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Sir Keir: Addressing the Trade Union Conference.

Labour Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.


Sir Keir Starmer, wants to woo union leaders, to support him. When he addresses the TUC conference or Trades Union Conference, he will outline his strategy, to do just that.

Sir Keir Starmer, will outline a new plan, for worker's rights. Calling it, a 'new deal' for workers, Sir Keir, will explain how this 'new deal' will work. Sir Keir will say this 'new deal' will guarantee full rights and protection, for workers.

Left-wing union leaders, led by the now-retired Len McCluskey, want more radical policies from Labour. Sir Keir intends to address this by saying, he will not ditch all of Jeremy Corbyn's policies. Of course, Sir Keir knows the Tories will hammer him over this, but he is prepared to do that.

Sir Keir will say that workers, will be "paid properly" and will not be taxed "unfairly". There will be under Labour:

A minimum wage of £10.00 per hour.

Rights for all workers from day one, when they start a job.

There will a right to work flexibly and will be able, to request things, that fit around family life.

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A ban on fire and rehire.

An end to zero-hours contracts.

Sir Keir will attack the hike on the lowest paid to pay for the NHS and care. Sir Keir attacked the government over this, at Prime Minister's Question Time. The issue of taking £20.00 from those dependent on UC or Universal Credit has caused controversy. Sir Keir, has also attacked the government over this. Sir mentioned this at Prime Minister's Questions and will do so, at the TUC conference.

The £20.00 was only meant to be temporary as was the furlough scheme. Both are due to be axed, at the end, of the month. Many feel the furlough scheme should not end, in case, there are further lockdowns, (although, Boris says there will be no more lockdowns) and if people have to isolate, (although again, those that are double jabbed, according to the government do not need to isolate). The £20.00 has saved many from poverty and the fact it will discontinue, at the end of the month, will be a cliff-edge moment. Why a cliff-edge moment? Obviously, because the loss of the £20.00 top-up, to UC will cast many over the cliff into the poverty, that they, had formally avoided. The Labour party, charities, faith groups, etc, have said and urged, the government, to extend the £20.00.

Obviously, the NHS, for example, does need more funding and more provision. Especially, with winter around the corner and the COVID threat, not gone away. However, Sajid Javid has just thrown £5 billion at it, when those working for the NHS have said, £10 billion would be more like it. One has to ask the question, where will this £5 billion go? What will it be spent on? Will it go to where, it is needed, or will it disappear, down some portal somewhere, never to be seen again?

Of course, also, the care sector needs funding, too. But why as usual, does this hike to pay for it, fall on the least wealthy? Surely, as suggested by Labour, it would be better, for it to fall on the more wealthy, amongst us? But no, the Tories are resorting to type, they will not tax their middle class and rich mates, because they traditionally have been the bedrock, of Tory support. Instead, they are making the poorest pay, perhaps those who voted Tory during the 2019 general election, will realize, how they have been betrayed. Many Tories will vote with Labour because, like Labour, they see the injustice of this.

Labour has been boosted by this, in some polls, because of this hike to make the poorest pay for care, maybe the death knell for Boris' administration, (as the poll tax proved for previous Tory administrations).

In Scotland, the SNP, as much I do not agree with Sturgeon, have it right. They have said a national care service will be created. Presumably, free at the point of entry, just like when the NHS was created back in 1945 by the Labour party. England will not, unfortunately, be going along this path and more is, the pity.

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