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Some Krazy Kid'll Get Ya, If'n Ya Don't Watch Out

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

I wrote this article 22 years ago and we still are plagued by school shootings ??? When will we ever learn and at what cost to our precious children.

Some Crazy Kid'll Get Ya, If'n You Don't Watch Out.!!


Another shooting at a school in Minnesota...10 dead...
time to drag out the nursery rhyme reader
that might educate all future classes to come.


(Caution: some material may be disturbing to parents
contains mildly graphic descriptions of a normal school day's
documenting activities among the dilating pupils of our educational

This book is dedicated to Kayla... the first
six year old to die in school....back in the year 2000.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Come gather

up your children
from classrooms,
and school gyms
cause the nursery rhymes
we loved so much
are tragically changing
those poems are now
strange fairy tales
they're scary

and they're grim
yet sadly coming true

with bullied children's

deadly whims.

Anonymous student-(C)-2052


Wee Willie Winkle
runs through the school
upstairs and downstairs..
because he was never cool
firing shots through doorways,
at faces Oh, so shocked
killing all the kids he hates
he's tired of being mocked


Has Kindergarten now become
a place to guard the kinder
can kids feel safe in classrooms
or does fear of dying...hinder

Little Miss Muffet
told Billy to stuff it
defeated, he scurried away
then life he denied her
pumping bullets inside her
and blowing Miss Muffet away.

A- is for Daddies A-K-47

B- is for bullets, your ticket to heaven

C- is for calling me names, got you shot

D- is for dying, and long may you rot!


Little Bo Peep
is losing sleep
with little chance to find it
cause she saw the School Bully
get gunned down....he's dead
and her very best friend was behind it


30 days hath September
April...June...and November
all the rest have 31
unless someone brings a gun
then your counting days are done


We're ringing round poor Rosie
who just got shot by Jodie
Crack! Crack!...BANG! BANG!
we all fall down!

equals two
equals four
two equals=
(two left demoted)
6 divided
into one
equals guns..
fully loaded


to the corner shop
Dad's buying a .44 magnum
a gun for him... and fun for me
If the kids get mean
I'll bag 'em.


Rock a bye children
at the school hop
when the cops come
the shooting will stop
watch the doors break
as death pays a call
and down go the children
Teachers...and all.


There was a little girl
and she had a little hole
right in the middle
of her forehead

she was always treated good
he was never understood

and full of envy

he just shot her down

its horrid

Johnny and Julie
up in a tree
S... ....H....... A.......K.......I......N.......G
first come the shots
from a boy
that she disparaged
then comes Johnny
in the undertaker's carriage


and sometimes Y
are vowels
school children try
I before E except after Y
but when hate puts an I before E
after D
then the bullets are sure to fly
though it always has been (A..E..I..O. and U )
sometimes we all must simply cry "Y."


An' little orphan Annie says,
"Most school days make her blue,
when the playground chatter sputters
and the winds they go wooooooooo-oooooooooo."
"When the birdies stop their singing,
and the clouds get dark, and grey,
as your heart it starts to flutter
and your thoughts scream, "RUN AWAY!!!".

"Oh, you'd better mind your parents
and your teachers through the years,
and cherish them that love you
and dry each loser's tears,
and help those sad, and lonely kids
who cluster all about......
else some crazy kid'll get ya
If you don't Watch Out!!"

~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~or is it?

with apologies to Riley for the use of his
Little Orphant Annie poem...(C)1894

Author's notes.
This poem was written right after a six year old
was killed at her school in Michigan.
The other day a child was threatened at school with a gun.....
it could very well be the norm in just a few decades.
We need to make changes and soon!!

Written May 9th, 2000

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


Sa`ge from Barefoot Island on November 22, 2010:

I agree with you 100% people do no seem to be listening or paying attention until it hits home. by then it is too late. We live in sad times. You spoke loudly here, I hope others hear you and do things especially those with kids in schools. :D hugs :D

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