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Should Darlie Routiers' husband have been implicated in the murders of Devon and Damon in 1996?

It is no secret that Darlies husband Darin made a deal with her court lawyer not to implicate him in the crime. Did she know about this deal?

To date there has never been a shred of evidence to prove an intruder was in that house.  I personally dismissed the intruder theory based on the evidence brought to trial.

To date there has never been a shred of evidence to prove an intruder was in that house. I personally dismissed the intruder theory based on the evidence brought to trial.

I encourage anyone who is interested in digging deeper into this case they read the transcripts and watch the interviews for themselves in order to have their o

This case has so much to debate about. In my opinion the real evidence isn't with material things so much as the actions and what said in the transcripts. Even thought the court reporter who transcribed the transcripts was fired and made over 33 000 mistakes I found that Darins own words and interviews spoke the loudest in this case.

I found Darlie to be very credible when it came to the blood evidence. For example. Darlie said she walked not ran from the sofa to the kitchen but Davis twisted those words around to make her a liar.

Then Darlie said stepped into the kitchen on the side of the counter where the glass was broke but only took a few steps and turned around. Davis made a huge deal about that and told the jury she walked through the glass but didn't cut her feet. He knew that was not true. Then he went on to say she staged it because her prints were under the broken glass. Davis knew 4 officers at that same time walked through that kitchen on the side of the counter where the glass was. There was no way one of them didn't move some of that glass. He twisted everything that girl said and he twisted the evidence to make his theory fit.

This was the best one. Greg Davis was saying that shirt she wore didn't match her story because the cuts to the shirt didn't match her injuries. He had retract that statement after he learned the shirt was cut from her body by the medics.

He did the same thing with the couch. He looked at said she wasn't cut on sofa because there was no blood. He later learned there was. If my theory is correct the reason for the lack of blood on the sofa is because she was laying down on the couch when her throat was cut and that necklace prevented the knife from going all the way through. It also slowed the bleeding down while she was laying down on that sofa. She also had a blanket on her. The blood puddle in front of the sofa proved that Damon and Darlie both bleed there. It was this type of corruption that made me take a good hard look at what type of prosecutors Toby Shook and Greg Davis really were. If you have to manipulate evidence like this to convince the jury you don't have a very strong case.

I did notice that Greg Davis knew about Darins alibi and how he said Darlie stood at the foot of the stair screaming out for Darin. He doesn't mention the fact that there was no blood puddle at the foot of the stairs, but he didn't mention that at all because he already exposed Darins false alibi in August when he talks to him.

When the blood was found on the boy's comforter upstairs, they just ignored that as well. The excuse for that was the boys hurt themselves two years and that is where the blood came from. No way Darlie would have left the boys room in that condition. Her house was spotless.

After Darlie woke at the hospital Darin's behavior became even more bizarre. He was promising her she could try and have another girl. Darin told Darlie no more kids but now he was desperate to keep on her good side. He also told people Darlie was disappointed Drake was a boy. I didn't believe that for one minute.

Witnesses were saying how he was telling her they were going to be bigger than books and movies. I found those witnesses credible myself. Darin couldn't wait to get out there performing that show about the cpr over and over again. The last defense was last straw for me. He is wide eyed and just scary looking screaming out loud Devon's name over and over again. It made me feel sick inside.

Just because Darlie may have lied to protect Darin from being investigated it doesn't prove she murdered her boys.

She was done wrong and I hope Texas justice does the right thing and launches a full investigation into her husband.

There is so much more I wanted to post in the article but they only allow the article to be a certain size.

There have been so many people that have tried to warn Darlie about Darin and get Darlie to open her eyes and she just refused.

My heart went out to Darins Aunt Sandy. She spoke to reporters about this case and she told them she told Darlie to take a good look at Darin but Darlie refused. Aunt Sandy has got to be the most honest warmest person I have met. She was there around Darlie and Darin right after the murders and clearly, she saw something in his behavior that caused her enough concern to speak up. By doing this she caused issues with her own children because they were friends with Darin. Eventually Aunt Sandy stopped trying to convince Darlie to look at Darin and I don't blame her. I do admire her for being so honest and risking her own safety to speak out the way she did.

I have contacted Darlies friends in the past and asked them to bring up certain details that didn't make sense regarding Darins stories but whenever they tried to speak to her about Darins involvement she refused to even listen.

Her mother on the other hand would get vulgar to the point she would verbally attack anyone who would even suggest looking at Darin. I had a lot of run ins with Darlie Kee and she isn't a woman you want to cross. She will stop at nothing to defend Darin. Some believe money has something to do with it and others think its her own personal affections for the man. Who really knows, but I do find it strange that she has gone to such great lengths to protect Darin in every way possible.

Darlie Routers version of the story did not make any sense at all but once the truth came out about her marriage it all made sense to me.

Unless you have followed this case for years and kept up on all the new evidence that has come to light since the trial it would make sense that her story did not sound credible. But once all the pieces were put together and the evidence and testimony were sorted out it all began to fall into place for me.

What are the most common reasons why parents turn on their own families. Money, cheating, fear of losing their spouse, greed.

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I realized Darlie didn't fit any of the those things. She spent her money on her home and to make herself attractive for Darin. Her money was spent for the entire family to benefit and enjoy. She wasn't greedy. She had no issues spending money on her kids for the best haircuts and clothes.

According to the doctors those boys had perfect teeth, perfect health. She made her family home cooked meals every night. Kept a spotless home. She drove a vehicle that was suitable so she could safely take her kids anywhere. She kept up her appearance because she knew it was important to Darin. Darlie didn't even own the car she drove it was a leased vehicle from Darins company. I never saw one single thing in her life that would have given me any warning signs she was unhappy with her children.

I cannot say the same for her husband. She was angry and frustrated with Darin. I never saw any pictures of just Darin and the boys doing their man things. The only time Darin was around was when Darlie arranged something for a special occasion.

At the time of the murders Darlie was going through a very rough time with Darin. She suspected he was cheating on her with her little sister. Darin was confronted about this by the prosecutor. She was angry because he wouldn't help with the house and kids. Darin had cheated on her in the past and one point he even contracted the herpes virus and she still stayed with the guy.

If this was about money and greed why kill her boys she clearly cherished and loved them. It made no sense. If it was about her being tired of her kids and lifestyle why leave that baby alive when he was the most work at the time. Darin bragged that he had a life insurance policy for 850 thousand dollars. Apparently that was just another lie and was exposed during the investigation.

Darlie never cheated on Darin. She never turned her back on her kids or her home. She had no mental issues, no history of abuse or criminal record and she had no history of drug abuse. She was pregnant or nursing majority of the time during her marriage.

If this was about changing her lifestyle and money why not go for the jackpot and go after Darin? Nothing that prosecutor said made any sense at all and there was zero evidence that Darlie was ever anything like that person Greg Davis described.

Because the truth about her husband was never exposed to the jury they had absolutely nothing to even suggest reasonable doubt or that anyone other than Darlie murdered those boys.

I personally sided with Darlies court lawyers when they told her and her family she had no chance of winning her case if she didn't implicate her husband. The only way her story made any sense at all was when her husband was brought into the equation. Without that it was impossible for Darlie to prove to that jury she was innocent.


It wasn't until Darin and Darlies mother breached the gag order that they learned that Darlie's entire defense wasn't based on the intruder theory, it was based on proving to that jury Darlie was not the only person in that house who could have murdered the boys. The prosecutors knew this long before the trial. There was never a shred of evidence to prove anyone other than Darlie or Darin who could have murdered the boys.

Sure enough the prosecutors opening statements stated that there was no other person other than Darlie who could have murdered those boys. Greg Davis knew exactly what he was doing when he made that false statement.

What is most sickening about this situation is Darlies mother and husband learned Darlie's lawyers' strategy through a lawyer they hired to represent them for breaching that gag order. This lawyer informed them that the court lawyers were going to implicate Darin in the crime, and they firmly believed there was more than enough evidence against Darlie's husband to put enough reasonable doubt into her case. This was even before Darins own confessions after the trial.

When you bring in adultery, financial issues, drugs, drug debts, past criminal crimes including insurance fraud it takes the focus completely off of Darlie because there was no motive for her to murder her boys. If any thing she stood to gain by having all her children alive to collect child support from Darin.

Darlie did mention that they did have issues but she never told them how serious those issues were. Darlie confronted her husband about cheating with her sister and she told him right before the murders she wanted a separation. That information in my opinion was a game changer. Because Darin was never implicated in the crime the jury never heard any of the mounds of evidence that those court lawyers found against Darin.

I am not 100 percent sure if Darlie actually knew the truth about why her family hired Doug Mulder. In her later appeal she brought up this issue of Darin not being implicated in the crime being as there was evidence to prove he was more than involved .

I thought to myself if I were innocent of a crime I wouldn't be worried about making a deal with a lawyer not to implicate myself in the crime. This was a huge red flag for me.

