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Reasons To Vote for Ron DeSantis

JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. A former Campaign Manager in a Senate Race.

Ron DeSantis Resigned From Congress to Run for Florida Governor


#10- It is All About Florida and Floridians. The Best Man for the Job

It amazes me when I hear the mass enthusiasm for Republican Candidate Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor. As a Mom, I struggle to find the energy to get the laundry and house cleaning done. So why are people so excited about Ron DeSantis and why would I get out of bed to vote for him?

He is a Floridian who attended Yale and graduated at the top of his class. He attended and graduated from Harvard Law School. He served as a Judge Advocate General's Core in the War on Terror, is a veteran of a former war, a former US Congressman who sat on the US House subcommittee on National Security.

This is a candidate who understands the federal system extraordinarily well and places a high value on education as he has attended not one but two IVY League Schools. He continued his career serving in the US Navy Judge Advocate's General Core, and is a war veteran. If life were fair he would win the election based on veteran's preference but Ron DeSantis never makes statements like this but runs a clean dignified campaign.

Fundamentally, the question is, "Do you want an Ivy League graduate running the state of Florida or a college drop out?" Ron may not ask that question but I will. If we all became color blind tomorrow which candidate clearly has the experience, and education to be Florida's next Governor? If we all are honest the answer is Ron DeSantis.

Congress is in session about two months a year and the job pays well. Ron DeSantis was an incumbent and would have won his seat for another term, yet he stepped down, and decided to run for the grueling, twenty-four hours, seven days a week job of Florida Governor. The pay is the same as his US Congress seat with a whole lot more responsibilities and much longer hours.

Money from a Drug Raid in Florida


An Intercepted Drug Shipment/Trafficing Into Florida 2017


Ron DeSantis on National Security

Governor DeSantis Century for Florida


#9 Who has the Expertise and Capability to Provide National Security in Florida?

Mom's, no excuses, vote for your child's safety. Refreshingly, Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis, is the only candidate willing to frame the mass invasion of immigrants without a legal status in Florida as a national security threat. This is not specific to Latins. His running mate Jeanette Nunez is Cuban-American. We have people from every walk of life who do not have a legal immigration status in Florida The fact that Florida has had an explosion in drug related murders has further demonstrated there is a bureaucratic loop hole with undocumented illegal/immigrants appreciate. Illegals, if you will, are almost impossible to track in Florida. They have multiple aliases. If arrested, for drug related murders, they do not serve a lifetime in jail but are deported to their country of origin and just run back into Florida.

Floridians know the drugs are not grown in Florida. So there is the real question of who is transporting these drugs into Florida. Who is collecting the massive amounts of cash hoarded by dealers? In most instances the drugs are deported from third world countries and imported into Florida. This is at the expense of Florida's addicts who often end up being taken care of by the taxpayers, if they do not overdoes. Many do. The drugs I am referring to is not pot. I am explicitly referring to drugs that are cut with substances that often result in one time use or lethal doses.

DeSantis also wants legal immigration so that immigrants can truly be given a shot at the American Dream through legal channels. Ron is a Yale graduate, graduated from Harvard Law School, and is a Naval Officer. I believe he is still in the reserves. He is not a short cuts kind of guy.

What is worth doing is worth doing well.

As for Moms, why does this matter? You don't want your child to be exposed to drug pushers or drug related violent crime. I know you are thinking it will not be you. For the record, I know a lot of parents who have buried their children believing it would never be them only to find out it was.

First, DeSantis embraces Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the safety of Florida's children and Floridians and for the safety of those immigrants who might be exploited because they do not have a legal standing in Florida. This illegal status limits their access to the judicial system and subsequently, justice.

Second, Ron DeSantis as a Naval Officer will embrace DEA in Florida. This is desperately over due. He has also stated he would like to use drug funds to finance other operations through out the state for Floridians. That is turning a frown upside down for all Moms.

