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Interesting: A Nairobi City Estate Notorious for Witchcraft Practice

Nyamweya is a journalist currently attached to a leading Kenyan media

A section of Njiru Estate

A section of Njiru Estate

Njiru is among the few estates within Nairobi city which is notorious for witchcraft and black power. The residential abode which is designed for middle income earners is approximately 16 kilometers from Nairobi city center. Despite being considered a residency for the middle income populace, the estate is popular among the it’s neighbors for high level of witchcraft and other activities associated with the dark forces. Below is a section of Njiru Estate

The writer of this article was compelled to initiate investigations on witchcraft allegations after three people relocated from the area to Umoja Estate. All the three people cited witchcraft and infestation of the area with JINIS which prompted them to take such an action.

One of the people who migrated from the area, Mr. Paul Ogeto (pictured) cited high level of witchcraft and encounter with night runners who used to knock on his house. Mr. Ogeto further claims that in more than three occasions, he had been beaten by people whom he did not see. Asked whom he suspects to be behind the forces, he claims that there was a neighbor who lived near the plot they had rented and who was highly secretive. Further, the neighbor also seemed to be living alone as he was not seen with anyone. “It was very rare to see people entering or moving out from his compound” he explains. “Moreover, the neighbor has more than 10 cats which were all blacks, we wondered what the guy was doing with all these cats” Mr. Paul wondered. Rather than reporting this matter to police, he resorted that the best thing he could do was to migrate from the area.

Mrs. Stella Anunda (also pictured) claim to have been evicted from her house by the landlady after staying there for only two weeks. Interestingly, the landlady returned her the deposit plus the rent amount in full and requested her to go and look for another house elsewhere. She had migrated from Ruai after finding work in the estate. Upon interrogating the landlady why she was making the harsh decision, she told her that she had nothing wrong with her but the problem was that she was interfering with her “business”. According to her, she was not obliged to disclose further details and that she had a right to do what she wanted with her property. When Mrs. Stella enquired from others on why the landlady did make such a cruel decision, she was informed that the landlady was known for keeping majini and other dark power and that some of the food she could have cooked may have incensed these majinis. When she told them that she had only cooked omena the night before the landlady brought the issues, then they immediately knew where the problem lies. “Omena is one of the powerful foods that easily stirs up jinis and makes them uncomfortable” one of the residents disclosed to her. She then decided that the best thing she could do was to move to another place. She feared taking the matter to authorities as she could be bewitched.

Another interesting case is that of Mrs. Jeniffer Makau who was evicted from her one bedroom rental house because she was praying and hence making noise in the plot. This is despite the fact that her praying was not that loud to interrupt the peace of other neighbors. She was also informed by other residents that the owner of those houses had dark powers and that the prayers were making him uncomfortable.

Mr. Martin Sitati a resident in the estate for seven years confirms the existence of witchcraft and dark forces in the area. He says that this is not something to hide as the practice is rampart in the area. He discloses that there are people who do businesses using black power and some of the successful businesses here are done using such forces. “People use these majinis to bring them wealth” he states. The information is collaborated by another resident, Vincent who says that some of the high-rise buildings in the area have been built using the power of dark forces.

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Reverend Stephene Omari of KAG Church Njiru and Pastor Peterson Mwanzia also from the same church confirms the reports of witchcraft in the area. Reverend Omar discloses that he knows some people here who are keeping wild animals, one a leopard and another a hyena. He says this is without doubt, a form of high level witchcraft. However, he laments that people are not able to disclose the information to relevant authorities including pastors due to fear of being castigated or being witched. He explains that most members would want to report to authorities but then they would be asked to give along evidence and exhibits of which they may be unable to produce.

According to Reverend Peter Mwangi of Maximum Miracle Center, Njiru, witchcraft used to be rampant in the area a few years ago. However, the practice is now dwindling due to the impact of the church. He says that the church has been aggressive in preaching against witchcraft in crusades and a good number of those practicing it have either abandoned the vice or migrated to other areas.

In his response, the area chief who did not want to be named claimed allegations of witchcraft in the area was rife, but there was no concrete evidence to support it. He said that there is no one who has come to him with reliable evidence to complain over the same. However, he urged those who may be practicing it to stop as this is an outdated practice that impairs development.

Mr. Martin Estati, the area resident explains that witchcraft was brought in this area by the Mbeere people, who migrated to this place some 20 years ago. This was more reinforced by the migration of some section of the Akamba people from the neighboring Machakos County who are also known for strong witchcraft.

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