In order to hire Doug Mulder Darlie's mother and husband had to also come up with 100 thousand dollar retainer. That screams desperation on the part of Darin and her mother.

For five months they claimed they were broke but the second Darin was injected into that scenario they gathered up that 100 thousand and made that deal with Doug Mulder not to implicate him. Doug Mulder believed he could win her case based on the mistakes and what he called corruption with her case. He took her to trial two months after he got her case and he never implicated her husband at all.

That was like winning a lottery for the prosecution. They knew now that Darin was not implicated in the crime their case was a slam dunk. That is why they sat on all that evidence that came out at the hearing.

I am going to go through the evidence and details about what the court lawyers uncovered about Darin and explain why they were so desperate to try and talk Darlie out of hiring this lawyer and not implicating her husband.

I want to put in a couple of incidents that happened that really bothered me about Darlies' family and Darin.

After Darlie was sent to death row Darin continued to live with Darlie Kee and her daughters. In my opinion that was a slap in the face to Darlie. At that time there were sightings of Darin and Dana behaving very badly together in public. People posted about and expressed their repulsion. The day Darlie was arrested Darin was there at the Routier house laughing and joking with Dana. At one point Darin climbed on the large fountain out front trying plant a flag on top. The neighbor (a retried school teacher) was repusled by their behavior. At the time she thought it was Darlie but it was Dana with Darin.

They were also seen at the six flags acting the same sickening way. I don't believe Darlie heard about it.

During the time Darin was living with her mother Dana and Darlie kee were in a serious physical fight. They inflicted serious injuries on each other and guess who was there to break them up before the police arrived, thats right Darin. This information came from a very reliable source. Darlie Kee bit Dana seriously in the leg. This fight was nothing to laugh about. This is a mother and daughter here.

Another incident that really upset me was when Darin came home from work. He said he saw this black car speeding past his house. His boys were outside playing at the time. He says nothing to Darlie about that car and doesn't call the boys in for safety.

Darin kept parking his car on that rounded corner by their house and several neighbors kept coming to Darin telling him to stop parking there because it was blocking the view of the drivers coming around that bend. That never stopped Darin from continuing to park there even though he knew his boys were always riding their bikes in the street. Each time he would talk about the boys riding in the street he would catch himself and say they knew they were only allow to ride on the sidewalk. This isn't a stupid man. He thought out his words and when he realized he slipped up he quickly corrected himself.

Once I realized there was no motive what so ever for Darlie to murder her children I looked at her husband for motives and I was shocked.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever had that jury known the truth about Darin they would not have been able to convict Darlie.

That stats for these types of crimes with these specific details are not common with the mother being the murderer. The age range the boys were at is most common with men.

I decided to take a look at who Darin Routier was. According to many he was an average guy but his reputation and appearance meant everything to him. It was very important to Darin that he have the best of everything and everything had to be bigger and better than the next guy.

I saw an interview where he bragged how he had the biggest best house on the block and best looking wife and he believed jealousy was the reason for the murders? If that doesn't sum up who he is then I don't know what does. No mention of his beautiful children I noticed.

At the time of the murders Darlie didn't even know the extent of their financial issues. She stated that at trial and I believed her for a number of reasons. Darin hired Dana at a time when his business was the slowest it had ever been and that information came from his employee. So why hire another person when your broke and your company is slow?

That had to put a question mark to Darlie. Darlie needed help in house and her sister was already staying with them at the time so why hire another person at this point to come into the home and help with kids and laundry.? Obviously there were issues between Darlie and Dana. Darin convinced Darlie that the shop was busy and he needed to hire Dana to help. She learned the truth that night from Barbara Jovell when she stopped by to pick up her mother.

I asked myself if Darin Routier had a motive to kill his wife and kids and immediately I knew the answer to that question.

There was nothing in Darlies past that was shocking or over the top. She was a simple average attractive young lady who appeared to have no enemies.

I couldn't say the same for Darin. They were complete opposites in my opinion. Darin grew up not needing for anything. He appeared to me to always need his mother's approval. Darin was clearly smarter than your average man. He was ambitious and didn't seem to have any limits on what he was willing to do to get ahead.

When Darin met Darlie he was already in a long term relationship with another woman. What was most sickening to me was Darlie's mother worked with Darin at a steak place. She was the hostess, and he was the assistant manager. I think what repulsed me about this situation was Darlie was only 15 years old still in school and here her mother was fixing her up with a man she knew was already in a serious relationship. It just spoke volumes to me about what type of people Darin and Darlie Kee were. Most mothers go out of their way to try and stop their daughters from dating. They don't introduce them to men who are already in another relationship.

Darlie was young enough that Darin could groom her any way he wanted. That is how I viewed that relationship. Darlie went from an average girl to looking like a super model most of the time. It made me sick when Darin was questioned about her implants. He actually bragged about it and told the prosecutor he wanted them more than Darlie did. It just reminded me of when Darin was telling the officer how lucky he got when the knife missed her implants. You can excuse some bad behavior but this was just way too much, way too creepy.

Over the years it looked to me as though Darlie had settled into life as a mother and wife. She was a stay home mom with her three boys. Cooked all the meals kept a perfect home. I think Darlie was very content with her life nothing like what Greg Davis described. Darlie chose to stay home and raise her boys. That is the hardest job there is.

In my opinion Darin had to always out do the next guy. He had to have the best house, the biggest house, the most toys and more importantly he had to have the best looking wife and that cost money.

Darin always found ways to bring extra cash in the home to keep up with his living it large life. He would use his boat to take people on tours around the lake for profit. He was involved in drugs to an extent where he was deeply in debt. He frequently used cocaine and other drugs as well. That is not who Darlie was. At one point they were living the life of swingers. Not sure how many partners they had or to what extent they lived that life. I don't believe that was her idea.

When Darin ran into financial issues he didn't have any problem resorting to crime. In 1993 he stole his own jag car and reported stolen to police so he could collect the insurance on it.

I get it that theft and insurance fraud is a far fetch from murder but there was no doubt Darin would go to extremes when he needed money.

At the time of the murders Darin was more desperate for money than he had ever been before. His employee Barbara Jovell was right in the middle of that scandal. Just like she was when she set up that black car at the Routier house for Darin. She said herself she did believe at first it was about a robbery but after the murders she realized it wasn't. She could have gone to the police herself but she was so deep in drugs herself she couldn't risk getting arrested again.

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Darin Routier was never even a suspect, was never investigated, and free to roam the area around that crime scene on his own for over three hours before he finally left to go to his family at the hospital. Like I said everyone dropped the ball on Darin once Detective Patterson took over thatcase. Officer Waddell was the only one thinking like a detective in my opinion. Once he saw Darin whispering to Darlie he separated him from her right away. Darin made every attempt to stay close to Darlie even bringing that nurse back as an excuse to get near her again. He then tired to force himself in that medic van but he was removed. Not Detective Patterson

I spoke to the first responding officer many times I asked him if he ever suspected Darin of the murders and he told me at first they all did. I asked him what it was about Darin that made you suspicious. Outside of his sickening perverted comments about Darlie he said he wouldn't leave that crime scene. His family was dying and dead and his only interest was what was going on with the detectives and the crime scene.

Officer Waddell told me that he told Darlie and Darin to sit by the sliding doors and while they checked the garage. He said Darlie and Darin sat there whispering to each other and that was very suspicious he said. He said all this went on while Damon lay right in front of them gasping for air, trying to move while swimming in pool of his own blood.

He told me at one point he told both Darlie and Darin to help Damon and he said neither of them did.

I asked Waddell if he was aware that Darin had instructed Darlie not to touch or move Damon. I went on to ask Waddell if he was aware that Darin bragged, he had over 7 years of cpr training and there he was knowing his son was bleeding out right in front of him and he knew Damon needed pressure on those wounds and he not only denied him help but he instructed Darlie not to touch him either. That is beyond evil in my opinion.

Darin convinced Darlie not to say anything about the problems in their marriage. He knew he would immediately become the main suspect. Instead of telling the truth about Darin, Darlie chose to lie and paint him as this perfect father and husband. It made me physically sick to read her testimony describing that man.

At the time of murders Darin was broke, he was desperate for money, he was losing his family because Darlie told him she wanted to separate. He was in serious debt with drugs, his mortgage was late, credit cards maxed, and he promised to take Darlie on that extended trip back home so she could attend her grandparents 50th anniversary. That wasn't happening.

What does Darin do, he throws Darlie under the bus in his first police statement he wrote

First, he says Darlie was downstairs sleeping because her sons crib made a noise on the floor at it would wake her. He knew that was a lie. She was there because they were fighting and had been fighting for several days. Darin would not come forward and tell the truth about this for years after she was on death row. Damon was sleeping in her room by her choice not his. She was worried her son would climb over the crib rails and fall. He was much stronger than your average baby that age and that concerned her. It didn't concern Darin though. He asked Darlie if he could spend the night on the sofa with her and he had no issues leaving baby Drake upstairs alone.

