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Sir Keir: Cleared of Lockdown Beer and Takeaway.

Sir Keir Starmer Cleared of Breaking Lockdown While Boris is Still Under Investigation.


Sir Keir Starmer, has been cleared by Durham Police, of having broken lockdown rules. In the wake of Boris and his alleged Downing Street parties, a picture emerged of Sir Keir, enjoying a beer and eating takeaway with his staff.

Boris and his cronies seized on this, as Sir Keir was hypocritical when accusing the Prime Minister, of breaking lockdown with parties. However, it now transpires that Durham Police, having looked into Sir Keir's little gathering have now dismissed it as not breaking lockdown rules. Sir Keir himself described his so-called 'lockdown beer' as a "million miles away" from having parties at Downing Street.

Speaking to LBC radio, Sir Keir said, "we were working, a takeaway turned up and we stopped to eat it. We didn't break any rules, we did nothing wrong".

Sir Keir, when it was put to him, that he too, may have broken lockdown rules, refused to apologise for a drink of beer and a takeaway. Sir Keir said "the Tories want to drag everyone in the gutter with them" addressing the issue of Boris' parties as compared to what he did.

With Durham police finding no fault in Sir Keir's gathering, the heat remains on Boris. The Met Police, are still investigating what may or may not have happened with regard to Downing Street parties.

Hence Sir Keir has called on Boris to resign twice, because, in his opinion, Boris has lost any authority or credibility. Not only is the Met Police on Boris' case, but the recent Sue Gray report has in the opinion of many, wrecked Boris' Prime Ministership. The report suggested that leadership was lacking in the fact that parties were allowed to take place in Whitehall and 10 Downing Street.

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Many of Boris' MPs have sent in letters, saying they no longer, have faith in him. To trigger a leadership contest, 54 letters need to be submitted and so far, we are not there yet, but we could be. At the weekend, 5 of Boris' aids quit over alleged parties and what Boris said about Sir Keir in not prosecuting Jimmy Savile, (Sir Keir when Head of the Department for Public Prosecutions had no control over this).

Over the weekend, Boris has been fighting to save his job, by installing MP Steve Barclay and journalist Guto Hari to replace those that have left. Boris has also been telephoning his MPs, to seek their support.

If Boris does have to face a leadership contest, he has said he will stand and fight. Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, and so far, Tom Tugendhat, have made no secret of their wish to replace embattled Boris. If they have not come out and said so, their actions speak volumes. Of course, there may be others in the cabinet who harbour ambitions to replace him, but they may be waiting to see, which way, the wind is blowing.

Liz truss has declared she supports Boris, but what her motivations are, can only be known by her and her supporters, perhaps. Whereas Mr. Sunak, while not saying directly, would like to replace Boris, his actions of distancing himself from some of Boris' actions speak volumes. Some have suggested that Boris should reshuffle his cabinet and in the process, sack Wishy Washy Rishi, for disloyalty.

What will happen over the coming days, weeks, and months, remain to be seen. Events change from week to week and any speculation in such things is probably folly.

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