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Women's Simple Self Defense Techniques

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Kick to the chin

Kick to the chin

In a world dominated by males, women are seen as the weaker species and as a result, are more targeted by muggers, pickpockets, rapists and other vermin that sometimes show their ugly heads. They become victims of domestic abuse and many other abuses that many women struggle with day in and day out. There are however simple ways to protect and defend yourself as a woman and here are a few.

First, Your Handbag

Women normally have some very amazing handbags which they carry around all day, they hold make up kits, stockings, perfume, Disney land and many other stuff that makes you wonder how they all fit in. There are those women who carry in their hand bags some hairspray which is sometimes flammable. They carry defense mechanisms such as tasers, pepper spray and firearms. Lets look at these weapons and uses and other unorthodox methods of defending yourself as a woman.

Normally, women will use pepper spray to ward off their attackers, but this is not that useful as it seems, pepper spray is mostly effective when it is sprayed directly into the face of the attacker and hoping that it will end up in their nostrils and eyes, other than that, the pepper spray is as useless as splashing your attacker with bottled water. The carrying of pepper spray is only part of your defense compliment, and is also a close combat weapon. If you can stay at least six feet and disable your attacker it is much better than to be entangled with him/her.

Using The pepper spray effectively

Pepper spray is a close combat weapon, you have to get that spray directly into the face of your attacker, as scary as it may sound it is best to wait until the person approaches you and is at least three feet from you then you apply this defense. Never let the attacker know what your weapon is, always let it seem that you are defenseless as if the attacker knows that you have that spray, he will find a different method in his attack and disarm you. When you are spraying, spray directly, don't wave you hand while spraying as this is ineffective and only works when applying insect sprays to pesky bugs such as flies and roaches.

Using The Taser

With this weapon, you pick your play. There are many types of tasers to choose from, there are the extremely close combat ones where you may have to be snuggling you attacker to apply and then you have the ones that the police force seems to love using on the public, the one that fires electrical wires in you and makes you do soca, calypso, reggae, rap and pop all at the same time. Your best option as a woman is to use the ones that fire the electrical pins into your attacker, i guarantee that he will be lighting up some bulb behind bars.

Using Your Firearm

I am sure that once you pop out your little friend and probably squeeze a round over your attacker's head or into the air, they will be scampering like wilder beast when the lionesses attack. The firearm is the most feared weapon as it is the weapon that accounts for 90% of the lives taken either in self defense or murder. Carrying a firearm is one thing, knowing how to use it carefully and effectively is another. You need to get yourself acquainted with your weapon, get target practice so you don't just pull out at your attacker and he is 5 feet away from you and you keep on shooting out the street lights. a firearm is a very dangerous weapon and should only be carried by people who are always sober and have very good self control and are trained and able to properly handle a firearm. One slip up and you can have the life of a little girl to account for.

Unusual Defense Techniques

Make your own blow torch

If you are being followed and suspect that you will be attacked, the first thing that you must do is call 911. The second thing that you should do is try find a crowded area so that your stalker or attacker will not have an easy go at you. Let people around you know that you are scared, try to develop a gathering. If you are at an area where you are alone or there is extremely skeleton people around, after dialing 911, get something to defend yourself, always go out fighting! If you have hairspray and a match or lighter with you, you can use this as a weapon, just have the two items in hand and wait until you are confronted, flash you lighter and spray over the flame at the face of your attacker. He will never know what hit him.

Modify Those sexy heels

Get one of your favorite heels and have it modified to include small surgical blade that when taken off your feet, you press a tiny latch and release the skin slicing, vampire staking heels. Your attacker will be caught off guard and maybe seeking stitches at the hospital guarded by the local police.

Learning Basic Defensive and Offensive moves

Not only do you need basic weapons, you also need to know and be able to execute basic self defense techniques using, king fu, judo boxing, or any other fighting techniques that will help you to save your life.

Don't let him grab you
Prevention is always better than cure. If you are being attacked, try has hard as you can to not let you attacker restrain you in any way. Statistics have shown that most women being attacked are grabbed and mostly held from the back. Never let your attacker get around your back, as a matter of fact, try to make circles around him and get him a bit intimidated. Try not to enclose yourself, give yourself room to move. The pictures below will demonstrate how to defend your self during attacks:

Four basic defensive techniques women must know

Self Defense Techniques

Self Defense Techniques

The picture above shows some simple defense techniques that can be used to deter your attacker from persisting with their attacks. Apply these techniques with timing, precision and good force.

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Groin Kick

Knee to Groin

Knee to Groin

Knee to Groin

If you attacked directly, and your attacker tries to wrap both hands around you, use your hands and try to ease him off as much as you can, use one foot to make one step backwards and then apply a fast and strong knee kick to the groin. He will certainly release any grip that he had on you as he should probably be squinging in pain. The groin is one of the most sensitive organs on a males body and can bring excruciating pain if any force or pressure is applied to it.

Once he is down and hanging on to his groin, apply a sharp kick to the head and then make good your escape, if time permits, snap a picture of him so the police will have it to seek him out.

Elbow to the chin

Elbow to the chin

Elbow To Chin

Many attackers love to grab women from the back, this makes them have more control as the victim is less defensive, but by doing these simple steps, you will be able to free yourself from such an attack and apply some hurtful offensive skills.