Then Darin blames Darlie for why the boys couldn't play baseball. He said she was busy with the baby, didn't have time. What was stopping Darin from taking his children? He was self employed and his business was the slowest at that time it had ever been.

Then he goes on to describe how Darlie had plans to go to Cancun? He painted her like a self serving greedy uncaring parent and people wonder why Greg Davis publicly slandered her before during and after the trial. Darin knew she didn't have money to go to Mexico. He said those things to make her look bad.

The more I dug into this guy the more repulsed I became. For some reason Darin was acting untouchable reminded me of Drew Peterson. I read the comments from the officers at the scene where Darin was cracking jokes about how lucky he got that the knife missed her implants.

He would ask them if they noticed how beautiful she was and how big her breasts were. They were repulsed by his comments yet nobody looked at this as a suspect? How was that even possible?

As far as motives go Darin had every possible motive there was to murder his family and nobody bothered to investigate this guy.

Why was Darin untouchable and why wasn't he separated and investigated immediately after the police arrived?

This is my opinion based on information I got from transcripts, statements, police reports and personal conversations with people close to the case.

The second I learned about Detective Patterson and his involvement in this case I immediately became suspicious. Patterson was a narcotics detective. He had never handled a murder case let alone a double murder. He just magically appeared at this crime scene when drugs were never mentioned. Why was he there and who called him?

Within the hour he is there on the crime scene. Before anyone knew it he took the lead in this case. How is that even possible? Then I began to dig more into this situation. I quickly learned that Darin was friends with Chad Patterson who was this lead detectives son.

At the time Chad was facing serious criminal charges drugs drive by shooting. These charges he was facing were not minor charges and the second Patterson got there he should have been removed from that case completely due to his serious conflict of interest but that never happened.

Darins employee Barbara Jovell was also involved in drugs. She had been in trouble many times with the law. In less than an hour Barbara showed up at the scene and she called Detective Patterson over to tell him about this black car that was stalking the house.

What was shocking to me is the reason she was there was because Darin called Darlies sister Dana to have her call Jovell to get over to the house to give a statement about that black car. Greg Davis knew about this phone call and questioned Darin about it. Darin doesn't call his family, her family he calls the woman that Darlie accused him of having an affair with to have her call his employee who set up and staged this black car to give a false police statement? If I didn't know this stuff was true I would find it impossible to believe.

What most people don't know at this point is Darin and Barbara Jovell had staged that black car to stalk his house. Darin told Barbara Jovell he was doing this to make it appear that someone was scoping that house out to rob it. I spoke to Barbara myself and that is what she told me. At the time she didn't think Darin was involved in the murder of the boys but now she has a change of heart.

At first I do believe Darins plan was to do the home robbery and collect the insurance but the more I thought about that didn't make sense at all for a number of reasons.

Darin had a lot to hide at that point. He knew if he went on vacation with Darlie for those two weeks all his debts were going to be exposed because the overdue bills would be coming in the mail. How was a home robbery going to help Darin get his wife to Pennsylvania? He didn't need money a month from then, he needed it now. The only time that the house could be robbed was if it was vacant. Those plans clearly changed.

Jovell told me neither her nor Darin ever told or warned Darlie about this black car stalking the house. If this was really happening and Darin was concerned enough about this car to call his sister-in-law to give a statement about it why didn't he ever warn Darlie in those few weeks he claimed, he saw that car?

To further make my point Darin brought in Jovells mother to help in the house but that isn't the real reason he brought her into his house. He needed to have witnesses to this black car stalking the house. As it just so happens Jovells mother was there only two days when she just happens to look out the window and see this black car in the alley parked with the driver looking in the windows of the garage. I checked the court transcripts and Darlie testified she knew nothing about that black car and both Darin and Jovell said they never told her about it. Any man concerned for his wife's safety would have warned his wife immediately but not Darin.

I learned later that Detective Jimmy Patterson's son drove a black car. He frequented the Routier home. Three days after the murders Chad had that black car of his crushed. He was already facing a drive by shooting and then I wondered if Darin was actually trying to frame Chad Patterson for this crime. To make matters worse weeks after the murders Chads girlfriend ended up dead in the same lake where Darin stored his boat. That is still an open investigation.

Darlie Kee was also made statements that Chad Patterson was contacting Darlie's lawyers secretary to get information on her case. I believe he was doing this on behalf of Darin. Apparently Chad knew the secretary who worked for Darlie's lawyer. She was later fired. I have no trouble believing that Darlie Kee made this statement to also make Chad Patterson look as though he was guilty. Darlie and Kee and Darin are still thick and thieves together. Apparently she has no issues still socializing with Darin and his wife. I wanted to know why Darlie's mother fought so hard to protect her son in law? She had no problem publicly lying about evidence that she knew implicated Darin.

I don't believe Chad Patterson crushed his car because he was afraid of being a suspect here, I think he crushed it because of the criminal charges he was facing for the drive by shooting.

I was beginning to understand why this narcotics detective injected himself right in the middle of this case. He knew if Darin became a suspect he knew his son was going to drug right in the middle of it. I don't believe Detective Patterson was blind to his sons drug activities.

They found cocaine in Darins room during the investigation. It wasn't cocaine that was tucked away so the boys couldn't get at it. It was on a mirror next to a razor blade and in my opinion Darin obviously used after he went to bed at 1am. This would explain his crazy behavior. Darin was alert about everything in that house. That isn't what happens when a person is woken from a dead sleep as he had claimed. When Darin went upstairs I believe he dumped his coke and put on his glasses. He just failed to clean the mirror and razor blade.

When I saw this picture of Detective Patterson patting Darin on the back while taking Darlie into the police station I got cold chills.

Darin said he didn't know that Darlie was about to be arrested.  He just happen to show up at the police station and have a bible in his had that he flashed to the reporters?  Sickening.

Darin said he didn't know that Darlie was about to be arrested. He just happen to show up at the police station and have a bible in his had that he flashed to the reporters? Sickening.

Summing up the lies Darin told to police and prosecutors.

I want to explain why these lies Darin told were so important in proving Darlie was innocent. There is no doubt if the jury had heard this testimony from Darin they never would have convicted her.

Darin made a huge deal about that cpr he did on Devon. Darlie's lawyer put on a hell of a performance. Telling the jury ahead of time how this was going to shocking testimony. He built Darin up to be a super hero. It was so sickening. Darin then began the same lie about this cpr that he had been telling for months and I just felt sick when I read this knowing it was all a complete lie.

I wanted to give a heads up about the enormous amount of lies Darin told during this court hearing. This hearing right here should have been enough to get Greg Davis to stop the prosecution on Darlie but it didn't.


The first lie Darin told was when he told police there were no issues in his marriage. There were serious issues and Darlie was threatening to leave him. She accused him of cheating with her sister. They had a serious fight just hours before the murders. This is not gossip or speculation its fact. In the court documents there is an affidavit Darin signed admitting that he had lied about the state of their marriage. Darin convinced Darlie this would put her in a bad position and she was to naive to realize what he was doing to her.


Darin lied under oath when he said he went to Karen Neals before the police arrived. He admitted he was absent from the house when Darlie screamed out at 2 minutes 32 seconds into the 911 call. He said he went to Karen Neals. That is not the truth so where did he go?


Darin then told Davis a completely different timeline that he went to Karen Neals. He told him he ran out only after this intruder ran out right when officer Waddell arrived. This was almost 4 minutes into the 911 call. We know once again that was a lie.


Darin then told Davis he was absent from the house right after officer Waddell came in and he returned just before the second officer came down the hall. Again lied to Davis and now this is the third time he claims he left that house to go to Karen Neals. By this point Davis already knew the second officer parked by the alley saw a man running down that alley. He didn't realize at the time it was Darin but Greg Davis did. Officer Waddell knew it was Darin who put that sock in the alley.


Darin lied to Davis when he told him officer Waddell came in and didn't say a word. Davis knew Darin was lying. He knew by that 911 call Waddell was talking the whole time and he trapped Darin by asking him what they talked about. Darin couldn't tell him because he wasn't there. He was in that back alley and Davis knew this and he kept this from the jury. Davis out right accused Darlie of planting that sock when he knew for a fact Darin was absent from that house at least three times that day before he was told to leave and go to Karen Neals.


Darin didn't just lie to Karen Neal when he finally went to her house. He took it so far that he put on this horrific show pretending that he was there because he needed her help with his family. I spoke to officer Waddell about this and I asked him why weren't you guys suspicious when Darin put on that fake performance running over to Karen Neals pretending to need her help. Waddell knew Darin was sent over there just to get him out of the house off that crime scene. Darin never missed a trick.


