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Sir David Attenborough: To Address G7.

Sir David Attenborough.


Veteran environmentalist, Sir David Attenborough will today, address the G7. The G7 meeting is coming from Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Sir David, will mention the commitment and promises, the worlds leading democracies will make to addressing environmental issues.

Sir David has said that this G7 meeting, is important for the future of our planet. The decisions, made at this year's G7 "will be the most important in human history, Sir David has stated. Sir David, will urge, all the assembled G7 nation's leaders to tackle environmental issues now.

Sir David will point blank say that humans are on the "verge, of destabilizing" the planet. What impact Sir David's speech will have on the assembled leaders, remains to be seen.

The G7 leaders are expected to include, a pledge, to halve emissions by 2030. This will include promises, to end all support, for fossil fuels and phase out petrol and diesel cars.

G7 nations have committed, to increase, financial contributions, to $100 billion or £70 billion. This will be a year to help developing countries, to deal, with the impact of climate change and support sustainable growth.

Sir David said, "The natural world is greatly diminished. That is undeniable". Sir David continued that: "Our climate is warming fast. That is beyond doubt. Our societies and nations, are, unequal to the task".

The G7, meanwhile, is set to endorse an agreement limiting, halting, and reversing the loss of species, biodiversity, and destruction of habitats. For his part, Boris has said protecting the planet, is the most important thing we as leaders, can do for our people. Words, from world leaders, are fine, we can all make such comments, what really matters is real and tangible action.

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Environmental protests have occurred around the G7 venue. Making the point that while these leaders, enjoyed their little barbeque on the beach, the world is going to hell in a handcart.

During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, nature has had a chance to recover. Without humans, other species have had the chance to just be, the atmosphere has had the chance to be cleaner again. The problem with humans is up until recent times, we have looked at our planet, as the gift that keeps giving. Rampant consumerism and the cost it causes to other species and their habitats, has led us to this low ebb.

Somehow, someway, with 9 billion humans on the planet and counting, we must somehow, someway, make a society, which is sustainable and liveable for humans. Also, to share our world with other species, so that they too, can prosper and survive on our beautiful blue planet.

Sir David is in many ways, though not exactly a believer in God, is like an Old Testament Prophet. The Old Testament prophets warned the people back then of disasters yet to come and did people back listen back then? No, is the answer to that if you care to read the scriptures. So it is today, people like, Sir David Attenborough is warning us today of impending doom if we do not reverse the destructive activities on this planet. The reaction of the planet to our activities is apparent, the writing is on the wall. We have two choices, we can carry on in the same old destructive way or take a different route. A different route, that will be beneficial, not only for us but all other creatures, on this planet.

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