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Should We Believe Biden As President-Elect?

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In this article, we'll examine the record of Biden as a Wall Street centrist and how his views differ from those of many moderate Democrats. We'll also look at his record on inflation, voting rights, and Taiwan. Despite some of these differences, most Democrats think Biden will be a successful president. Ultimately, the question remains: Should we believe him? But there's no need to dismiss the claims made by his opponents, especially considering the recent polling data.

Biden's record as a Wall Street-friendly centrist

The media narrative surrounding Joe Biden's candidacy is one of centrist conservatism. His voting record in the Obama Administration is often attacked by other Democratic candidates. Biden's record on these issues differs significantly from the other candidates. While he did campaign with progressive candidates in the past, he has since shifted to a more liberal agenda. Despite his record as a Wall Street-friendly centritarian, Biden's support for a tax-and-spend extravaganza may be the biggest detriment to his candidacy. The centrist stance on climate change will likely lead to grumbling from environmentalists. However, Biden's plan to reduce emissions would require importing solar panels and car batteries. And it would require a large supply of both.

Biden's commitment to Taiwan

In a recent interview, Joe Biden said that the United States would defend Taiwan if China invaded it. But this is a strange statement, given that the US didn't defend Ukraine when Russia invaded it. And, the US State Department quickly walked that back. It may be that Biden's remarks were a personal expression of disquiet over the invasion of Ukraine, and he was concerned about a similar situation in Taiwan.

The remark by Biden has stirred up a lot of controversy and has raised questions about U.S. policy towards Taiwan. The Taiwan Relations Act states that the United States will provide Taiwan with the resources it needs to defend itself if China invades it. But China insists that Taiwan is a part of China and a breakaway province. Biden's comments have triggered a debate over whether the United States is willing to use force to protect Taiwan, or merely protect it.

Biden's record on inflation

As President-Elect, Joe Biden has an uphill battle. The American public believes that inflation is the most pressing issue and is the most important one, but it seems as though President Biden is not paying attention to inflation. Inflation is a political issue based on the partisanship of voters, and Biden's record on inflation is a reason not to trust him. The country's reaction to inflation is highly correlated with the political climate and ignoring it can lead to a Carter-style inflation, or worse, a response that makes the situation worse.

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The Obama administration's response to rising prices is nothing new. Biden didn't say "keep inflation" - he merely said that we'd need to "do something about it" - and it wasn't the case. Biden blames other people and things for inflation - the pandemic, the WIN gambit, the "Putin Price Hike," and more - a cynical way to make a point about his economic agenda.

Biden's record on voting rights

If you have ever voted for someone in a political race, you probably don't think twice about Joe Biden. Many Democrats are eager to reverse the Trump administration's policies, and they were dissatisfied with his record on voting rights. Biden's recent efforts to pass voting rights legislation failed in the Senate, largely due to GOP opposition. This left rank-and-file Democrats frustrated.

The good news is that Americans like Biden, despite his dismal record on issues ranging from gun control to immigration. In a recent poll, he was rated at only 41 percent in approval, compared to 53 percent in disapproval. Biden's slide in the polls began last August, before prices began to skyrocket. A recent AP-NORC survey found that 85 % of Americans feel that the country is going the wrong direction.

While many Democrats are wary of Biden's history on voting rights, there are many reasons to believe him. He was a key player in bailing out Wall Street crooks 12 years ago, according to Sanders. However, when US stocks fell precipitously, Biden's support for the bill gave it bipartisan support.

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