One of the most horrific lies Darin told to Davis was when he told him that he didn't try to help Damon because he had no pulse before the police arrived. To be clear here Damon is the son who was alive for almost 10 minutes after Darlie dialed 911. For those who say Darlie didn't call 911 right away, that is completely false. According to the doctors they said Damon could live up to 9 minutes after he was attacked. This proves she did dial 911 as soon as she possibly could have. Davis didn't even confront Darin when Darin told him this out right lie. Davis knew Damon was alive moving gasping for air and swimming in a pool of his own blood right in front of Darin. What kind of a father does this? If Darlie was the one who murdered the boys she has several chances to murder Damon when Darin kept sneaking out of the house and going upstairs. Why did she leave alive for the police and medics to get to him? Damon was alive because Darlie never him alone with Darin. Damon was crawling towards Darin in that living room he was crawling towards his mother. He was looking up at officer Waddell and Darlie with complete fear in his eyes. That is what Waddell said. It was Darlie who was angry with the boys that day, it was Darin.


When Darin was asked about Damon again he had a completely different story about Damon. He told Davis he didn't help Damon because he didn't know he was hurt? Damon was drained of every drop of his blood when he was removed from that house. The medic who took him out testifed to that. He was laying on light colored floor and Darin says he didn't help that boy because he didn't know he was hurt? I feel sick and angry every time I write about this. Greg Davis had all this evidence and more against Darin and he sat on it keeping this from that jury.


Darin lied about the table tipping on Devon and that being the reason he didn't stop at Damon first. It is proven fact that table did not fall on Devon yet Greg Davis kept this from the jury as well.


Darin lied about checking on Damon when he was taken from the house.


He lied about going to bed to sleep that night. It was obvious Darin didnt go upstairs to bed to sleep. He didn't remove his contacts or his clothes. If he had he wouldn't have been wearing underpants when he showed up at the hospital. He told Greg Davis he went to bed naked that night. His entire police statement was a lie.


He lied about having his glasses on when he came down stairs


He lied about going back upstairs to put his pants on. Darin said he went upstairs only after the police in. So that meant he was naked when the officer walked in. Davis confronted Darin about this. He told him then you were naked when the police came in and Darin quickly changed his mind and said he forgot when he put his pants on. It was so obvious Davis knew exactly what Darin had done.


He lied about the cut screen and Davis confronted him about that lie. Darin gave two completely different stories.


Darin lied about ripping his jeans while fixing that back fence. All the officers said that gate was not fixed as Darin claimed.

I will be adding much more to this list later on.

This is the hearing Darin testified at for the state. Greg Davis was able to completely expose Darin and his lies.

This is the bond hearing I came across after reaching out to Officer Waddell and learning the truth about what really happened regarding Darlies' husband Darin.

This hearing took place in August of 1996 before Darlie went to trial. I believe the evidence and lies that were exposed during this hearing were the reasons why Darlles' original court appointed lawyers fought so desperately to implicate her husband, Darin.

Instead of implicating Darin they chose to fire those court appointed lawyers and hire Doug Mulder under the condition he not implicate Darin in the crime. The trial transcripts speak for themselves. Darin was never implicated, and the jury didn't hear any of this evidence that would have changed the outcome of her trial.

Darlie was arrested 12 days after the murders. The lead detective in her case was not a homicide detective, he happens to be the father of a friend of Darins' who was involved in drugs and other criminal activity. At the time this detective took over this case his son was facing serious criminal charges including drugs and a drive by shooting.

In my opinion Darin was never implicated in the crime because his association with this detective's son would have injected him right in the middle of this case. It was not a good look to be involved in the double murder of two children when you are already facing serious criminal charges.

Narcotics Detective Jimmy Patterson was notified immediately after Darlie dialed 911. He arrived at the scene less than an hour later. He immediately took over the case and Darin was free to roam that crime scene for over three hours after Darlie and Damon were taken to the hospital.

He wasn't questioned for three hours later and when he was questioned it was done by Detective Patterson and off Chris Frosch. I will also add that officer Frosch is the cousin to the man who drove Darin to the hospital that morning. Darin was the only other adult in that house who had the most information and who could have murdered the boys and he was questioned for less than 30 minutes and allowed to go and see Darlie immediately after she woke from surgery? Nobody is ever going to convince me there was no corruption going on here.

I believe Darin may have intended on framing Chad Patterson for the crime. The reason I say this is because Chad was in serious trouble at the time. He drove a black car as well and three days after the murders he crushed that car of his. This is a boy who's father was lead of this case. He was a narcotics cop and his son destroyed evidence in a possible crime?

According to the detectives Darin was in debt for drugs for over 200 thousand dollars and it isn't known who he owed that money too. If he were to be implicated or charged in this crime, there would be no way for anyone to get paid out for that drug debt. Had Darlie died that morning Darin would have collected over 500 thousand dollars as well as money for damages to the house.

In my opinion this case had serious flaws from the second Darlie dialed 911. I don't believe she ever had a chance at a fair trial.

Before Darlie went to trial Greg Davis was publicly slandering her causing the state of Texas to refer to her as their own Susan Smith.

This is Darin Routiers' testimony when the state called him as a witness. Even though she was facing the death penalty there appeared to be no truth coming from her husband.

This hearing took place prior to the trial


15 was called as a witness, for the State of Texas, having
16 been first duly sworn by the Court to speak the truth, the
17 whole truth, and nothing but the truth, testified in open
18 court, as follows:

There is absolutely no way that this prosecutor did not know Darlies' husband was lying through his teeth during this testimony under oath. He confronted Darin about many of his lies but never followed through on charging him with perjury. He never considered dropping the case against Darlie even though he knew this case screamed corruption.

As I get into this testimony, I am going to inject other evidence that contradicts Darins' statements he made in this testimony. I won't be posting the entire documents, but I will reference where the information came from so anyone interested can do their own investigation.


23 Q. Sir, would you please state your full
24 name?
25 A. Darin Eugene Routier.
1 Q. Okay. Mr. Routier, are you the husband
2 of the defendant Darlie Routier?
3 A. Yes, sir.
4 Q. Okay. On June the 6th, 1996 were y'all
5 living at 5801 Eagle Drive in Rowlett, Texas?
6 A. Yes, sir.

Q. Mr. Routier, that evening, or in the early morning hours of June 6th of 1996, what time did go to bed?
A. About 1:00 o'clock.

At the time Davis questioned Darin he knew a lot about this case. He already spoke to Barbara Jovell. Jovell told him about the affair, she told him about the fight they had and that Darlie wanted to separate. Davis knew Darin did not go upstairs and go right to sleep that morning. How many people can go to bed and go to sleep right after a horrific fight with their mate? I know I can't.
11 Q. And at the time that you went to bed,
12 where was your wife?
13 A. She was downstairs on the couch.
14 Q. Okay. Were your two sons, Damon an
15 Devon also down there?
16 A. Yes, they were.
17 Q. Sir, at the time that you went to bed,
18 was there any blood on the kitchen floor downstairs that
19 you noticed?
20 A. No.
21 Q. How about in your utility room?
22 A. No.
23 Q. How about in your -- what I have been
24 calling the family room, or did y'all have another name
25 for that room?
1 A. The Roman room.
2 Q. Okay. The Roman room. Did you notice
3 any blood on the carpet when you went to bed?
4 A. No.
5 Q. Was there any broken glass on the
6 kitchen floor when you went to bed?
7 A. No.
8 Q. Was there any blood in the kitchen sink
9 when you went to bed?
10 A. No.
11 Q. Was there any blood on the cabinet work
12 in front of the kitchen sink?
13 A. No.
14 Q. Do you recall a vacuum cleaner being
15 turned over in the kitchen at the time that you went to
16 sleep?
17 A. No.

18 Q. Mr. Routier, what is the first thing
19 that woke you up?

20 A. Glass breaking and Darlie screaming.

I am going to point out some facts here about this statement. I think of all the changes he made to his stories this really got my attention.

In his police statement he wrote on June 8th, 1996 he never said a word about hearing glass break. He never mentioned this at all until after he realizes they were questioning why it took so long for Darin to get downstairs. All this statement did was make Darin appear more suspicious.

First of all there is no way in hell he was able to hear that wine glass break and there are several reasons for this. First of all, he said he was sound asleep upstairs in a 3400 square foot home on a completely different floor.

If that doesn't convince you this couldn't be true then picture the big screen tv being on at that time. If that still doesn't cause you concern then think about Darlies' Pom dog who was upstairs at the time Darin was sleeping. Every witness at the scene testified and gave statements that this dog barked at everything and everyone all day long. He would start barking before anyone reached the door. He would continue to bark frantically until he saw who or what was making the motions. Davis knew this about this dog when he questioned Darin at this time.

What is most suspicious here is that dog was too small to come down the stairs on his own. He was never locked up day or night. He was always free to roam the halls but on this particular morning that dog had been locked up earlier and we know this by the 911 call. That dog was heard barking only after Darin went back upstairs just before the police arrived. The reason Darin knew the police were arriving right away was because officer Waddell heard the call over the radio and was 1.9 miles from the Routier house. He said he turned on his siren and flashers to rush to the Routier house. Darin knew way ahead of time Waddell was on his way.

