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Similarities I've Noticed Between Anti-Vaxxers and Militant Vegans

I've noticed that anti-vaxxer wackadoos and MILITANT vegans are a lot alike.

The two groups are pretty much interchangable.

Let me stress here that I am specifically talking about militant vegans. I'm not talking about all vegans because the vast majority of vegans are people who accept that not everyone can be vegan and just live their life peacefully. I'm speaking of the type of vegan who is like a "Christian" fundamentalist. Thinking only their way of living is the right way and will shove it down your throat, bully, and harasses you. Hateful people like the infamous ThatVeganTeacher and members of PETA.

Basically take a member of the Westbro Baptist "Church" and replace a few words here and there with "vegan" instead of God or Jesus and you have a militant vegan.

As for anti-vaxxers - well, we all know they're nothing but child abusers. No, they're NOT "worried parents trying to do what's best for their child." If they were they'd get their kids vaccinated instead of giving them bleach enemas, putting essential oils in food, and forcing their kids to drink salty fermented cabbage water. There's no love or concern there. So don't even try to defend them.

I never really paid attention to either group until they started forcing their way into my life. I don't have and will never have kids, but I do have nieces and nephews and some of them are married and having children of their own. So I did the right thing and got the TDAP booster before the birth of my first great-nephew. And two years down the line, anti-vaxxers found out about it, and started attacking me thinking I had just gotten it. (Guess all their essential oils made them incapable of reading the date on a post.)

As for militant vegans. Well, because I'm fat I've occasionally run into them, but I usually just laugh them off. But more and more seem to be popping up all over my social media lately.

And this is when I started to see huge similarities between these two groups.

When you provide proof to an anti-vaxxer that they're wrong, they scream that you're a shill for "Big Pharma!"

When you prove a militant vegan wrong they scream that you're a shill for "Big Ag!"

Anti-vaxxers will tell you to "do your research" which to them is reading easily debunked webpages that are written by idiots like Del Bigtree and Larry Cook.

Militant vegans will scream "Do your research!" which to them means reading PETA's easily debunked website.

Anti-vaxxers will tell you to watch the 100% faked "documentaries" Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2. Even though there's not a lick of truth in them and you can debunk them with a two second Google search.

Militant vegans will tell you to watch the 100% faked "documentaries" Cowspiracy and Dominion. Even though there's not a lick of truth in them and you can debunk them with a two second Google search just like the Vaxxed "documentaries."

Anti-vaxxers will send people death threats and try to get them fired from their jobs just for being pro-vaccine.

Militant vegans send farmers death and rape threats and threaten to get their animals taken from them and put on a "sanctuary farm."

Anti-vaxxers hate GMO food to the point of paranoia.

Militant vegans hate GMO food to the point of paranoia.

Anti-vaxxers will claim that homosexuality and transgenderism is caused by the non-existent fetal tissue they so wrongly believe is in vaccines but that eating a raw, organic, vegan diet will "detox the foreign DNA from you" and turn you straight or cisgendered as they case may be.

There's a dairy farmer I follow online who happens to be nonbinary. They get messages from militant vegans telling them that nonbinary doesn't really exist and they're just "messed up from eating meat and dairy" and that if they go vegan they'll become cisgendered and prefer she/her pronouns.

Anti-vaxxers compare vaccines to the Holocaust, which is SUPER antisemitic.

Militant vegans compare animal agriculture and eating meat to the Holocaust, which is SUPER antisemitic.

I probably could go on and on about how both groups have a huge tendency to be ableist, racist, antisemitic, homophobic, etc. Not to mention they're very anti-science stances. (Sorry, PETA, but all humans are born OMNIVORES, this is just a scientific fact. Just like vaccines do NOT turn kids into gay, Autistic Satanists, no human is born vegan.) But I think I've honestly listed enough here to hopefully open some eyes about how hateful and interchangeable both groups are. No wonder I've seen so many anti-vaxxers tote a vegan diet as the "cure" for things like cancer, Autism, seizures - and, like I said, homosexuality and transgenderism. These two groups are basically twins.

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