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Social Media And Our Young Generation

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In the history of the world, man has hardly been attached as strong as anything with social media today. Social media has become the peace of the heart and the eye. There are benefits and losses where social media has made mutual contact easy, our new generation is also badly stuck in this way. It is a matter of understanding that the apple can also be cut off from the knife and the neck. It depends on the user how he uses it. Allah Almighty has given man a great blessing like wisdom But they can discern between good and evil. Our young generation fritters most of its precious time on social media.

social Media Statistics Of Pakistan

The use of social media can be estimated from a report. According to a report, the number of social media users in Pakistan was 37 million by January 2020. From April 2019 to January 2020, social media users increased by 2.5 million (7%). The growing number of social media users is sad that every other person of us is in the habit of unnecessary use of social media. According to research, the TikTok app has been downloaded 25 million times in Pakistan since its launch. And so if a list of users of pubg is created, our youngsters will look at it as a result of unusual performance and if you tell users of a TikTok and pubg all these facts, they will make a long list of the benefits of these apps and put them in front of you. The biggest benefit is that "time pass" gets easier.


The Impact Of Social Media On Our Generation

There is a famous saying that " excess of everything is bad" can not be denied that social media has reduced the distance and made the world a global village by making mutual relations easy.
But problems are encountered then. When we become accustomed to its unnecessary and unintended use, our young generation, who had to take care of the country's garden by acquiring knowledge, does not get the opportunity to use the unnecessary use of social media today. Due to social media, students are negligent in their educational activities. When young people see this situation, it comes out of the heart of social media that it was better than that.
The light has brought light far away from the floor. Our young generation had already done its irreparable loss before the unnecessary use of social media and then the whole waste of TikTok and gaming app pubg was removed.
Our young generation has suffered from the fever of TikTok and pubg that they have no news of the world and the Mafia. All of our summers are proof that we are responsible for our depression.


Some Valuable Recommendations

It is in our nature that we find every possible justification to prove what we have to do right. If you look at the pages of history, it turns out that in the development of any country, the role of the students has been supportive, and if the students begin to turn away from their duties and responsibilities, then thinking about the development of the country is like a dream.
There is no interpretation. It is a matter of consideration that the heart must be healthy for the health of the body. Young people in the country and nation are like a heart if the heart is not healthy, how can the body remain healthy and strong. The need is that students should understand their duties and responsibilities as to how important their role in the survival of the country and nation is. Students should use all their energies in the educational field to ensure the development of the country and nation.
Gentlemen can understand that these apps did not give us any positive results. Which can be done in the near future. These apps have just warmed our young generation into meaningless, meaningless tasks and removed them from the real purpose of life. These apps have promoted unethical and uncivilized summer in our young generation.
The thing is, whatever work is wrong, it is wrong and it is very important for us to understand.
My request to the users of TikTok and pubg is that instead of confusing these unnecessary tasks, god should play his role in the development of the country and nation by using his time in a positive and meaningful way. And God does not give the opportunity to kill the person with his hands on his feet so that he can celebrate our ruin.
This nation needs you a lot and remember that you should use social media and not use social media.
You do not have to worry about increasing your follower on TikTok. The whole nation is going to follow you. All you need is to move towards your destination and if we have adopted such a serious attitude, then it will be the destiny of this country and nation.


Asad Hussain (author) from Islamabad on June 23, 2020:


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Asad Hussain (author) from Islamabad on June 23, 2020:

Thanks for such an excellent response

Asad Hussain (author) from Islamabad on June 23, 2020:


Anumkhan12 on June 21, 2020:


Laila.. on June 21, 2020:

Its good point to rise on social a days our young generation use cell phone,gadgets and other social media,, .,,specially tiktok and pubg ,,,its totly wastage of our time..if we have achieve our goals in life,,then we need we focused our goals with full of this way we laead a better life..

Dr Iman Malik from Australia on June 21, 2020:

Dr Iman Malik from Australia on June 19, 2020:

Superb very informative.

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