If grabbed from behind, place one leg between your attackers legs. This helps to form a simple body brace to apply your offensive technique and slightly handicaps your attackers movements. If your hands are not in your attackers grasps, apply a swift, sharp and powerful elbow to your attacker's face.
If your hands are in the attackers grasp, do not struggle and try to use sheer strength to free your self, place your leg between his legs, bend slightly so that his hold around you become awkward, try to slide down out his grip instead of trying brace away his hands, once you are down, apply a quick elbow to the groin.

Heel to Toe

Heel to Toe

Heel to Toe

Attacked and held from the back, use the simple heel to toe technique. This simple maneuver will allow you to quickly escape and seek assistance. This offensive technique is assuming that you are being attacked while you are in heels or some other tough heeled shoe.

Lift your foot and apply a sharp heel stomp to the toe area of your attacker, he should feel some pain, then apply sharp elbow swing to his face or rib area. Once you have broken free run and seek help immediately.

Palm to Face

Palm to Face

Palm to Face

Before you are engulfed in the arms of your attacker, you can defend your self when you are approached. Get that pervert to back off by being the aggressor, apply a swift blow to the under chin of your attacker. Ensure that you do this move with power and precision. Remember, your attacker is an aggressor and you should be just as aggressive when defending yourself.

Vulnerable Body attack Points

Remember that any simple item can be used as a weapon once used the right way. knowing where all the vulnerable points are on a human body is critical, hitting any of these weak points can bring excruciating pain or even death. See the image below.

Vulnerable Attack Points of Human Body

Vulnerable Parts of The human Body

Vulnerable Parts of The human Body

Knowing these vulnerable points are quite essential in carrying out various defensive attacks as most times your attacker my be much larger than you and you will need to hit where it hurts.

There are also indirect activities that could probably help out in the long run if you re under attack, such as keeping a fit and healthy body. Defending yourself is actually fighting off an attacker by using offensive defensive techniques. You cannot sustain n attack if you are in poor physical condition. Practice walking and jogging and get your lungs and heart going. Exercise is critical in keeping a fit and healthy body.

I have given you some basic defensive techniques, now if you want to learn more advanced techniques, you will need to purchase the self defense book or enroll in a good self defense class. Good luck warding off those attackers.

Women Self defense - Rape Escape

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M L Maston on March 03, 2018:

Situational awareness: being aware of your surroundings can help you spot possible trouble before it is in your face.... thereby allowing you to leave before trouble strikes.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on February 08, 2016:

Not all will agree with you Dearyme, men can be hurt too and if a woman is properly trained, she can defend herself well

Oh Dearyme on February 08, 2016:

The instructions above will be as useful to a woman as wonder woman's rope. Just scream, run and hope. Trying those 'moves' on a man will result in broken bits and whatever he was going to do. Apologies to the PC police, but I'm.......just saying it exactly as it is.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on January 19, 2015:

yes peachpurple, it gets them everytime

peachy from Home Sweet Home on January 16, 2015:

kicking on the groin is a good tip, thanks

Patty on December 29, 2014:

I relaly needed to find this info, thank God!

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on December 16, 2014:

Hey dressage Husband, thanks a lot for the info. Always love facts. thanks for stopping by.

Stephen J Parkin from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada on December 16, 2014:

Clive it is not actually permissible to carry a loaded licensed firearm either in the UK. You must keep the ammunition and gun separately and be a member of a properly licensed gun club, a police officer or military to legally carry a weapon at all. The UK has the lowest gun crime rate in the western world for that reason.

All weapons are registered unless brought into the country illegally by crime bosses that have the resources to do so. Most violent crime is by organised criminals such as the Mafia and the UK police are well aware where to find them. That does not of course preclude other forms of violent crime and self defense is certainly permitted as long as lethal weapons are not used.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on December 16, 2014:

Thanks for Stopping by Judy. It is really good info, i had to do a hub like this as it is rather personal to me. i have female friends who have fallen victim to attacks and were completely helpless to these bullies and rapist. I wish she had something or some skill to defend herself, but the past is the past and it only makes us stronger. Thanks for the pinning too judy, i really appreciate it.

Judy Filarecki from SW Arizona and Northern New York on December 16, 2014:

Excellent information. It is something I'm going to pin so I can review it again and again. Very well illustrated and the video was very well done. Thanks. I hope I never need it. I also just shared it with my followers on HP

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on December 04, 2014:

lol@frank....i will definitely write a hub on how not to mug someone

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on December 04, 2014:

clive this is helpful for women..but what about us muggers.. damn you're bringing us down bruh..:( LOL

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on December 02, 2014:

tobusiness, thanks for stopping by my friend. Well, the UK is a funny place, criminals walk with guns but illegal for the victim to carry pepper spray. This is one of the reasons why criminals always have the upper hand, they care not for the law, not saying that decent citizens should not, but everyone needs to defend themselves. I don't understand why you could be able to carry a licensed firearm but not a simple taser or pepper spray.

Jo Alexis-Hagues from Lincolnshire, U.K on December 02, 2014:

Anything that can enable people and help them feel less vulnerable is fine in my book. However, some of the measures you've mentioned, such as the tasers, heel blades and pepper spray would be illegal in the UK. Loved the defense techniques, great graphics, very timely and useful hub. Office parties this time of the year can become a problem, I hope people will read this hub.

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