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Are You More of a Shut Up & Comply Sort or the Sort That Questions Boldly?

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


The Vaxxed Have Covid-19, You Don't Say?

Twenty seven people aboard a Carnival cruise liner, currently in quarantine, although all have already been vaccinated for Covid-19, have tested positive!

Although all of them got the shots, otherwise they would not be allowed on the boat to contaminate the good, the obedient, the vaxxed - they are quarantined, isolated, {so as not to contaminate} showing various levels of symptoms.

Although all of them heeded the word to get vaccinated otherwise, they wouldn't be considered "good Americans", they once again, one more time, find themselves, masked up and isolated, with their lives on hold.

Basically, right back to where they started/to where this started

What I've learned from catching up on the news (after some R&R) and reading a couple of articles on this subject, is that, in addition, to showing traditional i.d. Passport card and, in addition, to showing Vaccine Passport card (an unconstitutional medical card stating that one has complied and has received the Covid-19 shot or shots) going forward, booster shots will now be required as well!

Boosters, every 6 months is the magic number...the general consensus…up until it will not be!

Because the general consensus is ever-changing, when it comes to this virus, alone, among many viruses, among much disease, among a host of other things that have the potential to make us sick, this one stands alone.

Add to the growing list of Covid-19 mandates, you must have in hand, having to produce some type of proof and/or be prepared for a rapid test, all while attempting to be heard as you mumble your case, from behind your face mask and from underneath your face shield. Making your case, that you do not have Covid-19 and that you have jumped through all the mandatory hoops, in order to - get aboard that ship {next time}, get through the doors of a concert venue, get into ‘extra special’ restaurants, gain entry into ‘the not so happy any more’ theme parks…

I've seen the many ugly comments and the many ugly memes, tweets, articles, all directed at the wrong people {what else is new} geared instead, toward those of us questioning all of this madness, now put in the position, where we must question more than ever before, because it is beyond maddening!

Got it, you want us to endlessly comply to never-ending Government and Corporation whims and demands, as they continually dictate and mandate…and to never question, in hopes that this might end some time within your lifetime!

Hello, newsflash, it doesn't end!

Not as long as people are willing to twist themselves into pretzel knots, attempting to prove just how accommodating and subservient, they can be.

All while Dr. Anthony Fauci suggests we must “put aside our personal Liberty” and all while the actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, doubles down with a hearty, "screw your freedom" (he has greatly profited off the freedom and opportunity found in this Country, and to hear him use such language, makes me see red!)

These men want us to shut up and to comply, without question

Many here, in this Country are already willing to consider forsaking their freedom, as they figure out new ways to twist themselves into more knots, with the never-ending demands placed on them.

Guess what, even if you‘d go so far as to repeat the same words uttered by these misdirected men and give up entirely on your freedom and on your liberty, this virus will be the least of your worries!

We; you and I, are both cringing - but over very different things and for very different reasons

Many of you have been turned against those of us questioning, as we have always been encouraged to do in this Country -

That is, until now!

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Why is that?

Why must we cease with questioning?

If it hasn't already happened, you will soon be led to believe that those who would never mouth the vulgar words spoken by the has-been actor and the not-so-good Doctor, those not twisting themselves into knots…are the problem!

You'll eventually learn to accept the call for groups of people to, once again, be divided; those with their {growing by the day} stack of credentials...and those without!

You'll learn to live with, the separation, justifying it with words such as; they're unclean, they're contagious, they're unworthy, they're unvaccinated, they don't care about others, they're bad Americans and unfit to live among us....

Does any of this remind you of anything?

Question with Boldness...

"Question with boldness even the existence of a God. Because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear."

— Thomas Jefferson

It will not end with Segregation

Not all of us questioning, are anti-vaxxers.

Not all are against vaccinations in general.

We masked up early on just like everyone else did.

We are not immune to the inconvenience and the heartache this weaponized virus brings.

Initially, receptive to an approved, safe and reliable vaccine for the elderly and the sickly, we now just simply find ourselves with more questions than answers, when it comes to this virus/vaccines/masks/mandates, etc.

We are not the enemy!

But that will not matter, for someday soon it will be ample enough to cause you, to avoid our pathway, as if avoiding a leper.

Perhaps it has already happened!

