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South Asian Dilemma


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A point irritates my cerebrum;

‌How can some pre-partition "designated "brawls pursuing our Colonial master heinous agenda of divide and rule, partition crimes, some forge post-partition Pakistan and India studies, and a few adventures on part of our militaries bring a definite end to centuries prevailed fraternity, dovishness, and peaceful coexistence of multiethnic sub-continental society based on shared history and culture?

I am not mentioning human emotions n nostalgia; both sides having it for their previous homes, villages, and galli mohalla (street), for people whom they once lived and cherished with; a Hindu chabrhi wali (street vendor) at their street corner and those loving, Muslim old gossiping ladies, for the joyous Eid(Muslim festival) occasions and colors of Dewali (Hindu festival of colors), for Muslim chant for prayers and those bells from manders(Hindu Temple), for that veteran Muslim hakeem(quake) and feeble Hindu carpenter and many more countless things.

‌Am not romanticizing my point nor forging any story but my grandfather, may God be well pleased with him, was the eye witness to all this exotica and mystique.

Okay, I am not advocating a united Indian cause but can we bring an end to this all-hate charade now?

Our generations are raised with the installed hate for each other. The world is thronging to 4G and 5G, pursuing research in medicine, engineering, information technology, spaceship technology, and so many other fields, and here we people are stuck in Bajwa (Pakistani Army Chief) policy, Doval (Ajeet Doval, Indian National Security Advisor) doctrine, 5th generation warfare and so many other crap things .how long will this continue?

How long would it cost us our lives health, education, research, above all our future generations?

‌Can we host a farewell for all this mutual friction, say goodbye to this antagonism, and take a new start?

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Afandi (author) from Haiderkhel on May 01, 2021:

@MG Singh , thank you for your support .

Please like and share the writing , so that each one of us be well aware.


MG Singh from UAE on April 29, 2021:

These are wonderful ideas and I second them. The two communities have lived for1000 years together so there is time to have a rethink about this meaningless animosity. Well written.

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