When Darin went back upstairs 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the 911 call we hear that dog bark for the first time proving that he had opened the door to where he locked that dog up earlier. Why would he lock the dog up? Because he knew that dog would be screaming the second the attack started on Darlie and the boys.

I publicly posted my thoughts calling Darin out on this for years and then I see that he did his last interview where he completely retracted this part of his story. All of sudden Darin is telling the world he heard nothing not a sound till he heard Darlie screaming.

21 Q. All right. And you were sleeping up in
22 the master bedroom, correct?
23 A. That's correct, with my little son.
24 Q. All right. And, how long had you been
25 asleep when you heard the glass break and Darlie
1 screaming?
2 A. Probably an hour or hour and 15
3 minutes.

I am going to post my opinions based on what we know now and what Darin has confessed too since the trial. At the time of this statement Darin claimed there were no issues in the marriage, and he didn't tell the police that they had been fighting and Darlie told him she wanted a separation. She confronted Darin about an affair she believed Darin and her sister Dana were having. This was confirmed earlier that day when Barbara Jovell showed up at her house to pick up her mother. Barbara spoke to Darlie about Darin and Dana and that is why she fled that house the second she heard Darin and Dana pull up to the house.

4 Q. Now you wear glasses; correct?
5 A. Yes.
6 Q. What did you do when you heard the
7 glass break and Darlie scream?
8 A. The first thing I did was grab my
9 glasses.

I am going to jumping back and forth between Darlie's' statements and Darins statements at this time. Darin made a huge issue about his glasses and at first, I couldn't really understand why but as I began to dig into this case, I realized why his glasses were so important.

Darin is almost blind without his glasses or contacts. He made a point of going into detail about his glasses but when Darlie gave her statement she said when she first saw Darin, he didn't have his glasses on. She said he had on his jeans and that was all. That told me Darin didn't go to bed to sleep that night. He still had his contacts in from the night before. This next line of questioning from Davis just confirmed that for me.

To further point out Darins's lies I have to go to his police statement again. Darin was specific when he said in his police statement that he went back upstairs after the police entered the house to put his jeans on.

I contacted that officer, and he told me Darin met him outside of that house and he had jeans on. Darin would later change this story as well after he is confronted by the prosecution for his lies. Darin said in his statement he ran downstairs and out of the house to Karen Neals house.

We know for a fact that didn't happen, but he just confirmed for us that he was upstairs just before Waddell pulled up.

10 Q. How were you clothed when you were
11 sleeping?
12 A. I was nude.
13 Q. All right. Did you clothe yourself in
14 any way before you went downstairs?
15 A. I put my pants on.

-Right here this second Greg Davis knew for a fact Darin was lying He knows for a fact that Darin was very specific in his police statement when he described going back upstairs to put his pants on after the police entered the house. Every time Davis was able to trap Darin in a lie, he simply moved on as though he didn't want to confront him. I don't understand why.

16 Q. All right. And then did you proceed
17 straight downstairs?
18 A. As fast as I could.
19 Q. Did you go into the Roman room?
20 A. Yes, sir.

At this point here Greg Davis is fully aware that Darin claimed in his police report that his attention went right to his son Devon who was the furthest away because he said he looked over and saw the glass table tipped over on top of Devon. We know for a fact that was an outright lie. That was proven by the investigators the first day.

21 Q. What did you see when you went into the
22 Roman room?
23 A. Devon laying on the floor.
24 Q. Okay. Now we have seen certain
25 photographs where Devon's body is over across the Roman
1 room, close to the big screen television, is that where
2 you saw his body?
3 A. Yes, sir.
4 Q. Was he still face up when you were over
5 there to look at him?
6 A. Yes, sir.

Notice here how Darin does not mention one word about that coffee table falling on top of Devon. It has been 2 months since the murders so who knows how much of the investigation Darin was able to learn. Darin was very specific in his police statement when he described how his attention went right to Devon when he got downstairs because he saw that glass table tipped over on top of him and here he says nothing at all about that table? Does he know that the investigators knew that the table had never fallen on Devon?

7 Q. What was his condition when you saw
8 him?
9 A. Lifeless, two wounds in his chest, eyes
10 open, looking up at me, no movement.
11 Q. So his eyes were open?
12 A. Yes, sir.

There is no doubt Darin knew and announced that Devon was dead when he first got to him. This is why I continue to harp about that cpr Darin claims he did on Devon before the police arrived. Darin may have done something with Devon at first but that horrific cpr he continues to describe in detail in every interview did not happen when he first came down. Officer Waddell watched Darin do that cpr and gave those exact details of what Darin described and claimed happened before he came in. There is no doubt Darin has lied about this cpr because he knows anyone with cpr training would have realized that Darin knew Devon was dead long before that officer came in and he knew everyone would realize that the cpr he did on Devon in front of that officer was completely fake.

13 Q. When you first came into the Roman
14 room, where was your wife?
15 A. She was following behind me. When I
16 ran down the stairs I went past the -- into the entrance

17 way, down the hallway, and went straight over to Damon --
18 I mean, over to Devon.

This slip up here is so important because Darin always claimed he never saw Damon when he first came down and that is why he never stopped to help him. That is why Darin made up that lie about the glass table tipping over on top of Devon. He made up that lie for an excuse why he ran past his living son Damon to get to the son he knew was already gone.

What is even more sickening is the lie Darin told about Darlie screaming out Devons' name over and over was so telling.

He does these interviews where he works himself up and screams out Devens name desperately trying to convince everyone the reason he went to Devon first was because of Darlie screaming out his name. Darlie's' statement is different. She said she screamed out Darins' name. These details were obvious to me once I knew what I was looking at. Greg Davis knew all of this at time he questioned Darin.

19 Q. Well, where was she -- when you first
20 saw her, after you came downstairs, where was your wife
21 when you first saw her?
22 A. She followed behind me and she went to
23 the phone.
24 Q. All right. Well, maybe I'm not making
25 it clear.
1 A. Oh, was she in the kitchen? Or which
2 room?
3 Q. Which room was she in when you first
4 saw her?
5 A. Pretty much in the middle of the -- all
6 of the two rooms, you know, right by the bar, at the end
7 of the bar, she grabbed the phone and then she was by the
8 sink.






9 Q. So --
10 A. Kind of right in the hallway, where the
11 Roman room, the hallway and the kitchen is all -- she was
12 in that area, in between the kitchen.
13 Q. Okay.

Darlie and Darin were very specific in the details when giving that original false alibi for Darin. We know now she could not have seen where Darin came from let alone out of his room or down those stairs. She didn't know if he was in his room or not. I don't want to make excuses for Darlie as to why she lied for Darin but I do believe he convinced her he was not that intruder and because Darlie was not 100 percent sure she chose to believe and support him. I never saw anything in past behavior that would make me think Darlie was malicious person.

15 MR. GREG DAVIS: Could I approach, your
16 Honor?
17 THE COURT: You may.

20 Q. Mr. Routier, let me show you
21 Defendant's Exhibit No. 1. Do you recognize that as a
22 floorplan of your house?
23 A. Yes, sir.
24 Q. If you could, if you could put a D-1 on
25 this diagram where your wife was when your first saw her?
1 A. When I first saw her?
2 Q. When you first saw her when you came
3 downstairs.
4 A. I ran down the stairs, and came all the
5 way up the hallway, she was here at the bottom of
6 stairs --
7 Q. All right.
8 A. Until I went --
9 Q. Okay. If you would then, just put a
10 D-1 then wherever she first was when you saw her?
11 A. Okay. That is where I saw her when I
12 was at the top the stairs.
13 Q. All right. And then, did you say that
14 you came downstairs and then your wife followed you into
15 the Roman room; is that correct?
16 A. Right, that's correct.

Again Greg Davis knew for a fact that this version of Darins' story did not match the alibi both of them gave to the police or wrote in their statements. Darin said he pushed past her when he got to the bottom of the stairs but this testimony proves without any doubt there was no possible way he could have seen Darlie in that spot while standing at the top of the stairs as he claimed.

17 Q. Did you go straight over to Devon?
18 A. I went straight over to Devon.
19 Q. Where was Damon?
20 A. Damon was laying right here where this
21 slash is.
22 Q. All right. If you would, if you will
23 just write Damon?
24 A. Okay. (Witness complies.)
25 Q. And then, if you will write Devon where
1 Devon was.
2 A. (Witness complies.)
3 Q. When you came into the room, could you
4 see Damon also?
5 A. I didn't see him.

Again we have Darin contradicting his own statements. First he claims he didn't stop with Damon because he didn't see him and in the same breath he is saying he ran right past him. There is absolutely no possible way Darin did not see Damon.

More importantly if Darin got there before Darlie dialed 911 Damon would have been standing and not laying down as Darin claimed. Darlie said she got Damon to lay down and then she went to get the phone. Darin was clearly nowhere to be found at that point.