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Finally, Ron DeSantis has an exceptional relationship with the Armed Services including Coast Guard who intercepts drug shipments into Florida.

Ron DeSantis is the only candidate that is capable of the coordination of shutting massive illegal drug operations down that in all probability are funding terrorism abroad. Florida only has had this terrible drug issue since the War on Terror. It is no longer just Miami but all of Florida. It is in our schools, on our streets and in corners we think are extraordinarily safe. This is not a racial or socio-economic problem. Drugs are everywhere in every race, religion, and socio-economic status.

As a sitting US Congressman, Ron DeSantis, sat on the sub-committee for National Security so he is well informed.

Ron DeSantis is the only candidate capable of keeping our children safe from drugs and drugs related violent crimes.

Ron DeSantis Esquire


#8- Perserving Your Rights. We Need a Constitutionalists to Balance National Security and Constitutional Rights

Governor DeSantis is Qualified to Balance National Security and Constitutional Rights

Ron DeSantis as a lawyer and a veteran of the war on terror is most apt to be able to dismiss this dichotomous argument national security or constitutional rights of citizens. This is a terrible misnomer perpetrated on citizens of the United States that in order for them to be safe they can no longer enjoy their constitutional rights. Sadly, this notion is perpetrated in every segment of society. We have seen this with claims of law enforcement acting inappropriately. The majority of law enforcement, have been trained to believe that constitutional rights are irrelevant compared to security. National security requires the preservation of The Bill of Rights because where does national security begin? It begins with the persons of the nation. Therefore national security is dependent upon United States citizens having their rights intact.

As a Mom who has seen this exceptionally dangerous time in the United States history of personal freedoms being sacrificed, needlessly, in the name of national security, it is evident that there can not be national security without the preservation of citizens' constitutional rights.

I want my son to have his constitutionally protected rights and live in a country that has national security. This is the reason I am voting for Ron DeSantis. Floridians' rights secure and ALL Floridians safe.

Citizens' Rights Vs. National Security

#7 Floridian's Education; Dumping Common Core


Why Fix What Isn't Broken For Billions of Dollars??

Common Core.

#7 Dumping Common Core: Breaking the Chains of Sufferage for Parents and Children of Florida!!

1) I multiple well, and have even taken calculus in college. It wouldn't matter if I didn't now days. My adult daily living skills requires me to ask Cortana or Siri to calculate for me, and they readily and reliably give me the correct answers. Amazingly, in 2018, we are not forced to reinvent the wheel or navigate by the stars. These are cool things to know but not necessary. Long multiplication is the same. We have machines that do it for us. Worst case scenario is our cell battery dies so we ask to borrow someone's charger and BOOM! We can use the calculator application or ask SIRI. If we are feeling particularly gregarious, we could ask to borrow someone's cell to do that long multiplication problem but when are we going to need to multiple 342 x 638???

2) We are sending billions to Utah for the common core curriculum that parents can not help their children with. Not only do the kids not understand but the parents can't figure it out either. So what is happening? The old fashion Math that did not require revision is being revised so no one can do math and they are asking SIRI. We are spending billions of Florida taxpayer dollars on a curriculum that no one really understands. What a waste??

3) This also limits teachers' creativity in the classroom with regard to instruction. Teachers have multiple tools in the tool box to teach Math. We backwards chain, forwards chain, use stimulus manipulation or continuous time delay but we exhaust every possible time tested methodology to teach our students. Common Core allows for zero creativity in instruction. Moms hold on to your hats as you read this but a teacher must find FUN ways for children to learn or they burn out and become despondent. Common Core is doing just that to Florida's children. It is time children and parents alike are emancipated from an educational curriculum that is not decipherable, is not working, and embrace the old fashion way of teaching and that is to just teach kids or we can all ask SIRI.

Is Common Core Worth It?

