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So you support Ukraine huh?

Hey guys! Look at me! I have a flag!

Every day here in the USA, I see Ukrainian flags waving. A year ago I would have thought this was awesome, but not so much now. Up until this year if I saw a Ukrainian flag waving in the USA, I would assume the person was from Ukraine. Now when I see one I think “another person pretending they care.” The vast majority of these people didn't even know where Ukraine was on a map before this conflict, and now all of a sudden they're vehemently supporting Ukraine. Except they aren't; they are in reality doing absolutely nothing while pretending they're helping. Are you one of these people? Maybe it's time to take a look in the mirror and see if this stings a little.

Let's make one thing crystal clear: Putting a flag in your social media bio or making your Instagram photo blue and yellow accomplishes absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It reminds me of that The Simpsons meme where Ralph Wiggum is standing there with his finger in his nose saying “I’m helping.” Sure you are buddy, good for you. I had a bartender tell me “I’ve been wearing blue and yellow ribbons in my hair to show support.” Yup that will do it; call the Kremlin and tell them the game is up. Barbara has a ribbon in her hair.

If there is one thing that irritates me to no end, it’s people who are “passionate” about something, while doing absolutely nothing at all to better the cause they claim to care about. Very similar to those that live in White neighborhoods and scream “Black Lives Matter” at every opportunity, but yet would call the police if they actually saw a Black person walking down their street. Or how every corporation uses a rainbow every June while simultaneously doing nothing for the LBGTQ community, essentially using it as a cheap sales tactic. If I was Black or gay, I would probably be rather indignant at these types of people. But of course, I’m a straight White male, so what do I know?

Numerous corporations have changed their logo to a blue and yellow background for the purpose of social media clout (not in June of course.) But are these companies actually doing anything? Besides getting easily manipulated customers to buy their product, no they are not. Another cheap sales tactic, and using the flag of a nation under distress to sell your bullshit is really pathetic. Of course I guess you can't really blame them, they only do it because customers are dumb enough to fall for it.

The Ukrainian flag posturing seems to be a requirement of Western liberals and mostly goes down partisan lines. What I really don’t understand is how these folks on the left seem to think that the average person living in Ukraine would even remotely respect them if they met. They’re a bit preoccupied with other things besides combing Western social media at the moment, and so a lot of them aren’t aware of these people supposedly supporting them are the type of person they would never associate with in real life.

I’ve been to Ukraine several times, and I can assure you that their cultural norms do not aline that of the West. If you think for one second that they would be okay with you walking down the street waving a rainbow flag or telling children it’s okay to change their gender, you have another thing coming. Sure the LBGTQ community exists there just like everywhere else, but in general it’s kept on the down low. The occasional pride marches happen, but only under the heavily armed guard of the police. And even then, they still get attacked.

This is only one example of many that I could cite. And by the way, these are same nationalists that are fighting in the militias that you supposedly support. Feel dumb yet?

I saw one rainbow flag in Ukraine. It was a small pin being worn on the backpack of a female tourist at the beach. I know it might be hard for you to accept, but their culture and mindset is different, and they don’t want that there.

My current girlfriend that I met on my travels elsewhere is from Ukraine and working abroad for the next few months. When I showed her that in the West they are adding the colors of the Ukrainian flag to the LBGTQ flag for pride month, and here was her exact response:

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This guy has never been to Ukraine.


Idiots like this guy above, are doing this far away from Ukrainian soil.

Don’t disrespect the flag of Ukraine by adding gay propaganda to it. You wouldn't do it in their country (most likely because you value your teeth,) so why do it far away where you're safe?

And also, if you’re going to fly the Ukrainian flag, at least have the common courtesy to put the right side up (the blue goes on top.) So many idiots have been waving it upside down not realizing it; check Google for numerous examples of this. Furthermore, display it properly. I saw this the other day and it really irritated me.

Absolute disrespect right here.


You disingenuous virtue signalers are turning Ukraine and their situation into a joke. If you’re going to actually support them, then do so. If not, take the flag off your Twitter account and shut your mouth. I know, expecting someone to actually do something in order to be an activist? Seems like a strange idea to most people nowadays.

I know what will end the war: Hating Russian people! That will stop their government!

So now that we’ve covered the flag topic, let’s talk about something else that is not only unhelpful but also counter productive: Hatred of everything Russian, to include the Russian people.

Reddit is a good example of this. On r/russian, a subreddit for learning the Russian language, numerous times a day for months following the invasion, dolts that didn’t even bother to read the purpose of that subreddit bombarded it with political tirades. These people were obviously oblivious to the fact that most of the people on there are not Russian, since Russians already speak their own language.

