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Solar Energy: Best Alternative to Fossil Fuels

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Who doesn`t profess to love the earth? I do, you do, and even Donald J. Trump does! But, aren`t we the same who bruise her, cut and tatter her green robes.

Do we not let her ice sheets melt away with speed fast enough to overwhelm all our efforts to improve her condition.

At night yet its babbling waters, its stars that shimmer and go away never to twinkle again, say one thing: I know it's in your DNA to be selfish but don`t hasten your fall.

I fear the morning I am confronted with the reality where entire countries are submerged in water as sea levels rise due to global warming.

I shudder at the thought of acid rains fiercely falling and piercing leaves, skins, and robes of plants, animals, and humans respectively.

I fear to imagine a poor farmer wince in pain as his crops go waste because the rain didn't fall on time.

Is this the future, we prepare for ourselves and our future generations! Where are we headed!

Solar Energy is the Best Alternative to Fossil Fuels!

Solar Energy is the Best Alternative to Fossil Fuels!

Why Care for Earth and its Environment?

We have every reason to do our bit to prevent the dawn of a morning which brings no hope, security, only rays of despair. Earth is at our mercy.

It's our responsibility to take care of it as it takes care of our needs all the time. It's time that the war is not waged against fellow humans.

It's time we spend our money, creativity, and intelligence fighting an even bigger adversary, an enemy we`ve long been harbouring as a friend, and it`s electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Why Solar Energy Instead of Fossil Fuels?

Think of the U.S. where 68% of electricity is fossil-generated. It's a terrible state. Just imagine the magnitude of hazardous emissions it should be producing!

Trump`s signing out of the Paris climate treaty is a testament to the fact that the United States is not curtailing its fossil fuel projects.

As a result, it continues to contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide - two major contributors to global warming.

Or sulfur dioxide - a major contributor to acid rain. When you`ve them, can nitrogen oxides and the particulate matter be far behind?

Currently, the U.S. fossil fuel-based power plants release 1.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If that was not enough, 120 million tons of solid toxic waste produced surely is the game-over for the earth, a final nail in its coffin.

If the electricity reaches our homes at the staggering cost of 300, 000 acres of forest land and 1,000 miles of fresh streams of water, it shouldn't come at all!

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It`s the baggage our environment has to bear when you have fossil fuels as the primary source of electricity.

But the truth is, the earth can't bear the burden of rogue molecules fossils emit any longer. It`s been sickened to death and can give up any moment.

68% of Electricity in the US is Fossil-Generated!

68% of Electricity in the US is Fossil-Generated!

Act Now or Never

The alarm bells have long been tolling. It's time to wake up to reality and take it as a challenge, or else it would be too late for any action on our part.

Shake your conscience, rattle your brains, and ready your hands for the task at hand. If science says climate change is real, Trump's bickering can`t make it otherwise.

Him saying the exact opposite doesn't make sense! If science says that the earth is sick it's sick! If fossil fuels are bad for the environment, it`s so for all ages and all times to come.

Therefore, what we can do is use renewable sources of energy and circumvent fossil fuels. How do we do it? The Sun, a source of pure energy! It's time to make solar energy mainstream.

With solar energy at the forefront, life-threatening gases leave forever. They won't be here to haunt us in our imaginations. If the burning of coals, crude oils, etc. stops altogether, we all will get clean air, free from hazardous pollutants to breathe.

Earth will certainly rejuvenate if we do the right thing. The earth will be a lot greener with solar energy empowering our lives. The rains will fall and drench our arid lands.

The deadly ocean waves will calm down, even the ozone layer will have much-needed healing. All this is possible if we do the right thing, which is switching to solar energy.

With solar energy at the forefront, life-threatening gases leave forever.

With solar energy at the forefront, life-threatening gases leave forever.

PS: It was in prehistoric times when man invented fire. Then after the industrial revolution up until now, steam, coal, oil, natural gas continue to infuse us with energy.

But we forget that all along the Sun was always there, pitching itself as the best alternative to fossil fuels. It`s time we let Sun meet our future energy demands.

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Shafqat M (author) from UK on October 17, 2020:

Doesn't matter, both are being touted as the best alternatives to the fossil fuels, Liz!

Liz Westwood from UK on October 17, 2020:

In the UK, some have solar panels, but recently there has been a move towards wind powered energy.

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