#6 Can Balance Between Environment vs. Businesses

Lake Okeechobee


Death of Recreational Lake Fishing in Florida


#6 The Environment

I'd really love to list the things Ron will do for the economy but that is lower on the list. Lake Okeechobee is an ecological disaster. It was not created by one party but by the greed of many people who empowered big sugar to dump waste in Florida. Now we have a horrendous ecological disaster of red tide algae making people sick and it has killed several animals.

The state of Florida needs federal assistance cleaning up this disaster. Ron DeSantis, as a former US Congressman and attorney, knows exactly how to access federal funding to clean up Lake Okeechobee. He has personally been out on the toxic lake speaking to residents effected by this man made toxic disaster.

Normally, a republican candidate does not address environmental issues like Lake Okeechobee because they are appear anti-business but DeSantis is doing what is right over what is popular. He seems, once again, to demonstrate the ability to balance the environment with the economy. It is not going to be all big business as usual. He has made this promise to all of us so our children can enjoy a healthy clean environment and recreational fishing too.

Mom's get up and vote for their children. Ron DeSantis is the candidate to vote for.

Just How Toxic is Lake Okeechobee?

The Environment

#5 The Economy

The economy!!! Ron DeSantis, when he becomes Governor, has promised to lower corporate taxes to rival Texas corporate tax rate. This will create high paying jobs for skilled Floridians. Low corporate tax rates with a low inflation state will attract many corporations to move to Florida.

This is an economic jobs plan that will offer the opportunity to every Floridian who wants to work, a job so they may lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Florida is also the third largest oil producing state in the country. With oil almost at three dollars a gallon, we need to start drilling again. There is no reason OPEC should have record profits while a flat regressive tax is levied on every single citizen of this country for extraordinarily over priced gasoline.

Anyone remember when families would go for a drive for fun? Anyone remember the family road trips? Those experiences are not allowed for this generation of children because of the economy. All the millennials who want free college need to wake up. While college is expensive, nothing if more expensive than having a college degree and being unable to find a job with a family. This is a sad reality of the world we live in. Those with advanced degrees, myself included, can not find a job let alone one commensurate with their level of education. If anything, an advanced degree prohibits employment.

A booming Florida economy will provide our children the education they need, the social experiences they need to compete, and finally the jobs they need after college or trade school so they can have prosperous lives.

That is why I am voting for Ron DeSantis.

How Important is Florida/Floridians' Economic Prosperity?

Ron DeSantis Gets It Because He Loves His Family Too


Ron is a Husband


Ron DeSantis Ad for Governor that Reflects His Family Values

#4 Ron DeSantis is One of Us!

I am writing this article from Starbucks Coffee shop surrounded by Democrats and young people who are being lead a stray by the other candidate who does not have traditional Democratic values. All they can talk about is "free" this and "free" that. They are being run to death so they can not stop and think about how free is going to be paid for. Because they are young, they believe free is actually free. Nothing is free. Everything comes at a cost. The question is who pays the price?

There will never be a free college education. To think so is not to understand the nature of universities.. Trust me. I went to school on scholarship. I refused to pay for graduate school. I worked through it and paid taxes under Bill Clinton's administration. Bill Clinton was a socialist too and I was taxed to death in graduate school while others collected foods stamps because I knew everything comes at a cost.

DeSantis has family values and is not exploiting people to win his election. He loves his wife and children. He wants Florida to prosper. He was in my hometown for a BBQ and it was almost 100 degrees out at 6pm at night. Everyone was dying in the heat. The band was awfully loud but Ron sucked it up and took pictures with everyone. He was not surrounded by secret service which is rare for a politician these days. He was kind and approachable. In almost a 100 degree weather while people took photos of him as he ate BBQ. Again the music was mind blowingly loud. The diversity at that BBQ was astounding as well. People of every diversity attended. While Ron DeSantis could have exploited this moment of unity, he did not but sweated with the rest of us eating BBQ.

There was a humility about him that is so unassuming. I only have a picture of this event but seriously, he is one of us. Now, I have never seen Donald Trump here but Ron DeSantis has been. What I can say for certain, is that he is a very honorable, likeable, humble, kind candidate.

