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Sir Keir Will Outline Cost of Living Plan on Monday.

Sir Keir Starmer.


Sir Keir Starmer will announce on Monday how Labour would tackle the cost of living crisis. The cost of living crisis is not only about rising energy bills it encompasses a whole range of issues.

Sir Keir along with Boris has been criticised for doing or saying nothing about this. Boris along with the acting chancellor Nadim Zahawi met with the bosses of energy companies. However, when the meeting broke up no concrete plans were made to help customers. Boris said he is leaving it to his successor to bring help to cash-strapped energy consumers. Boris said he recognised that people were terrified of whats coming down the track in October and January. However, Mr. Johnson said further help is coming and should be enacted by the next Prime Minister. Boris has been attacked by many for not bringing in more measures to help billpayers. Zahawi and Johnson said they have left the new Prime Minister with options to help going forward.

We will know who the new Prime Minister will be by 5/6 September. The new Prime Minister will have to have a new cabinet assembled and plans to tackle the cost of living straight away.

Bills are expected to rise to £3,500 in October and roughly £4,200 in January. Many have applauded former Prime Minister Gordon Brown for saying these matters cannot be left to fester. Fester until either Truss or Sunak becomes the next inhabitant of 10 Downing Street. With this Gordon Brown has in many people's words "Played a blinder". Sunak has said the most vulnerable must be helped with targeted financial help for the most vulnerable. Whereas Truss has spoken about no "handouts" and she would lower taxes instead. Of the two Sunak seems the most sound, compassionate, and understanding. Whereas Truss seems uncompassionate and only seems to be working with and for the energy companies. The proof of what either does will be in the pudding and right now it seems Truss will be crossing the threshold of 10 Downing Street.

Sir Keir in his announcements has spoken up for billpayers on pre-payment meters. Pre-payment bill payers are often the poorest and Sir Keir has come down on their side. It looks like pre-payment billpayers will be the hardest hit in October and January. Hence Sir Keir said they should be brought in line and equalised with direct debit bill payers.

Bill payers will be receiving £400 in October this will last until March 2023. This amount will be held in billpayers' accounts by their energy companies. Whatever your bill £66 rising to £67 will be taken off whatever your energy bill is. As to whether this will be adequate for many remains to be seen. It is obvious the new government will have to bring more financial help to consumers. If the help is not forthcoming or enough then many of us will struggle. On top of that fuel prices, shopping items, etc, are all rising and it is an apocalyptic situation. A group has been set up to oppose the fact of such large bills being added to consumers' accounts. This group said they will refuse to pay their bills while bills remain high. Many are hoping in this group it will reach a million people and they are challenging the energy companies to cut them off. Others will speak to their energy companies and work with them and perhaps this is surely the best way to go.

The fact that energy company bosses get huge pay awards and make massive profits while consumers struggle is immoral. Some of this profit should be shared out to help with high energy bills.

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Sir Keir has rounded on Boris Johnson calling him a "lame duck" Prime Minister. Unable or unwilling (unwilling more likely) to do anything for worried billpayers. As for Truss and Sunak Sir Keir commented that they had spent more time slagging off their time in government than speaking about the real issues.

Sir Keir can make all the plans he likes. Unfortunately, for now, he is not in power and can only look on from the sidelines.

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