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Solution to the Storming of the Capitol

This is a dangerous time in America - but not for the reason most people think. We all saw the storming of the capitol, and I'd like to offer my unique perspective as an independent.
I see my liberal friends using language such as "insurrectionists" and "domestic terrorists." They witnessed a summer of largely peaceful BLM protests, and noted a vast and blatant disparity in how law enforcement approached the MAGA crowd who stormed the capitol on January 6th. BLM protesters and antifa allies were met with tanks and sound cannons and rubber-coated bullets and FBI spying and infiltration. As with the Ferguson protests before, citizen activists were aggressively charged and over-prosecuted and sentenced to decades behind bars for trivial infractions. The same has been true for myriad environmental activists - notably at Standing Rock. And so, my liberal friends understandably want to return the favor and lock people under the jail, who they view as seditious traitors. MAGA attempted to violently overturn a democratic election, which the states and the courts and the congress have all certified as valid - and cops took selfies and opened the gates and gave them directions to the offices of elected Democrats. If the occupiers had been leftists, they'd have been charged with felony murder and conspiracy, and probably sedition. All of which would have been moot, since they'd likely have been mowed down in a hail of bullets before reaching the front steps.
Then we have our MAGA friends - who firmly believe that the election was stolen from them. They know that our voting machines can be easily hacked in minutes by children. They know that the apps which many states now use to tabulate votes, were provided by companies owned and run by partisans. We don't have paper back-ups or scans in many states. We don't have exit polls in many states, and the exit polling companies have admitted that they change their numbers to more closely resemble the official ones. They know that the GOP is corrupt, the party establishment have no means to bully Trump, and they hate that they've been corned into fearing a guy like him. They've seen the entirety of the liberal media spend four+ years trying to undermine their president with a deranged, evidence-free Manchurian Candidate conspiracy theory. They know that the Deep State is largely opposed to Trump because they can't control him; they look down their noses and see him as an inadequate caretaker of empire; and they have a grudge because he rightly accused them of fabricating evidence to start the war in Iraq. The cops not only used tear gas and arrested dozens of people on January 6th, but shot and killed a woman in broad daylight. Trump and OAN keep saying he won. Trump was ahead when we went to sleep, then by law they counted all of these mail-in ballots after the in-person ones, and suddenly Biden won Georgia!?! The polls were wrong in 2016, so... #stopthesteal
While I agree with MAGA that our elections are fraudulent: Trump had his day in court. Over 50 cases - Trump won one of them on procedural grounds, and lost every case ruled on the merits. Biden won the election and will be president. There is no widespread voter fraud in the form of dead people voting or people going from precinct to precinct without a voter ID. But there is election fraud and rigging (though mostly in primaries, which the corrupt parties largely control). So let's reform our elections. Agreed. But I don' want to get bogged down with that now, so...
A bit of advice: we can't just keep calling each other terrorists every time someone protests and a window is broken. I know that our media bubbles have told us that we're the only patriots and the other people hate everything good about America. But we have to get past that and work together, because that's the only way we can defend ourselves from the constant attacks of the oligarchs who've bought and control both political parties. They want to censor the internet and funnel us the same corporate media lies that condition us to keep the wars going, healthcare expensive, banks profitable, and prisons full. They want to criminalize protest and dissent, and instill fear into anyone who thinks we ought to think or do better by ourselves.
We don't want cops shooting people. We want cops to protect protesters. And we might want to exercise our rights one day in a building that belongs to the public - and that's okay. We don't want all protesters to be labelled as "terrorists" over the actions of a fraction, or because the cops or media said so. We cannot call for people to be banned from the internet or removed from office for saying things we don't like. We cannot allow the elites to criminalize protest and dissent.
But we also cannot allow people who spent their entire lives trying to criminalize poverty and protest and Blackness in general - to be the first in line for mercy. Give them their day in court, and over-charge them just the way they'd be over-charged if they were Black or Muslim.
How is that a solution, when that's just what the liberals want? Because we should immediately petition that they be released. We don't want them to be martyred as political prisoners and viewed, even by only some, as sympathetic heroes. So we petition that by the end of the first term, Biden/Harris pardon them all, plus Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Assata Shakur... along with myriad BLM and environmental activists who've been ensnared by the machine over the years, plus Snowden, Manning, Winner, & Assange. We make a deal. A prisoner swap of sorts to hopefully signify the easing of tensions, and that we must work together to push back against the elites who are ruining our country and world.


