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Sir Keir Attends Anti-Gay Church.

Sir Keir Starmer.


Sir Keir Starmer on 'Good Friday', visited a church in north London known as the 'Jesus House'. Mr Starmer was seen speaking to the church members and touring a food bank. Mr Starmer said, how vital the work was with the church, the foodbank and NHS professionals, in combatting COVID.

However, some in Labour, especially a group, known as 'Labour LGBT +', didn't think much of Sir Keir visiting this church. The church's Pastor, Agu Iruku, was part of a group in 2006, that made their opposition to gay marriage and homosexuality known.

Obviously, the group 'Labour LGBT +' are a pro-group within Labour, who do what it says on the tin (no need to explain). It seems the group did not acknowledge the good work that the church and foodbank are doing within the community. They only saw the issues against them and didn't see the bigger picture, as highlighted by Sir Keir.

Sir Keir's office immediately put out a statement reservedly apologising for the visit, with the words, "apology", in the statement.

Of course, as with everything these days, if you say or do say something that certain groups are offended by, you have to make an apology or even resign.

Look at the case of Piers Morgan, (someone like you either love or hate), who resigned from his job on breakfast television. Just because he had an opinion on Meghan Markle and probably because she is mixed race.

All this followed, in the wake of the Oprah interview, clearly staged. Piers probably knew, that once he voiced his opposition to Markle, it was best he be off before he was sacked. This has happened on multiple occasions on voicing opinions on something today's society considers, controversial.

When BLM was all the rage last year, Sir Keir Starmer took the knee in support of the group. If he had not, he would have been condemned just as others have been. It's not the fact that people who oppose BLM are racist, it's just that, they may not necessarily agree with the more extreme end of the movement.

In the Premiership, we have seen players taking the knee and in the beginning, also doing, the black power salute. It is always said, politics and other issues should be kept out of sport, yet BLM is allowed. And yet wearing a poppy, is forbidden?

It is understandable, why, LGBT groups would oppose visits to churches that oppose their community. However, for many Christians and other faiths too, homosexuality is not compatible with their beliefs.

Some may say, these religious groups are not in step with the times they live in. However, when the Bible or the Quran, specifically condemn homosexuality and related issues, this is something believers cannot compromise on.

If the rights of the LGBT community are allowed and respected in society then so should the beliefs of people of faith. As long as there no threats of physical violence between groups and communities, then this should be the acceptable balance.

For many Christians, whether people like it or not, homosexuality is a sin. That does not mean, however, Christians, in the main are bad. Jesus taught tolerance and love, therefore, the ethos is, "love the sinner but hate the sin". Being a political, religious or any other kind of leader in the limelight of today, is walking a tightrope.

You are scrutinised 24 hours, 7 days a week and so whether you agree or not, you will be held to account for whatever you say or do.

Freedom of speech, as we once understood it, is gone, what we have left is dying, being strangled to death by political correctness.

Pope John Paul wrote a book about the issues of what political correctness would lead to. This Polish Pope lived through the evils of Nazism and Communism, so he knew what it was to live, under evil ideologies.

Obviously, the Catholic Church and other churches are not free from man-made evils, but what we are talking about here, is worldly evils. The Pope wrote a book and in that book, he compared the dangers of politically correct ideology to Nazism and Communism. And indeed, the PC culture we live in is becoming more dictatorial, akin to authoritarian regimes.

Many think laws brought in to protect certain groups, are there for the good, and in some ways they are. However, these so-called protective laws are being used to silence diverse opinion. Used as a rod to beat down alternative thoughts or narratives. Where society has become afraid of saying or doing something, lest we offend someone or fall foul, of the law. So-called equality today makes an ass of the true word of the meaning, of equality.

It has become a society where certain groups and ideas are tolerated and others not. This is an intolerable situation and sadly, as the world is now, it will only get worse.


Readmikenow on April 05, 2021:

Excellent article. If some group wants acceptance and tolerance, they should in return be accepting and tolerant. If not, they are hypocrites. I enjoyed reading it.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on April 05, 2021:

At the risk of being pilloried, I will say he did a good thing.

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