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How Badly We Need to Snap Out From the Spell of the Big Pharma's Vaccine Selling Fearmongering Strategy

Val is not a medical scientist, but a free thinker capable of telling apart true science from a politically tailored one.


( A note: You can skip this video below if you wish, and get right to the text of the article -- but if you choose to see it first, it may give you a valuable insight into the real power of the Big Pharma, which is quite relevant to everything written here.

It is also to offer some credibility to the article, so that it is not perceived as merely "another conspiracy theory with much misinformation badmouthing the godsend of the vaccines and their makers".

Also, you may want to see another eye-opening video at the end of the article, with its fascinating message about how our dominant emotions affect our health, with stress ruining it.)

Science and politics benefit from the perception that science is objective and separate.

-- Unknown

Are We Really So Gullible?

With allegedly more and more fully vaccinated people ending up in hospitals, we might as well start asking ourselves few questions that we could have asked ourselves more than a year ago.

The first one should be obvious. Namely, do vaccines work at all, or is it merely a case of an achieved collective placebo effect with a heavy suggestion by authorities that those recipients of vaccines are "safe now"?

Next -- what if one of the long term side effects of vaccines is that it is actually messing up our natural immunity by being calibrated as "specific" to protect us from a couple of variants -- making our immunity blind to recognize any different ones?

Next -- since this virus and its apparently inexhaustive number of variants are staying with us, just like the flu bug -- for how long are we supposed to keep taking these "booster shots"? Indefinitely, looks like being the answer.

So what's the real deal with these vaccines and boosters if you can end up in hospital's intensive care unit with a full blast of symptoms after being fully vaccinated? Are we really such programmable sheepheads not to see how we just keep feeding the fat goose Big Pharma without any guarantee for a true protection, and without their liability in case of a harm done with their vaccines.

Indeed, folks, why haven't they come up with a cheaper pill to be administered to those seriously infected, while letting all others live a normal life?

Because, we know that such pill or a combination of pills exist -- since Donald Trump received one in his speedy recovery. Why all these lies? Ever heard of any leader dying of covid-19?

And not that we should be done with this line of questions, but there is this huge one that we simply can't and shouldn't ignore:

Why some countries could drop all restrictions, including masks, while ours are still being enforced? Are those to be seen as some "other species" than we are? And are their medical scientists some "ignorants not caring about the welfare of their people"?

Indeed, how should we understand this crazy discrepancy in medical science, with one "theory" being that people should just live with the virus -- because fear is merely doing a number on their immunity; and the other "theory" being that "people should keep getting boosters, wear masks, and stay away from airports if not fully vaccinated".


As they say in Scotland, "Who pays the Piper, calls the tune."

-- Unknown

Should We Believe a Version of Science Only Because It's Scaring Us?

Furthermore, how should we "follow the science", if some of the prominent world's virologists were against vaccination, along with a massive number of hospital doctors and nurses refusing to get vaccinated at a cost of losing their jobs?

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What science are they professing, which is so strong and convincing to them that they -- who are daily exposed to people infected by this virus -- don't want to "protect" themselves with a vaccine?

I don't know about you, but to me these are some very legit questions, and I don't really see myself as "spreading some misinformation and conspiracy theorizing" in this article.

And are all those just a bunch of conspiracy theorists who are contending that medical science has been dogmatized, corrupted and politicized for the benefits of the extremely influential giant -- the Big Pharma. The one that seems to be calling all shots these days with what goes and what doesn't go on this planet.

The World Health Organization, influenced by the Big Pharma, has been wrong many times before. Medical institutions are heavily financed by the Big Pharma. Medical schools are getting directives from the Big Pharma what goes and doesn't go in their curriculum. The FDA has been approving many drugs which later on had to be taken off the shelves for their damaging, or even lethal effect. And statistics is still there of over 350,000 yearly deaths being caused by medical screwups in the US alone.

Yes, doctors are saving a life every second, but those are emergency cases, not longer term therapeutic procedures that would rely on a good science.

Who am I to say that?

Well, it's not any secret that the medical practice is mainly treating the symptoms, not causes.

With an admitted over 90% of all diseases and conditions being caused by stress, why hasn't it become number one concern of medicine to invent treatments -- possibly including something like brain frequency generators -- which would target stress levels in patients?

Namely, with a frequency entrainment brain could develop new neural pathways which would operate on lower, alpha brain waves. The science of neuroplasticity is clearly telling us that we can reprogram our brains for a good stress management, by changing our predominant knee-jerk responses into something more life-promoting.

So, why is it in the current medical practice to give you stomach acid suppressants for an ulcer, if you have become oversensitive to your mother-in-law's meddling in your household matters, now having somatized that bitterness into a physical ailment?

Don't take all other possible cases for as "comical" as the above one, because people are developing cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, auto-immune diseases, and a plethora of other serious crap befalling them from chronic stresses at home, or at work, or due to their super sensitive nature to start with.

Could we just say that there is no money in treating stress?

Ironically, billions of dollars later, vaccines may show their impotence and give a chance to natural immunity to repair the damage they caused with their fearmongering selling strategies.


Science is pure, right? But the more you get into the complex, value-laden problems of politics, the less it's true.