Justin Earick (author) from Tacoma, WA on January 10, 2021:

Perhaps I did not stress enough: your political opponents also think that you're a terrorist who hates and wants to destroy America. You incited antifa and BLM, and they broke stuff or whatever, so maybe you should be blacklisted from employment and maybe your entire political party should be banned from government. See how that works?

I stated very clearly that Trump lost the election and in the courts, I said specifically that dead people are not voting, and that Biden will be president and we should petition the incoming Biden/Harris administration.

I hope you're super proud of yourself for not being racist like those other people that you hate so much. They think that you're the racist and that you infantilize minorities and bribe them with promises of goodies in exchange for their votes, while actively harming them with actualized policy.

And ffs, they hold these vote machine hacking competitions all the time - how are you not aware of this commonly known reality (I say, while fully aware that your media diet consists of people who'd die before telling you the truth about the establishment of either party)

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on January 10, 2021:

"my liberal friends understandably want to return the favor" - This is not about "returning the favor". It is not about revenge, or retribution. I can easily say that this is a projection but I will not.

"ter•ror•ism tĕr′ə-rĭz″əm - The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.

n. Resort to terrorizing methods as a means of coercion, or the state of fear and submission produced by the prevalence of such methods.

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n. The act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a mode of government by terror or intimidation.

The actions on Capitol Hill were acts of violence as a means of coercion and threats of violence in the pursuit of a political goal. So, they have to be tried on terrorism charges.

Insurrection is defined by the Oxford Languages dictionary as "a violent uprising against an authority or government." - So, they have to be charged with insurrection, or whatever charges apply for that.

Am I making stuff up? Come on, I already had one boomer call me a liar on here today because I am "left-wing" so, tell me what lies I am making up here?

It's not for revenge that the people who attacked the Capitol building and ran around with zip-ties, body armor, batons, had one man with Molotov Cocktails and a rifle in his car. Five people died ... and You think that the left is looking to "return the favor"? This is about keeping a democracy and showing others who think about taking over the Capitol by force that this is not a game where people playing soldier go out for a day of fun. That's what this is about.

"They know that our voting machines can be easily hacked in minutes by children." - Really? Where is the proof in that? Careful with your allegations because: "Smartmatic issued a statement ... warning it will sue Fox News as well as smaller media outlets NewsMax and OANN, for defamation if they don't retract "dozens" of inaccurate statements."

If You have proof man, show it. There have been over 60 court cases Trump and his minions had and he lost, lost, lost and lost some more. How many more court cases lost would be satisfying to stop the bull@#$% about fraud, hacked machines, dead people and zombies voting, etc.? How many more court cases? Another 60 lost cases would be satisfying?

"We don't have paper back-ups or scans in many states." - Like they voted once in Georgia. Then, they had a HAND recount and that wasn't enough so they counted again for a third time and some are still not satisfied I see. You know why? Because they will never be satisfied unless their Dear Leader is made King, or Emperor for life. It's a cult we're dealing with not people using logic and reason.

Over 60 court cases, with loss after loss and excuses are still made for not accepting reality. Man ... this has to end. People are dying at this point due to not accepting reality.

"we can't just keep calling each other terrorists every time someone protests and a window is broken." - I fully agree with You but when a mob breaks a window on Capitol Hill during the certification of the electoral votes and that mob intends to stop that certification than that is not just a window broken. That, keeping in mind the details of when, where, why and how, suddenly becomes terrorism and insurrection. It's not like You broke the window to your local library and stole a cooking book. Let's get real.

I do not appreciate this mumbling of details, somehow comparing a climate-change protest with these terrorists and secessionists. They had the Confederate Flag. That flag represents the people who fought to destroy the country, to keep slavery. Those were the traitors and You want to what? Be nice to them. Maybe I should cook them a pie and send it over to the guy who had the "Auschwitz Camp" T-shirt, right? Or the guy with 6 million not enough T-shirt.

"There are good people on both sides", right? Haha!! Man, the excuses for these terrorists are amazing. If Muslims would have attacked Capitol Hill bu the thousands, You would have said the same thing too, right: "we can't just keep calling each other terrorists every time someone protests and a window is broken"?

I can't even keep reading man. This is so shameful ... stop making excuses. This is what brought us here: excuses like "Trump is not that bad", "He was joking", "That's just locker room talk". Bull#$%^!! We all see what it is: racism, white privilege, terrorism, insurrection, coup d'etat - these are the right words. Or, You can keep tring to twist the truth. Why not we do have "alternative facts" nowadays thanks to Mrs. Conway.

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