I want my son to see his Governor is a real person who cares about Floridians and someone he can look up too.

This is why I am getting up to vote.

Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis

Seriously, that is him in almost 100 degree weather.  He is the one sitting underneath the "Cole" sign and the red fish.

Seriously, that is him in almost 100 degree weather. He is the one sitting underneath the "Cole" sign and the red fish.

#3 Ron's Extensive Work In Congress

Ron DeSantis served in Congress with distinction. A member of US Congress who really worked? That work ethic is the same work ethic we can expect from him as Governor.

  • Representatives
  • Former Member, Oversight and Government Reform Committee, United States House of Representatives
  • Former Member, Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet, United States House of Representatives
  • Former Member, Subcommittee on Health Care, Benefits, and Administrative Rules, United States House of Representatives
  • Former Member, Subcommittee on Middle East and North Africa, United States House of Representatives
  • Former Chair, Subcommittee on National Security, United States House of Representatives
  • Former Vice Chair, Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, United States House of Representatives
  • Former Member, Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, United States House of Representatives
  • Member, Subcommittee on Government Operations, United States House of Representatives, 2017-2018

This is why I am voting for Ron DeSantis as Florida Governor.

Ron DeSantis's Medals For Serving in the Iraq War


Bronze Star Medal (service);

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (gold star in lieu of second award);

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal;

Iraq Campaign Medal;

Wow, war hero!! Valor and courage are attributes, I'd like my son to value as well.

#2 Ron DeSantis Works with Women

Ron DeSantis Has Asked Jeanette Nunez to Be His Running Mate

This is a historical first as Jeanette Nunez is the first Cuban-American woman to be a running mate for the office of Florida governor. It also illustrates that Ron DeSantis is not a misogynistic fascist racists but a candidate that works with and embraces Florida's diversity. It also shows he respects women.

As a Florida Mom, I think this is really cool! I have a son but if I had a daughter, It would give me tremendous hope for the future of all women in Florida. It is a proud moment for all Cubans.

I want my son to respect women and embrace Florida's diversity so I am voting for Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor.


Vote for Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor your Child


#1 Reason to Vote for Ron DeSantis is For Your Child

Of course for all the aforementioned reasons, vote for Ron DeSantis for Governor but as a fellow busy Florida Mom, who would rather catch an extra 20 minutes sleep over voting, I have to vote in this election. My future is on the line but more importantly my son's future is on the line. My child is my motivation in life.

And for my son, I choose to vote for Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor.

The Republican Rally In Indian River County

The day before the Election Ron and Casey DeSantis, Marco Rubio (he didn’t turn around for a picture) and Lara Trump came to town.  Only a hundred people were suppose to attend but 800 people showed up.

The day before the Election Ron and Casey DeSantis, Marco Rubio (he didn’t turn around for a picture) and Lara Trump came to town. Only a hundred people were suppose to attend but 800 people showed up.

Andrew Gillum Graciously Conceded the Election When He Lost By 5.2% Waving His Right to a Recount.

This is Leadership!!!

© 2018 JT Walters


JT Walters (author) from Florida on October 01, 2018:

Great to meet you AB Williams! Thank for caring about the future of Florida and Florida’s children. Thanks for sharing too!!

Angie B Williams from Central Florida, USA on October 01, 2018:

Thank you for this in-depth article JT.

I too believe that DeSantis is the best person for the job and I am spreading the word. I will be sharing this one.

JT Walters (author) from Florida on October 01, 2018:

Hi Ken,

Great to meet you. I love your comment. For me it is who is capable of leading Florida for the next four years. Ron DeSantis is a reason for busy Moms to get up and out the vote.

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


Ken Burgess from Florida on October 01, 2018:

Great Article, the choice is clear for Floridians, a man who has served his country and wants to improve Florida.

Or a man that has served his own interests and helped bring Tallahassee to new lows.

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