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Shed - Purchasing End of Season Plastic Shed

Seems Trusty Enough - Still Feels Too Good to be True


This all started with an advertisement about the supermarket warehouses needing to clean out inventory. Selling plastic sheds for a small price.

Well, we decided to investigate this. I went through the motions of ordering a shed. Worst case scenario, we would be wrong and there would be no shed.

Well. So far we ordered a shed. It went through Paypal. The price did not include shipping. The shipping fee was added on. We purchased through a PayPal source.

Then, PayPal informed me that this seller had requested extra funds. Not the price plus shipping, but an additional amount. Mind you, they hadn't requested extra funds from me, but from my PayPal.

My charge card listed the original charges as pending. No additional charges.


Oh, yep. There it is. The new amount. On my charge card.

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Interesting how they (the seller) managed to up their amount without emailing me

We shall see how this plays out. PayPal says they see no issues.

Well. It's February 20. No shed. No email. No shipping notification.

I did go to PayPal and ail the person who received my money that I was going to proceed with cancelation.if I received nothing.

I had to email them before I approached my charge card so that I was credited with attempt to contact.

Now my credit card can stop the transaction once they contact the seller.

Well. It's settled. The shed isn't coming and PayPal granted me a refund.

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