I ran right past
6 him. Darlie was screaming Devon, Devon, Devon, while I
7 was running down the stairs, so I ran straight over to
8 Devon.
9 Q. When you came into this Roman room and
10 you went to Devon, did your wife follow you over to Devon?
11 A. Not at that point.
12 Q. Okay. What did she --
13 A. She went straight to the phone -- she
14 went straight to the sink to get towels.
15 Q. Okay. Where was the telephone?
16 A. The telephone is right here on this
17 wall.
18 Q. And is this a cordless telephone?
19 A. Yes, sir, it is.
20 Q. And so, you went to Devon, and then at
21 that time she went over and picked up the telephone; is
22 that right?
23 A. That's right.
24 Q. Could you hear her making a telephone
25 call?
1 A. Yes, I could.
2 Q. And, who was she calling?
3 A. 911.

4 Q. How long did you stay over here with
5 Devon?
6 A. Probably three to four minutes.

This is probably the most obvious shocking lie that Darin told that caused me to take a serious hard look at his versions of the story.

During this testimony you see numerous times where Greg Davis catches Darin in a lie.

Darin did not stay with Devon doing cpr on him for those 4 minutes and I want to explain in detail why this lie was important to Darin and to him using this lie to trick and manipulate this entire situation.

This also explains why Darin lied about meeting that officer in the front yard. He knew if it was proven that he stopped the cpr on Devon and walked away it proved that he knew for a fact when he went back to Devon several minutes later to do that cpr on him in front of Officer Waddell it proved without any doubt he faked that cpr and he already knew Devon was dead but more importantly he also knew that Damon was alive moving breathing and bleeding out. He knew Damon was in desperate need of pressure on his wounds and not only did Darin deny Damon any help whatsoever for almost 10 minutes he also instructed Darlie not to touch or move Damon. They both admitted to this.

I spoke to Officer Waddell in detail and explained to him why Darin lied about not meeting him outside and how he had lied to the prosecution saying he never left Devons side in those entire 4 minutes until he arrived.

Darin tricked everyone into believing that he never stopped the cpr on Devon for those 4 minutes using that as his lie, his excuse as to why he never tried to help Darlie or Damon.

Darin would later make up several different lies and excuses as to why he never tried to help the other living victims.

One of the first rules in cpr training is you never stop cpr on a victim unless/unless you know for sure they are dead and there is other victims is desperate need of help. This is why Darin claimed he didn't know Darlie was hurt.

Darin would go as far as to claim Damon didn't even have a pulse before the police arrived. We know for a fact Damon lived for almost 10 minutes after Darlie called 911. This was proven stated by witness after witness.

Waddell testified and made statements of how he stopped Darin outside and Darin ran back into that house right past Damon who was gasping for air, looking up scared swimming in a pool of his own blood and Darin is telling Davis here in this hearing that Damon had no pulse even before the first officer arrived? He never saw him move or try and crawl?

There is no way in hell Greg Davis didn't know exactly what Darin did here. This is only the beginning of the horrific lies Darin would tell this prosecutor.

I get so emotional at this point I can hardly contain my repulsion and anger for this man did to his family and got away with it knowing the prosecutor knew the whole time what Darin did here.

7 Q. All right. Where was your wife during
8 the time that you were with Devon?
9 A. She was in the kitchen getting kitchen
10 towels out of the thing. I could hear the water running,
11 and then she took him over -- and brought towels over to
12 Damon.
13 Q. So, you actually -- is it your
14 testimony today, that you actually saw her go to the
15 kitchen sink?
16 A. Yeah.
17 Q. How many times have you met with the
18 Rowlett Police Department about this case?
19 A. Four to five times.
20 Q. Okay. When is the first time that you
21 told them that your wife went over to that kitchen sink?
22 A. Probably the second or third time.
23 Q. Isn't the truth is that you never have
24 mentioned that to the police, have you?
25 A. Well, I remember seeing it.

I have to stop right here and explain something regarding statements the medics and officers made regarding the towels on the boys. First of all Darlie did put a towel on Damon but by the time Waddell came in the front door that towel had fallen behind Damon and it was shown in police photos pressed up against the wall. There was no possible way Waddell could have known Darlie put that towel on Damon.

More importantly Waddell did instruct both Darin and Darlie to go over and help Damon and the reason Darlie was standing distant from Damon was because Darin deliberately instructed Darlie not to touch or move Damon. Darin knew for a fact Damon was bleeding out. When he was removed from the house the medic testified Damon had zero blood in his body. Darin knew for a fact Damon needed pressure on those wounds and he had over 9 minutes to try and help that boy and he denied him and he lied to Darlie giving her false information telling her she could do more damage to Damon if she touched or tried to move him. You will hear those words from Darins's own lips during this testimony.

For the longest time officer Waddell believed that Darin had actually been trying to save Devon. It wasn't until I exposed Darins' lies regarding the cpr he claimed he did on Devon before he got there that he realized what Darin had really done.

1 Q. Okay. But you never did tell the
2 police, did you?
3 A. I don't recall.
4 Q. Okay.
5 A. I was busy.
6 Q. Um-hum.
7 A. I was giving CPR, pumping his chest.
9 THE COURT: Pardon me, sir, you are
10 going to need to speak up a little bit. I know you are
11 answering his --

Greg Davis could have put a stop to this injustice right here and now because he knew for a fact Darin was lying through his teeth. He knew officer Waddell did not lie about Darin running out towards him when he arrived.

Officer Waddell was transferred right after the murders. He didn't know the details about this case he wasn't part of the investigation and he sure as hell didn't know anything about the neighbors testimony. He didn't know that Mr Gorsuch saw and heard everything from the second he pulled up to the house. He woke from his bed when he heard the siren. He sat up in his bed and watched Waddell pull up to the house get out of his car and he heard him scream at Darin to stop. He heard Darin telling officer Waddell his wife and kids were stabbed. His statement matched Waddells words almost word for word yet both Darlie and Darin denied this ever happened?

Greg Davis knew at this point why Darin lied about meeting Waddell outside. He knew when Darin ran back into that house and past his living son Damon to go back to Devon and pretend to not know he was dead and had been dead for almost 4 minutes.

He knew Darin lied when he said Damon had no pulse even before the police got there. He knew there was no possible way Darin didn't see or hear Damon gasping for air when he came back into that house and ran past him to get to Devon.

Davis also knew that Darin did that horrific fake cpr on Devon for those fews seconds before he stood up and once again announced Devon dead. He knew by the 911 call and Darins own statements Devon was already dead before Darlie called 911.

12 THE WITNESS: Okay, I'm sorry.
13 THE COURT: -- questions, but I need to
14 get your answers.
15 THE WITNESS: Okay. I'm sorry.
16 THE COURT: Thank you.
19 Q. Well, let's take your testimony today.
20 After you saw your wife get on this telephone, was she on
21 the telephone still while she was over here at the kitchen
22 sink?
23 A. I think about at the same time, I mean,
24 like I said, I was concerned about Devon. I didn't even
25 know that she was hurt,

Darin doesn't miss a beat here. He makes sure to tell Davis he didn't know Darlie was injured. There is no possible way he didn't see the injuries to Darlies throat and arm. She was bleeding all over the place by that point. Again he lies to make excuses as to why he never helped his wife at that time.

I didn't even know that Damon was laying down.

Seriously? I am supposed to believe Greg Davis didn't know what Darin was doing here? He said earlier he ran right past his son but realized his mistake and back tracked to say he didn't see Damon. No way in hell he got to Devon without seeing Damon first.

2 Q. Well, did I understand you to say that
3 when you came into this Roman room, you went to Devon;
4 correct?
5 A. I went to Devon straight.

6 Q. The very first thing your wife did, is
7 she went to this telephone and started to make a telephone
8 call that you presumed to be to 911; correct?
9 A. I just presumed that, yes.

DARIN ASSUMED SHE CALLED 911? Let me explain why Darin made this sickening comment. Right after the murders Darin made a phone call. He didn't call Darlies mother instead he called Darlies' 16 year old sister and the only reason he called her at that time was to instruct her to get Barabara Jovell to his house right away to give Detective Jimmy Patterson that false statement about the black car him and Jovell staged at his house over the past two weeks.

Darin and Jovell lied at first about what time she showed up at the Routier house but when I spoke to her she told me she showed up less than an hour after the murders because Darin told her to give that statement to Patterson. Sure enough I went the court documents and Patterson testifed that Jovell was there giving him that statement at 3:30am that morning. Darlie didn't know this, and Darin told her Jovell didn't go to their house until later that afternoon. Darlie had asked Jovell to pick up some of her private things from the house.

If anyone has any doubts check out Pattersons testimony. He got the call about this case less than a half hour after Darlie dialed 911. He was already on the scene before 330am, less than an hour after she dialed 911. Guess who was there waiting at 330am to give detective Patterson that false statement about the black car stalking the house? Thats right. Barbara Jovell called Detective Patterson over at 330am to give him that false statement about this black car. A car Darlie knew nothing about. Jovell told me herself Darin asked her to find someone to stalk his house to make it appear someone was scoping out his house.