-- Unknown

Adrenaline -- the Unsuspected Cause of Massive Infections

As we are talking about stress being so detrimental to our health -- why not say that main aspect of it -- that our immune system goes weak with it, which then can give us anything from a hay fever to a cancer.

A weakened immunity should stay in our focus here, which simply forces me to repeat some points from some of my previous articles on the same topic.

Namely, let's talk about adrenalin, our stress hormone and how it negatively affects our immunity.

I don't think there is a better way of doing it but by mentioning the organ transplants procedures, where patients are given extra dose of adrenaline, in order to suppress immune system which would otherwise reject the implanted organ as a
"foreign item in the body".

Stress hormone adrenaline suppressing the immunity?!

That same hormone which has been marinating our bodies for the last two years with constant fearmongering by daily reports of all those infected and dead at home and around the world, and by all restrictions enforced, plus financial uncertainties for so many of us.

On the flip side, allow me to give you an extreme example -- one that you will never have to relate to -- but which will illustrate what a strong optimism and faith in good outcome does for human immunity.

Somewhere in the US there is this branch of Christians practicing their rituals by handling poisonous snakes. Every so often someone gets bitten -- but never ends up in hospital or dies. On top of that, their priest drinks strychnine, a known deadly substance, and doesn't die.

Their mind, with a strong faith, converts the chemical structure of snake's venom and strychnine into something non-lethal, since it's a known fact that nervous and immune system work in a tandem, co-dependent on each other.

Could we see the undeniable connection between a prolonged fear and immunity?

Jobs and businesses lost, children and students deprived of education, plus financial uncertainties for so many people -- all created a massive paranoia and stress -- which calls for one big question:

Since doctors knew all that so much better than I ever could -- namely, what stress does to the immunity -- why did they, and politicians, and the media as their instrument of propaganda, keep doing it to us for over two years?

Again, couldn't they treat the situation the similar way as the yearly flu is treated, with rest, plenty of liquids, plus helping the affected ones with some pills, while letting the rest of the world live a normal life?

Let's consider another important thing:

Sooner or later, the world will have to complete that full circle by finally coming to the point where everything started -- facing a virus and living with it, and admitting that all lockdowns, mandated vaccines, social distancing and masks cannot surpass a good care of our natural immunity. But this time around without a fearmongering to globally mess it up.

I have said it elsewhere already, but think about it for a moment -- had the yearly flu ever been as morbidly and persistently publicized as this virus has been, wouldn't we have heard of the same massive deaths from it?

Like that holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD said long ago: "People are dying more of fear of the infection than from the infection itself as a direct cause." Meaning that their, possibly already lower immunity, got further lowered by fearmongering -- at which point even a relatively weak virus could have been fatal to them.

The old folks particularly were at risk, because of their already low immunity due to a lost zest for life, possible loneliness, and a diagnosis or two already working against them.

But of course, the good doctor got promptly silenced, along with a number of renowned virologists who "dared" to oppose the mainstream protective measures, and either gave a different character to this virus, or claimed about vaccines to be potentially harmful, with the tests used "not meant for infectious diseases at all".

If the authorities had known all along about the effects of stress on our immunity -- why did they insist on making the whole world go nuts in a constant fear?

Shouldn't we see it as just priming the world for a gigantic sale of a product -- like vaccines and boosters -- by the old advertising formula of creating a need to create a demand?

For an Epilog

My wife and I are both 77 years young, and we had covid over the last Christmas holiday. Symptoms were similar to the ones of a flu, minus fever -- just some light coughing during the day, without any overnight, a partial loss of taste and smell, some aches in muscles with getting tired fast. After treating it the usual way by drinking a lot of liquids, having a good rest, plus vitamins D-3, C, K-2 and zinc -- it was gone in about two weeks.

In my own modest assessment, we were spared of any heavy symptoms with our not caring attitude over the whole duration of this pandemic.

We are not scared of covid or any other bug, believing that any pathogen is only as strong as weak is our immunity -- which we keep strong by this good stress management. And, by the way, we haven't been vaccinated at all, and are not planning to do it either.

Yes, many people have died. But "how many" -- that's another story. Every year, about 57 million people die worldwide. That's how many died in 2017, when there was no pandemic, and that could be the approximate number of yearly mortality in the world.

So how many of those who would have died anyway, even without a pandemic going on -- have been labeled as "covid-19 victims?

Well, I have never been a conspiracy theorist, and won't start it now. This post has been loaded with questions -- rather than statements -- albeit many of them were implying a logical answer. Some legit questions that anyone of a non-corrupted, non-brainwashed mind could ask.

So, where are we today after all these lockdowns, masks, and the rest, if the number of those fully vaccinated in hospitals is increasing?

And, finally, what is really the logic in allowing people to go to restaurants and busy shopping malls without a proof of a vaccination -- but demanding those proofs at the airports? Also, again, what "science" is still enforcing restrictions in some countries, while not in others?

But, well, this is not a unique case of authorities -- whether medical or political to not make any sense -- except the one appearing evident when we just follow the money.

Please, watch this video to see what positive emotions do to immunity, and how stress weakens it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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