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Sir Keir: Attacks Boris.


One remembers, how India, was on Boris's green light and he allowed 20,000 Indians into the UK. Many knew at the time of course, that India, should have been in the red light of the government's traffic light system. Why? India has been struck by the Indian variant, (what else?), or the Delta variant, (as it is, now called). Thousands have succumbed to this dangerous and deadly variant. So on this, was Boris, playing 'Mr. Catchup', (as Sir Keir calls him), in finally red lighting India? Again, Boris has acted to close the stable door, when, the horse has bolted.

Consequently, the UK is facing the growing danger of the Delta variant. This truly is, a race between the vaccine and the variant. To get jabs into arms, up and down the country, before the Delta variant ramps up deaths and infections. The lifting of the final stage of lockdown, will now, not take place. The Delta variant, for now, has dealt a blow to Boris' 'Roadmap to Freedom', (so-called).

If you think about it, logically, the UK is already out of lockdown, bars, cafes, eateries, etc, are open and hopefully, flourishing. It is just the lifting of mask-wearing, social distancing, etc, is yet to be fully, done and dusted.

As you may have seen, Boris hosted the G7 nations in Cornwall. President Biden, President Macron, Chancellor Merkle, et al, all attended. Obviously, the pandemic will have been discussed and promises made, to alleviate the suffering both abroad and in the leader's home nations. Of course, as St James said in 'The New Testament', words are fine, but it is action or deeds, that is needed. Of course, to some, charity is a controverisal issue. That's not to say, do not give to charity, whether you be an individual or a nation. However, the reason why many in the UK, at least, welcome the cut in overseas aid, is because many are cynical because, does the actual aid get or financial help, get to where it's needed?

For example, the UK gives aid to India, to help the poorest in that society. Yet, it was alleged some time ago, that some of the money went to help, India's space programme, so they can could launch a probe, to circle Mars. Also, the 0.7 cut in aid, (which will have a knock-on affect on some of the poorest in the world) is welcomed by some in the UK, as money has been put aside, to cope with the pandemic.

In PMQs yesterday, Sir Keir accused Boris that not sending doses of vaccines, to the poorest, will have a "Boomerang" affect. In other words, it'll come back and and bite us, on the proverbial arse. Obviously, with many nations being on the red list, hopefully, this will not happen. However, COVID variants do not stand still and are evolving all the time. Who is to say, that a nation on the green or amber spectrum, will not develop a new variant and such people entering our country, will bring it with them, (despite all the safeguards, the government has put in place).

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Johnson responded that Sir Keir was a "defeatist" and said, the UK, is set to deliver jabs around the world. Sir Keir, switched his attack to the G7 summit. Accusing Boris of being a wonderful "host" to the world leaders, but that was, about it. Sir Keir, said Boris acted like a "tour guide" rather than a "statesman". Sir Keir continued his attack saying that the G7 proved, beyond all doubt, that Boris had "little ambition" for the UK.

Of course, Northern Ireland, was brought up by Sir Keir. Joe Biden and EU leaders present at the G7, have worries about the 'Good Friday Agreement' and how, the deal worked out between the UK-EU, will affect it and perhaps, rightly so.


hira from faisalabad on June 17, 2021:

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