10 Q. All right. And then the next thing
11 that you recall her doing, after she picks up the
12 telephone and starts making this telephone call, is she
13 goes to where, to a drawer, or to a kitchen sink or where
14 does she go to first?
15 A. I don't really recall. I don't know.
16 I wasn't on the other side of the bar to see. I could see
17 her head.
18 Q. Well, where was her head?
19 A. Her head was right around in this area,
20 walking from here to here, and on the way is the drawer to
21 the sink.

The reason why Greg Davis has always said that Darlie cut herself at the sink was because Darin kept insisting that he never saw any injuries on her when he first came down. Then Darin said Darlie hung around the kitchen while he was busy trying to save Devon. This makes no sense at all. There is never any sound of water running at the sink where Davis claimed Darlie was doing this clean up in the kitchen. I just felt that his lies just bolstered the theory of Greg Davis.
22 Q. All right. So she still had the
23 telephone in her hand?
24 A. Probably on her shoulder.
25 Q. Okay. So she has got the telephone on
1 her shoulder during the time period that she was walking,
2 what you say, between the kitchen sink and the end of the
3 bar; correct?
4 A. Right.
5 Q. Can you hear her talking?
6 A. I can hear her screaming.
7 Q. Okay. So she is screaming?
8 A. That is the first I hear about a
9 protruder (sic).
10 Q. All right. About an intruder?
11 A. An intruder, I'm sorry, not a
12 protruder, an intruder.
13 Q. All right. And, when you are over
14 there with Devon, you say that you stayed there what,
15 three to four minutes?

16 A. About three to four minutes. Just
17 guessing, everything was in slow motion.

Now Darin is claiming everything is in slow motion? Earlier he stated that things were going way to fast for him to think?

18 Q. All right. And during this entire time
19 period, is this the time period where you wife is still
20 walking between that kitchen -- the end of the kitchen bar
21 and the kitchen sink?
22 A. At the very beginning.
23 Q. Well, at what point did she start to do
24 something different?
25 A. Well, I don't really know. I mean
1 everything I was seeing was when I was coming up, after I
2 was giving, you know, trying to give CPR to Devon.
3 Q. Well, you just told me that in the
4 beginning that she was walking between the end of the
5 kitchen bar and the kitchen sink, and I'm trying to
6 understand at what point did that activity end?
7 A. Probably about the time that she came
8 over to Damon and gave him -- you know, put a towel on
9 him, she was pretty much at his feet, of me looking up and
10 seeing him -- you know, seeing her, seeing Damon laying on
11 the floor, and me trying to work on Devon, you can't
12 really put it all in perspective, it's just a lot of
13 different things happening all at the same time.
14 Q. Well, is it your testimony that she
15 went over to Damon, and actually put a towel on his back?
16 A. She laid a towel on his back.
17 Q. Did she leave that towel on his back?
18 A. I would assume so, yes, sir.

Right here Darin acknowledges that Darlie put a clothe on Damons but he has always said the reason he didn't help Damon was because he didn't know he was hurt. Clearly, he saw her tending to Damon so there is no way he could not have known Damon was injured. Nothing about his story makes sense at all.
19 Q. What did you do after you finished with
20 Devon?

It is important that I point this out here. Darin already stated that he never left Devons side once until after the officer came in the front door. He made that perfectly clear to Davis already. Now he is claiming he got up before the police arrived, went over to Damon checked his pulse and he is actually claiming Damon had no pulse at this point? People say I am the crazy one? Wow.

21 A. Well, I couldn't do anything. I went
22 over to Damon, I didn't know -- his wounds weren't
23 exposed, I didn't see any blood on him. I reached down
24 and I touched his neck, and I felt his pulse, and I didn't
25 feel anything

So now I am confused? Darin already claimed he didn't know Damon was injured and now he is claiming he went over to Damon saw injuries and he didnt have a pulse? Yet 5 minutes later Damon was still alive swimming in a pool of his own blood and Darin is claiming he saw no blood? I would like to know how Davis got away with this? I want to know how it was possible for him to deliberately keep this crucial life changing evidence and testimony away from the jury?

1 Q. You didn't feel a pulse?
2 A. I didn't feel a pulse.
3 Q. Were the police officers present there
4 in the room, at the time that you did that?
5 A. It was right about the time -- it was
6 right about the time that they were starting to get there,

I realize at this point that I have to slow down and back track here because I forget that not everyone has read the transcripts listen to the interviews or read the statements so I will try and clarify this and hopefully out line in a way that is as clear and to the point as possible.

I am going to come right out and say it. There is absolutely no way Greg Davis doesn't know at this point Darin is lying.

Officer Waddell and Darin walked back into that house a few seconds short of 4 minutes. Darin said he stayed with Devon right up until the officer came in the front door and he said Damon had no pulse at that point. He knew for a fact Darin was lying. Not only was Damon alive, trying to crawl, bleeding out, gasping for air but he was in that state for another 4 minutes at least. He was alive when the medic took him in his arms and he took his last breath. The medics didn't even enter the house for another three minutes after Darlie's 5 minute and 44 second 911 call.

7 that Darlie went to the front door.
8 Q. Well, had the officers entered your
9 house at the time that you went over and felt for a pulse
10 on Damon?
11 A. No.
12 Q. Okay. So they were not in the house
13 yet; correct?
14 A. Not in the house yet.

This is the statement that proved to me that Darin went out of his way to avoid helping or touching both Darlie and Damon. Greg Davis knew for a fact Darin was lying right here when he said Damon had no pulse even before the police arrived.

Damon was alive for during the entire 911 call. He was alive after the first and second responding officer entered the house and he was alive for another 2 or 3 minutes till the medics came in.

The medic described how Damon died right there in his arms and he said Damon had zero blood in his body when he removed him from the house. Yet you have Darin telling the prosecutor Damon was gone before the first officer arrived.

This statement right here should have caused the prosecution to stop prosecuting Darlie.

15 Q. So all of this stuff that you have told
16 me about, occurred before the police officers ever got
17 there; is that right?
18 A. That's right.

It does not take a genius to put the pieces together here. Greg Davis is very specific when he is asking Darin if Damon had no pulse before the police arrived. He knows he is lying but never confronts him or puts a stop to the trial. He knew for a fact at this point Darin had deliberately denied his living son any help at all. He denied both Darlie and Damon any help for the over 10 minutes.

19 Q. Where is your wife during the time that
20 you are putting -- that you are feeling for a pulse on
21 Damon?
22 A. She is right in that hallway right at
23 the end of the bar.

I have no idea what kind of a game Greg Davis is playing here but he knew for a fact that Darlie did not open that door to let officer Waddell in. He knew for a fact that Waddell and the other witness saw and heard Darin outside. He knew he lied when he was saying he stayed with Devon for those entire 4 minutes doing cpr. He also knew the cpr he did when he came back into the house was completely fake. He used his sons dead body as an excuse not to go near his living son because he knew how he would react if he tried to touch him.

24 Q. Was your front door locked?
25 A. It was when I went to bed.
1 Q. Well, was it locked at the time that
2 the police officers came to the front door?
3 A. I don't know, I didn't go to the front
4 door. I didn't answer the door, Darlie did.

Both Darlie and officer Waddell gave the exact same testimony regarding where she was when they came into the house. They both said Darlie was standing at the opposite end of the hall no where near that front door. Why is Greg Davis continuing with this hearing when he knows everything Darin has said to this point is a lie?

5 Q. Well, is it your testimony that Darlie
6 actually went to the front door and greeted the officers,
7 or met the officers at the front door?
8 A. I believe so.

I want to know why Darin Routier was never investigated and how he was able to get away with framing his wife and telling all these ridiculous lies?

Darin gave details of he went upstairs before the police arrived to put pants on but then suddenly had select memory when confronted with the lie?

He just happen to remember the color of the rag Darlie put on Damons back but he can not remember running out to meet officer Waddell in the front yard? All the lies Darin told were told to cover up for what he did to his family.

9 Q. Well, you heard a police officer
10 testify that as he came up, and he got out of his squad
11 car, that he saw you running towards the other side of the
12 street; is that correct or incorrect?
13 A. That is what he had said.
14 Q. Well, did do you that?
15 A. Well, I don't remember unlocking the
16 door. I don't remember when he -- it seemed like he was
17 there when I was still in the house with the boys.

Notice here how Darin deliberately avoids this very important question here. Instead of answering the question he tried to confuse this by going right off topic about what is being talked about here. He wasn't asked if he unlocked the door, he was asked if he ran out and meet Waddell while trying to run across the street.

Like I said he remembers the color of the cloth Darlie put on Damon he remembers details of going upstairs and seeing his wallet on the floor yet he doesnt remember running outside across the street to meet Waddell.

You will learn later that Darin was in fact outside and he admits to this. He admits he was not there before the police arrived. He was outside and on that 911 call Darlie was not calling out to Karen Neal, she was calling out to Darin.

