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Sir Lindsay Hoyle: Continues With His Surgery.

Speaker of The House: Sir Lindsay Hoyle.


Carry on Regardless.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, is a no-nonsense Northern MP. Mr. Hoyle has been Speaker in the House of Commons, since controversial, Speaker of the House John Bercow stepped down. Bercow seemed to relish being the Speaker of the House and went from being right to the left-wing. Bercow's wife was a member of the Labour party, while he was a Tory. By the time he had stepped down in favour of Hoyle, Bercow, had become a Labour politician.

Sir Lindsay himself, is a Labour politician. The job of the Speaker is to bring order to the often, tempestuous House of Commons. Hoyle's style will be different to his predecessor John Bercow, and that is only to be expected, as with any role.

In the wake of the awful assassination of Sir David Amess, Sir Lindsay Hoyle went ahead with his surgery. Sir Lindsay said that "nothing will stop democracy", not even terrorism. Such a call was echoed by party leaders and all MPs, across, the political spectrum.

MPs when they hold surgeries to hear their constituents, know the risks. However, it is probable that Sir David Amess did not expect to die at the local Methodist church in Leigh-on-Sea. No doubt, Jo Cox when she was out campaigning, also probably did not expect to die in 2016. Or, any of the other MPs who have paid the ultimate price, since the year 2000.

The assassin of Sir David Amess has been identified as a 25 Briton of Somali origin. Sir David Amess, was holding his surgery when the assassin, stabbed him. Police and medical staff could not save his life and Sir David, sadly, passed away.

Home Secretary Priti Patel, has ordered all police forces in the UK, to review security. Also, Sir Lindsay said the security arrangements in parliament will be looked into and stepped up.

The Met Police have designated the assassination of the Tory MP as an Islamic extremist attack. This comes on the back of an Islamic extremist attack on the public in Norway. This time, it was a Native Norwegian, a convert to Islam, using a bow and arrow killing and injuring passersby. As with all these attacks, are they, lone wolf attacks inspired by IS or AQ or planned attacks in cooperation with the aforementioned groups. It is possible, also, with the success of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the humiliating departure of Western forces, this has inspired Islamic militants.

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Sir David Amess, was a Conservative MP, that said regardless of politics, no one should die like that. Sir David leaves a wife and 5 children and had represented his constituency for 39 years. The 69 years was a social Conservative, a Eurosceptic, and a devout Christian activist. Sir David was an ardent animal rights campaigner and campaigned for a disease brought to his attention, by a constituent, (who happened to be a suffer). Sir David, it is said, had time for everyone and always, according to his Vicar, always had a beaming smile.

MPs these days and in the past, have come in, for a lot of stick. Whether it be the pay rises they can award themselves, their expense claims, sleaze, etc. The media demonizes MPs of all parties, as does the media. This no doubt, makes them targets, for extremists of one sort or another who vehemently disagree with their stances on various issues. No doubt, there are bad MPs, as with all walks of life but there are also good MPs, who work hard for their constituents. Governments can seem very uncaring and out of touch with their constituents. This Tory government, which has been in power for 11 years, are seemingly out of touch with ordinary folk. For example, the ending of £20.00 uplift to Universal Credit, will have a devastating impact on those on the receiving end of this. People like Boris, Wishy-Washy Rishi, etc, will seem cruel and uncaring to ordinary folk. In their world, £20.00 is a drop in the ocean and perhaps, not even, that.

Whatever you think of MPs, regardless of politics, should not be assassinated in the way Sir David Amess died, (nor should anyone, come to that). That said, there are angry people out there, for different reasons. Those in power, to people like that, will be fair game and that is how it is.

The assassination of Sir David Amess, Jo Cox, etc, is nothing new. Political assassinations have always occurred in history whether it be Julius Caesar, John F Kennedy, Gandhi, the IRA bombing of the Tory hotel in Brighton, etc. Those in power or those that represent a cause will always have their supporters and haters. This comes with the territory of being in the limelight of being in power or representing a cause.

Finally, are people like Sir Lindsay Hoyle, foolhardy or foolish in conducting their surgeries? Yes, in the light of what happened to Sir David Amess, it could be argued thus. However, if those in power or representing a cause, hid away and avoided being in the public arena, then their haters have won. Life for such people, even knowing the risks they face has to go on and its as simple, as that.

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