. Gonzales left San Angelo for McAllen ISD in the valley, that he was in trouble again. He was suspended pending an investigation of money misappropriation, hostile working environment and misuse of resources. He agreed to a buy out of $185,000 to go away and his wife Edna Gonzales, the districts curriculum director took a $51,000 buy out.

    Gonzales did not leave without a fight. During the first meeting of the board to discuss the suspension he filed a temporary restraining order that barred the board from gathering to discuss the subject. He said he was aware that board members had been in discussion during closed meeting. Board member at the time, no other than Richard Vela, his current boss at Southside ISD. Vela sent a memorandum attacking a fellow board member for what he called unauthorized negotiations regarding a possible buy out of Mr. Gonzales contract. He asked that the fellow board member not be allow to participate in any further discussion, not be allowed to vote on the issue. Vela went as far as sending a copy of the memorandum to the Texas Education Agency Governance Division.

  • Since becoming a member of the district at Southside ISD, he quickly figured how to make money for himself, his wife and his son. Following a path he has a history in...distortion and theft. Telling the community what they want to hear and doing illegal things behind their back with their tax dollars.
  • It is no secret that there were many underhanded dealings going on at Southside ISD under the board known as the "team". They hired people for the district with the same mentality. So it should come to no surprise to find out that Joe E. Gonzales and his wife are double dipping from the district funds as well as giving his son's business work within the district.

    S&C Building is owned by Steven Gonzales, Tax Identity number: 32051725128.

    • 20150402 116236 S&C BUILDING $ 5,141.79 support for maintenance
    • 20150402 116236 S&C BUILDING $ 5,998.36 support for maintenance
    • 20150402 116236 S&C BUILDING $ 4,066.82 support for maintenance
    • 20150402 116236 S&C BUILDING $ 3,202.76 support for maintenance
    • 20150402 116236 S&C BUILDING $ 5,437.31 support for maintenance
    • Gonzales Contractor, $9500.00 misc construction service

    This was $29,804.97 + the $9500.00 given to Gonzales' family. What kind of support are they giving since the district has quite a large number of maintenance employees on it's payroll? And where are the posts for the jobs as well as the bids?

    His wife Edna M. Gonzales is the sole owner of EMG Contractors, LLC, She registered this business December, 23, 2014, just shortly after her husband took a created position within the Southside ISD. Her tax id #32055975935. The business address is listed as their home, 201 E. Yellow Hammer Ave in McAllen, TX. In April alone, she received $7800 from the district, for a contract, not exactly sure what the contract was for.

    • 20150416 116309 EMG CONTRACTORS, LLC. $ 7,800.00 Contract for EMG
    • February of 2015, Edna M. Gonzales was paid $12,350.00 contract.

After the district received a clean bill of health from the handpicked auditors of the "team". It was the newly elected members that requested an impartial firm to audit the district and found that Mr. Gonzales was at it again.

More Money for Gonzales?

The Deputy Superintendent, who has once again taken money from a school district in which he works and given it to his wife's company and his son's has made the agenda once more. On June 4, 2015, he was appointed Interim Superintendent, which angered many, upset a few and excited Mr. Brewer and his supporters, for them seeing it as a "win".

June 10, 2015, the Southside ISD school board discussed a stipend for Mr. Gonzales for his additional duties. Many in the community felt that Mr. Gonzales has already reaped the financial rewards of Southside ISD and should not receive additional funds from the district. However, the district opted to give him additional pay.

Just a few months after becoming the Interim Superintendent and quickly convincing the board to find him as the lone choice for Superintendent, he was dealt a blow to his ego and his pocket book. As the auditors returned information to the district that could have serious backlash throughout the districts administration and previous board. Stealing tax dollars is not looked upon lightly. Who knew about his and the boards actions? A question that is being asked by many.

As the board had not been able to make a quorum to appoint Mr. Gonzales as the Superintendent at Southside ISD, it created much anger among his supporters on the board, Loren Brewer, Norberto Chavez and Daniel Espinoza. When the board finally met again this month; it was decided by majority vote, that Mr. Gonzales must go. Mr. Gonzales then showed his true colors by en-sighting what amounted to a media circus. Refusing to leave, and demanding that he did not want the position and insisting that the board had pleaded with him four times to take the position. However, he did not explain how the application for the position with his name made it to the top of a list he "didn't" want to be on. Mr. Gonzales was escorted out of the room by his attorney, but it is hard to say if Southside ISD has seen the last of Mr. Gonzales. Given his history, there could definitely be a lawsuit in the future.

History repeats itself

Soutside ISD Administrative Offices

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