18 Q. Okay. Well, I'm just trying to
19 understand. Were you outside the house when Officer
20 Waddell arrived, or were you inside the house?
21 A. Well, I didn't even recognize the
22 officer that was here today.



23 Q. Well, let's forget about his name or
24 his description. When the first police officer came to
25 your house, were you inside the house or were you outside
1 the house?
2 A. I was inside the house.

As I pointed out before Greg Davis knew for a fact that Darin was lying through his teeth right here. Mr. Gorsuch and officer Waddell had never heard or known about each others testimony yet they testified to the exact details almost word for word about what Darin did and what he said when he ran out to meet officer Waddell.

3 Q. So you were not running across the
4 front yard when the first officer got there; is that
5 right?
6 A. I don't believe so.

This is where things get tricky, and Darin tries to pull the wool over Davis eyes. Darin describes in detail three separate times he claimed he went over to Karen Neals.

The first time was before the police arrived. This happened 2 minutes and 38 seconds into the 911 call. Darin was asked if he saw or heard Darlie go to the front door and hollar outside. He told Davis he wasn't there and that he didn't see or hear her.

The second time Darin claimed he went to karen Neals for help was right after officer Waddell got there. We know for a fact Darin did not go to Karen Neals either of those times.

Then Davis confronted Darin with the big question. Where did you go right after Officer Waddell entered the house and he told him he went to Karen Neals for help. All three of these incidents he claims he went to get help for his family were lies. Darin did not go over to Karen Neals house until exactly 2:40am and we know this because Mr. Gorsuch not only saw and heard Darin screaming as he ran over there after Waddell told him to leave the house, he just happen to look at his clock and said it was exactly 2:40am.

7 Q. How much of this evening do you really
8 remember in great detail?
9 A. I was in shock.

When I read this I could not help but laugh. He was in shock? So lets go through his movements that morning and lets see if that sounds like a cunning criminal liar or a person who is in complete shock but never treated for being in shock?


Darin had enough sense in my to not flee out that front door when I believe Darlie first saw him. He had enough sense to go into the garage and remain in the house.


He had enough wits about him to remove his bloody pants hide them in between the boys jeans and put on a new pair.


He didn't have enough sense though to make sure he closed that garage door when he came back into the house because Darlie said she saw the intruder close the garage door but when the police officers went to check the garage they both said that the garage door was open. Is this something someone in shock might do?


He had enough sense to wait and listen to where Darlie was in the house and what she was doing because he was able to get from the garage sneak past that nook and get to the stairs before Darlie saw him. Greg Davis did bring this up to Darlie at one point but she still refused to turn on her husband.


Darin had enough sense not to stop for Damon knowing how he would react if Darin went near him. He had enough sense to go right to Devon knowing he was already dead.


He had enough sense to leave that house at some point and come back in before the police arrived.


He knew enough that he had to get back upstairs and flush that cocaine and remove his contacts. He did slip up though when he opened the door to where he locked Darlie's dog up earlier that morning.


He knew enough to run out that front door and try and stall that officer before he entered the house.


He knew enough to make sure he led that officer to believe he didn't know his son Devon had died over 4 minutes earlier. He had enough sense to do a quick cpr on Devon to make it appear he was trying to save his sons life.


He was sharp enough to sneak out of that house while officer Waddell and Darlie were busy in the kitchen. Yes he did sneak out of the house and that will be proven a little later on when Davis confronts him.


I believe he had enough sense to get rid of Darlies panties down that drain in alley and maybe he did leave that sock trying to trick the officers into believing someone fled that house. I cannot believe they were so negligent they never even bothered to check that drain in the alley because they claimed it was too steep. This was a double murder of two children, and they failed to look for more evidence?


He had enough sense to coach Darlie not to touch or help Damon convincing her she would cause him more injury or death. He already said Damon was gone so how were either of them going to cause him more harm than him not breathing at the time. Nothing Darin said was ever put to the test.


He had enough sense to sit next to Darlie while the officers checked the garage and then deny he ever knew she was injured. Darin completely denied sitting there with Darlie. Darlie herself said he got up the second those officers left and he bolted for that front door. Waddell stopped Darin at the door and that is when he made Darin leave that house.


He had enough sense to race out of that house and put on a hell of a show for Karen Pretending to be in desperate need of her help. Funny thing is Karen Neal caught on to what he had done and questioned why he behaved that way and why he even asked her for help.


He had enough sense to try and rush over to Darlie and pretend to notice right then her panties were missing.


He had enough sense to lie about going over to the van Damon was in and claiming he asked about him? Every medic in that van said Darin never inquired about Damon. He never went near that van.


He had enough sense to hang around that crime scene watching and listening to the investigation for over three hours. The detectives testifed along with other witnesses. Darin never went to the hospital until after 6am that morning.


He had enough sense to wash up and get a new shirt from his friend.


What Darin didnt bank on was the detectives meeting him at the hospital and demanding his clothing. That included his underpants that proved for a fact that he wore those hidden bloody blue jeans at one time. He was smart enough to know if Darlie first saw him with blood on his clothes she would have known he was that intruder she saw.

This is the way I see it. Darin wasn't in shock. He was alert and I believe he was able to keep it all together with the help of the cocaine he used after he went to his room at 1am that morning. I know you don't use cocaine as a sleep aid. Guess we will never know because they never bothered to drug test Darin even though they found cocaine in his room that morning.

10 Q. Okay.
11 A. In great detail, you remember bits and
12 pieces of it. You try to remember the best you can, and
13 you try to keep the facts straight in your mind, but you
14 are talking about a very traumatized state. Shock.
15 Q. Okay.
16 A. I remember screaming and running across
17 the street.

He remembers running over to Karen Neals screaming? Are you kidding me?

I don't know if people realize this but when Darin finally did go over to Karen Neals it sure as hell wasn't to get her help. Darin had 10 minutes to go and get Karen Neal before Damon died and instead he lied about it.

When Darin went to Karen Neals it was only because officer Waddell wanted him out of that house. He asked Darin "Is there anyone else you can go and stay with?" He used those words because at that time he believed when Darin left a few minutes earlier he had already gone to Karen Neals and he assumed she wasn't home. Those exact words were confirmed by the neighbor.

You will see as we go further into this hearing where Darin admits he left that house and he lies and says he went to Karen Neals but he didn't. He was seen by the second responding officer in the alley. That alley is the opposite direction of Karen Neals house.

18 Q. Why did you run across the street?
19 A. Because there is a friend of ours that
20 is an RN that works in the emergency room at Doctors

Darin did not go over to Karen Neals because he needed help. That was all a show he put on to make it appear he was trying to help his family. That nurse said herself she didn't understand why Darin insisted on her going back to the house when he already knew they had everything under control. If he wanted to get help he had 10 minutes prior to this to go and get her but he didn't.

21 Hospital and I needed help.

How in the hell were prosecutors able to keep this crucial evidence and admissions from the jury? I know exactly how. They knew if the jury saw these confessions from Darin this would blow their case to bits. There is no way that jury could have or would have convicted Darlie if they knew the truth about Darin.

Doug Mulder couldn't have brought this document into trial because of the deal he made with Darlie Kee and Darin not to implicate him in the crime. Darlie agreeing to hire Doug Mulder was a blessing that fell right in the lap of these prosecutors. They knew there was no way Darlie was going win her trial if this evidence wasn't exposed to the jury.

Greg Davis took this even further. He mislead that jury by telling them there was no other suspect in that house who could have killed the boys and he knew that was the furthest from the truth.

22 Q. Did you ever tell the police that
23 Darlie attempted CPR, or tried to care for Damon before
24 they got there?
25 A. I did not.

1 Q. You didn't tell them that, did you?
2 A. I didn't tell them that she did
3 CPR, she doesn't know how to do CPR.
4 Q. Well, did you ever tell the police that
5 she went over there and put a towel on Damon's back before
6 they got there?
7 A. Well, the choice of words of rendering
8 aid, and putting a towel and applying pressure are two
9 different things.
10 Q. Sir, do you recall being present at the
11 Rowlett Police Department on June the 8th of 1996?
12 A. Yes, I do.
13 Q. Do you recall giving the Rowlett Police
14 Department what appears to be a 6-page written statement?
15 A. I did write a statement.
16 Q. Okay. And, were you still in shock
17 when you gave this statement on June the 8th, 1996?
18 A. I think I am still in shock.
19 Q. Well, could you comprehend what you
20 were saying to the police, and could you comprehend what
21 they were asking you on June the 8th of 1996?
22 A. They pretty much told me to sit down
23 and to generally give them a description of what happened
24 that night.
25 Q. All right. And at that time, were
1 you -- did you try to make your very best effort to give
2 the most complete, accurate statement that you could to
3 the police?


4 A. I told them that they really needed to
5 videotape me, or micro-record me, because there was too
6 many details of too many things that happened in a small
7 amount of time that you could possib