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South Africa A Failing Democracy

Natasha is a freelance writer and journalist with experience in research which is how she got the information for this article

The Food Chain Up in Flames

A food packaging company in Kwazulu Natal burned down to the ground

A food packaging company in Kwazulu Natal burned down to the ground

7 Days of Destruction in South Africa

Riots, looting and the deployment of 25000 soldiers, brought South Africans together after a questionable democracy.

in the space of a week, the food supply chain was almost completely destroyed, business owners who were hanging on by a thread due to the covid pandemic and people who had begun working again were all affected by the attempted insurrection.

It took 25 years to get South Africa on the map and within 7 days all of that has been destroyed, leaving South Africa as a junk status country with a questionable democracy.

This is what most of the papers and media have been saying. Racism and poverty is the reasoning behind the looting but the truth of it all is that it was a failed coup and if anything shows that democracy does exist.

Apartheid has been the word for South Africa for the past 25 years and as they have slowly transitioned into becoming one of the few countries that have moved forward but haven't moved past the history, the events in the month of July 2021, has shown that democracy and unity can be achieved.

Not only were they united to keep each other safe during the covid lockdown but with the riots and destruction of the countries food chain, all South Africans, joined together to protect their own and took to the streets to clean up after the mass destruction, showing that a "Rainbow Nation" might actually exist after all.

All South Africans were in fear this week as they panic bought foods, attempted to flee the country and for those who believe in the beauty of a free world, joined forces with the police and protected the people as they watched the towers of smoke, in the burning buildings around the country.

People have questioned the President stating that the attempted coup was staged by his own party members and that he has in a way failed his fellow citizens.

Many have praised him for being a president that has sworn to bring fraudulent members of government to justice, as he has pushed forward for the arrest of the former president and fraudster, Jacob Zuma.

During the covid pandemic, he ensured that the country was protected and enforced one of the hardest lockdowns around the world.

During the 7 days od violence, he admitted that the government was slow to react and very unprepared but stated that they would be ready for any further attempts to destroy the democracy of South Africa.

Attempted Coup in South Africa

Police stopping looters

Police stopping looters

An Attempted Coup in South Africa

Many stories have circulated through the media and web in regards to the recent riots and anarchy in the country.

Jacob Zuma the former president allegedly paid followers to loot and riot in order to have himself freed.

They have also said that the economic structures of apartheid have not yet been dismantled by the government, which has led to extreme poverty and desperate looting.

The real truth about the country up in flames is that there was an attempted coup although it has been denied.

South Africa's food chain was seriously affected and the looting was a side bar and distraction for what was really going on in this past week.

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Food delivery vehicles, food supply chains and packaging companies were looted, dismantled and then set on fire, completely destroying the food chain in the country.

People in the country, particularly in the Province of Kwazulu Natal, went out to "panic buy" supplies as the stores were emptied out before the first day of the riots.

Rumours circulated just as the arrest of the former president took place, that he was to be released or they would bring the country to her knees.

South Africa, already in junk status was crippled economically by this, rebuilding has appeared hopeless for some of the big corporations that were contemplating leaving the country.

Covid cases have risen rapidly in the country and with the disruption and anarchy caused, the delay in vaccinations due to forced immobility of hospital and front line workers being able to get to their posts.

The week of July 2021 has been one of turmoil and for many indecisive business corporations and investors, a turn around and escape from the already run down country.

The attempted coup was a failed attack on democracy in the country as South Africans of all races took to the streets to protect their own, to clean up after the chaotic and frightening attacks.

Taxi drivers literally cleaned the streets in order to move through them so that the people could return to work.

All South Africans stood guard outside their suburbs and districts, they also stood together and cleaned up after the rioting, helping those who have lost their livelihoods in the chaos.

For many South Africans, the lockdown last year has caused major financial strain and with the lockdown this year and the attempted coup, they will unfortunately not be able to rise quickly from this disaster.

President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC, are coming into question as they have ignored signs of trouble for the past five years, when xenophobic attacks were out of control.

The party has also failed to keep their promises to supply rural areas with basic supplies, such as clean water and toilets.

Was this an attempted coup?

There is apparently no evidence according to the defence minister of the country, however, it has been clear to see that the food chain in the country was targeted and almost completely destroyed.

Looters stated that they were paid to cause riots and denied to do so in certain provinces.

The President of the country stated on live television that it was indeed a well planned and deliberate attack and he informed the people of South Africa, that arrests were underway and that he will bring the criminals to justice.

a chemical plant that took out the fish life

a chemical plant that took out the fish life

What Triggered the Recent Unrest in South Africa?

Former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, was arrested and jailed over contempt of court as he failed to appear for a trial on corruption charges from selling weapons in 1999.

The former president was removed from his post and asked to resign from his political party, as it was discovered that he defrauded the government with a 5 billion dollar weapons deal.

The ex President failed to pay back the funds from the weapons deal which he used on his personal rural estate.

Zuma was also charged with racketeering, money laundering and corruption as it was found unconstitutional by his party.

Jacob refused to resign his post as the President and was later forced out by his own political party with the now President Cyril Ramaphosa as the head of the party and the country.

With Jacob Zuma as the head of the country, the ANC began to loose votes and they would have none of that, forcing him out and serving justice.

Ramaphosa has made it clear that the unconstitutional acts caused by the former President and his associates, some of which were the Gupta family as well as members of the party, would not be tolerated and they have found a way to bring him to court.

However, this caused major anarchy in the country in the past week as people were encouraged to riot and cause chaos in order to free Zuma.

President Ramaphosa has continued to let the nation know that he would stop the unrest in the country with force, if necessary.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressing the Nation

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Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on July 25, 2021:

Hi As a South African myself now living in Croatia for the passed 18 years I have learned that SA is not the same anymore. I travel back home soon and do hope I will have a pleasant stay there. So much has changed and so much has been destroyed in a beautiful place.

Natasha Pelati (author) from South Africa on July 23, 2021:

yes in this case it was an attempted coup and all that it boils down to is greed. love the proverb, so true

Natasha Pelati (author) from South Africa on July 23, 2021:

we do have a beautiful country with a lot to offer and hopefully this will be over soon.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on July 22, 2021:

Heartbreaking, There's always a reason behind all the sufferings. As the African proverb put it '' for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. '' God is silently working for His children in South Africa.

Readmikenow on July 22, 2021:

Interesting article. It's a shame as South Africa has some of the most amazing parks such as Kruger National Park. I hope they can move beyond this situation.

Natasha Pelati (author) from South Africa on July 22, 2021:

Manatita44 thank you, well we all immediately started cleaning up but business for many is gone. Hopefully we can rebuild and start over quickly.

Dora it couldn't have come at the worst time, while we are in another lockdown during covid. It has been rather challenging mentally, especially for those who have kids and for those who live out in the rural areas, trying to make a living. Everything was forced to stop and the loss of jobs now is even worse. Thank you, as a nation i think through all of this we have certainly shown strength and unity

manatita44 from london on July 21, 2021:

So sorry to hear. Hope the country gets back on its feet soon. Peace

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on July 21, 2021:

In the midst of COVID, this unrest is destructive not only physically and politically. Citizens need superhman strength to survive mentally and emotionally. God help South Africans!

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