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Should We Pity Illegal Immigrants?

Vivian observes life and culture and offers truthful insights to introduce balance and normalcy to the crazed sectors of society.

A huge chasm divides Republicans and Democratic Socialists on the topic of illegal immigration. Conservatives want a wall to keep out the entitlement seekers and dangerous villains while requiring legal immigration to be merit-based. Liberals want open borders to import Democratic voters so they can take complete control of our country, economy, and way of life.

When President Trump requested funding for the border wall, something that Democrats supported in the past before they became radicalized, the Democrats refused stating Trump’s urgency to stem illegal immigration was a manufactured crisis.

Democrats flip-flopped their position, contending there now is a crisis at the border, which they are pinning on President Trump (of course) when a picture of Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez, age 25, and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria, was released. Both were overcome by a strong river current when they attempted to cross illegally into the United States between Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas. Secured to her father under his T-shirt with arm still over his neck, both lifeless bodies lay face down against the shore. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Life is valuable, and to see lives snuffed out so early is traumatic and grievous. Should we pity illegal immigrants who deliberately take dangerous risks to storm our borders illegally?


Illegal Immigrants Are Guilty of Child Endangerment

Liberals argue illegal immigrants are invading our country to seek better lives for their families. The trek to the United States is more dangerous than the prospect of lions and tigers and bears Dorothy feared on her way to Oz.

Migrants are often forced to pay coyotes, which are human traffickers who hide behind the less threatening moniker, “smugglers.” These vicious handlers are paid to navigate migrants through wilderness and unsafe terrain, but they are known to frequently rob, rape, and sometimes even murder their customers.

Drug cartels intercept other migrants, forcing them to smuggle drugs across the border to secure their passage, even though they may end up killing them first. Encountered along the journey are other fellow migrants who are bad hombres who might kill just for the sport of it.

Some of the rough country migrants must navigate are filled with wild animal predators capable of attacking before other human predators get the chance. Starvation and dehydration are a constant threat during this arduous excursion, along with the chance of drowning somewhere along the way.

Child endangerment is putting a minor in physical, emotional, or mental situations that lead to their suffering. In America, we take this seriously. Though penalties vary from state to state, leaving your child in a hot car, driving while impaired by substances, or leaving your child alone in a dangerous neighborhood could result in high fines and years of imprisonment.

Yet, illegal immigrants by the droves are putting their children in harm’s way. Many young kids attempt to enter the U.S. without their parents. Why? Unaccompanied minors are treated differently at the border. According to statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 56,278 unaccompanied alien children have been apprehended at our southern border between October 2018 and May 2019. What happens to them? They are transferred to the Office of Refugee Settlement where they are fed, sheltered, and given medical care until they can be placed in the custody of other family members living in the U.S. to await immigration proceedings. Since processing can take years, it’s like getting a free pass into our country.

Families attempting to cross our border illegally have spiked to 332,981 during the same time period, exposing their children to dangers along the way most of us can’t imagine. Still, liberals fixate on President Trump and his zero tolerance policies that can potentially separate children from their families. Trump is the culprit? There is nothing more traumatic than imperiling your child on a sojourn to America that includes imminent and life-threatening dangers every step of the way. Migrant parents who take this risk are bad parents. They are guilty of child endangerment to the extreme, not to mention the deplorable example they set for their kids when it comes to flagrant disregard for authority, disrespect for the law, and entitlement seeking. Illegal migrant parents know the consequences their families will face if caught, yet they do it anyway. They use their own children as pawns to game the system. They don’t deserve our sympathy.

Illegal Immigrants Are Criminal Invaders

What do you think would happen if someone tried to illegally cross the border into North Korea, Russia, or Iran? While there is an official process for illegal immigration in these countries, some places, like the Iran-Afghan border, issue shoot to kill orders. Illegal migrants caught crossing into North Korea are imprisoned, abused, forced into labor, and starved.

Despite hysterical ravings, outright lies, and grandstanding from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about treatment of migrants at America’s southern border, illegal immigrants should rejoice. Due to our flawed immigration laws, adults who are caught crossing illegally and not seeking asylum take advantage of the catch-and-release loophole. Once they touch foot on U.S. soil, they are released from custody and ordered to appear before a judge. Most skip the proceedings and stay here illegally.

Thankfully, President Trump has introduced policies for expedited removal where such violators can be immediately deported to their country of origin with a misdemeanor charge and without a hearing before an immigration judge. Rather than be released so they can go hide, these perpetrators are caught and held in detention facilities along the border pending deportation.

Trump has strongly urged Congress to fix our immigration laws to curb the chaotic and unmanageable surge of migrants at our border, but Democrats have become too radicalized to competently deal with the crisis. They now advance communistic, no borders policies to import voters to completely repopulate America into their communist utopia. They want all the power at the cost of our freedom. Democrats claim immigrants are coming to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do, which is the same excuse they used in the 1800’s to resettle slaves on cotton plantations. Democrats are still the party of slavery.

President Trump delayed his decision by two weeks to send I.C.E. agents out on massive-scale raids to deport every illegal immigrant they can find, giving Congress one final chance to tackle a problem which could be easily resolved in one hour’s time. After July 4, Trump vows to dispatch I.C.E. to apprehend and return illegals to their home countries.

Radical, socialist Democrats refer to illegals as undocumented immigrants because the term makes these law breakers sound less criminal. Let’s be real—when people intentionally violate our nation’s sovereignty by ignoring our laws and breaking into our country illegally, they are criminal invaders. The onslaught of caravan after migrant caravan storming our borders with no intention of getting in line at ports of entry, strategically overwhelming our border authority, could arguably be considered an act of war.

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