It won't end with these divisive measures currently being enacted, as those questioning are shamed and labeled as less than segregation is being utilized once more, not only with CRT, but with compliant v. non-compliant mind games, as well

It doesn't end and it has absolutely nothing to do with those of us reluctant and asking questions and has everything to do with certain power-hungry people, some getting wealthier by the day, (due to their vaccine investments) and those desiring to have total control over our lives, yours and mine, all while, profiting in both power and material things!

But, while many of you spend your days criticizing and condemning those of us who will not shut up and conform/comply as you have so eagerly done, don’t forget to watch your own back, because they’ll not stop with us…there will be further tests and challenges, count on it. Eventually, hitting close to home, but there will be no one left to speak out for you!

Once tyranny takes hold, it has no allegiance to anything, other than power, if you can’t be used or when you are all used up, you’ll be discarded or worse yet, tossed into the trash heap, alongside the unsavory, those who once dared to question with boldness…..

The Scapegoats

So with the previous statement, by Dr. Schaffner, if I am understanding correctly; those vaccinated but still getting sick, still showing symptoms of infection, will no longer pique any interest or constitute any further investigations into the vaccines themselves...but instead, all blame will be put upon the unvaccinated, for whatever happens here on out, with the vaccinated?


Is anyone else disturbed by this statement?

Also, while scrolling through Covid News...I read that "Covid-19 backfired on Donald Trump", because he believed {guess they are mind readers too} that only Democrats and the poor and those of color... would get this thing and turns out, "this virus doesn't discriminate", "no one is safe", but hold on....

scroll a little further along and the next headline, "Promoting Health Equity During Covid-19", because "disproportionate rates of disease among communities of color and those with lower incomes is apparent."

And you wonder, why question?

I don't wish this virus or any other virus or sickness on anyone, but this isn't Utopia and I'm not some Pollyanna...

I will never stop praying for those that have been affected by it, in more ways than one, or for this once-amazing Country, but I refuse to be the scapegoat for any of this!

China's hands are bloody and the world knows it, as the world comes apart and Joe Biden takes a little R&R for himself.

That's what I see, that's what I know!

We are way in over our heads with the supposed fair election of this clueless man and the crooked and/or completely incompetent individuals, he has surrounded himself with.

Is China even on their radar?

They said Afghanistan was, they were on top of it, but they obviously are not, as we see what is happening there almost instantly, after the foolish airing of our intentions to pull all troops, immediately!

Illegal migrants from parts unknown continually flooding across our border into unknown parts of the U.S., isn't on their radar!

What is?

All focus, all radar, out of this Administration, is on U.S. Citizens!

In particular, those boldly questioning everything; naturally reluctant to such over-the-top compliance, adamantly in opposition to calls of, "forget about your liberty“ or “screw your freedom"…

aka: the scapegoats!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 19, 2021:

CORRECTION: Joe Biden has spoken, the boosters are recommended 8 months (not 6) after being fully vaccinated. There is only discussion at this time, of boosters becoming yearly maintenance shots.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 17, 2021:

Have you ever been shunned?

It happened to me recently.

I had gotten my Dad away for a few days, trying to get him out of his house, some sun on his face, not thinking about my Mom 24-7 {we lost her a few months ago}

While there, I was in the pool, struck up a conversation with a woman around my age, we got to talking about grand kids, the beautiful weather, small talk stuff (we were safely distanced from one another)

Then the topic of Covid and us "getting back to normal" came up and she stated that she was all for everyone getting the vaccine, masking kids, accepting "new normals".....I didn't say whether I'd been vaccinated or not, that's not her business or anyone else's business, as far as I am concerned. But, because my response to her was the decision needs to be case by case. Families/Parents need to do what is best for them. Government isn't our Parent, we are losing our liberty day by day....(I was nice!!!) BUT, she grew pale, gradually began backing away, backing away, eventually jumping out of the pool and going to the far side, far removed from me. I saw her a couple more times, smiled at her, but she wouldn't acknowledge my presence.

Who among us wants to live in this type of world, within the world, that we've created?

I can handle it, I write about Politics!!

But I worry so about our children and what all of this is doing to them. They can't even see their Teacher's faces in most places, how will they learn properly? How will they handle bullies that have been taught that kids without masks aren't safe?

We must never cease in praying for this Country, for this World!

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