Russian literature is being banned from universities, concerts performing classical music from Russian composers are being cancelled, and the list goes on and on. Can someone please explain how Tchaikovsky’s music, which was written in the 1800’s, is related to what the Russian government is doing now? You can’t, because it isn’t, and only a complete imbecile would put those two things together. The only reason for this is I feel, because they’re trying to get us to hate Russian people in their entirety. The powers that be want us to believe that every Russian person, including the ones that died long before the Soviet Union (which dissolved when I was a child) even existed, are somehow at fault for the conflict in Ukraine during the year 2022. It takes a special kind of stupid to accept this line of thinking. And there seem to be a lot of special people.

But why is it counter productive? I moved to Russia temporarily to pursue tertiary education in the fall of 2021, but left this spring for obvious reasons. When the invasion happened, people were outraged. Protests were popping up everywhere, and protestors were being hauled away in typical Eastern European fashion. I know because I saw it myself. Russians were openly stating their opposition to the war and paying the price for it. The overall attitude of the populace changed. Even former UFC champion Petr Yan came out in opposition to the war. But then the hatred towards the Russian people came in full force. A Russian friend of mine who is in a metal band was on stage openly stating in between songs that “if you support the war, get the fuck out of here.” But later was lamenting online about how the whole world hates him anyway, because he is a Russian citizen, so what’s the point in saying anything anymore? One company in Ukraine that I have purchased from in the past was on Instagram ranting about how “this is the fault of every Russian citizen, every last one.” Okay sure dude, so the grandmother in Siberia who farms potatoes to make ends meet between pension checks caused this. How dare you babushka? What were you thinking? I've lost count of how many times I've seen similar statements.

I’ve watched my Russian friends go from sympathetic to what was happening to being outright apathetic. Why would you risk being arrested to stand up for people that are openly telling you that they hope you die? The Russian people have been through a lot over the past few centuries, and if you expect that ethnic Russians are going to start being ashamed of their heritage because of their government’s actions, you don’t know them very well. If you think that by telling them that you hate them you’re going to get an ally, you need a reality check.

In the USA, this anti Russian hatred has been showing up a lot towards Americans of Russian decent, and often it affects people who aren’t even Russian.

A Russian restaurant in Washington D.C. was smashed up with anti Russian graffiti spray painted on it. Turns out the place wasn’t even owned by Russians; the owners were an American and a Lithuanian of Ukrainian decent. But people don’t ask questions when supporting the current thing, they just act.


A Ukrainian man from East Ukraine (where the language is still predominantly Russian) was stabbed in Brooklyn for speaking Russian.

I’ve been learning the Russian language for many years, and this is America so I will speak whatever I want, wherever I want. But I live in the South, not NYC, so before attempting to stab me for doing so consider the possibility that I might be carrying a concealed handgun. Just a thought.

Something more close to home is worth mentioning as well. A Russian acquaintance of mine had a guy hear her accent and came up to her and ask her if she was Russian. When she replied yes, he pulls up his sleeve to show an Azov Battalion tattoo trying to intimidate her. Real cool bro, you got a tattoo; what a badass! So this begs the question that if you’re really that passionate about it why are you in the USA trying to scare random women instead of actually being over there getting shot at? They’re taking volunteers you know.

While in general I’ve noticed that the hatred towards Russian people tends to run partisan lines and seems to be the current stance of the left, some on the right have jumped on the bandwagon. Those demanding that we as a nation need to get involved in this war never seem to want to fight themselves. Every single time when I ask them to put their money where their mouth is and tell them where to go sign up to fight, they only respond with something like “fuck you.” Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I’ve been in a war that had nothing to do with America (Iraq) and I have no desire to be in another one. But if you’re calling for us to get involved, start with yourself. If you want an escalation in violence, you better be ready to lace up your combat boots and head towards the front line.

I doubt that anyone will even read this, and if they do certainly I will be called a “Russian troll” or something equally as stupid for not accepting the media’s narrative as presented without question and jumping on the “I hate Russian people” train. If I could snap my fingers and make this all go away, I would. But that’s not how things work, and I know it.

I have a lot of respect Russians and Ukrainians. I’ve spent a good portion of my life over in that section of the world.

Hate the war. Hate the situation. Hate the politicians behind it. All that I understand. But hating millions of people for being born in a certain section of the world is idiotic. And if you’re going to “support” something, actually support it with your blood or money. Anything besides that is just posturing for the internet, and no one is impressed by that. And let's face it, 99.9% of you have never been to either country. Stop pretending you're so emotionally invested. Your facade isn't working anyway, as your lack of action speaks for itself.

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