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Where Is In the World Is Sharon Elizabeth Kinne?

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Some women are born with an uncanny knack to control men with their feminine wiles. Sharon Elizabeth Hall was one of them.

Not much is known about Sharon’s childhood, but former classmates remember that, by the age of sixteen, Sharon was already more shapely than other girls her age and knew men had trouble keeping their eyes above her neckline.

It was at the sweet age of 16, in the summer of 1956, Sharon met James Arthur Kinne at a Mormon church social in Independence, Missouri. James was a 22 year college student home from Brigham-Young University for the summer. He’d noticed Sharon across the room but couldn’t summons the nerve to go talk with her. Sharon was no idiot, she knew she had a fish on the hook and seductively crossed the room to talk to the handsome college boy.

Sharon Kinne

Sharon Kinne

James told Sharon he was a college student in Provo, Utah, and Sharon immediately decided he would be her ticket out of Independence. She believed she was too pretty and too worldly to stay around Missouri. James could change all of that.

The church social was the beginning of a passionate summer affair. Sharon was no stranger to sex and happily introduced James to the pleasures of the flesh; although she kept it to herself that she was so experienced.

When summer was over, James headed back to the classrooms in Utah, leaving Sharon with promises to write and visit any time he was back home. Sharon was angry. How could he bed her over and over and then just up and leave?

Nobody left Sharon Hall. Nobody.

James hadn’t been back in school long when he received a heart-stopping letter from Sharon. According to Sharon, she was a couple of months pregnant. In 1956, especially being Mormon, such a situation meant a sure marriage and James returned home to Independence to do just that.

Although James had his doubts - both about the pregnancy and Sharon as a wife, on October 18, 1956, the couple exchanged vows in a hasty ceremony held at the elder Kinnes’ home on Walnut Street. A few days later, the new Mr. and Mrs. Kinnes set out for Provo, Utah, where James planned to carry on with his education.

James Kinne

James Kinne

Finances were tight, so they shared a one-bedroom apartment with a friend of James’. It was cramped, and Sharon complained frequently. If she wasn’t harping on the limited spacing, she was nagging James, who was always studying or participating in religious activities, about never finding time to spend with her.

Eventually, it all became too overwhelming for James and he could no longer concentrate on his studies. By December 1956, the newlyweds had returned to Independence, Missouri.

Home Sweet Home

Haggard and Kattie Kinne welcomed their son and new daughter-in-law home with open arms and even offered them the small bungalow next door they’d previously used as a rental. James was relieved at the gesture, it would help the couple’s finances tremendously, but Sharon despised living next door to her in-laws.

Sharon’s mother, Doris Hall, was an alcoholic who frequently visited her daughter’s home. During these visits, Sharon seemed to go on nonstop about James’ shortcomings as a husband, lack of creativity with sex, and his parents. Of course Doris placated her daughter with the appropriate uh-huhs and I-knows because she enjoyed the money Sharon spent on her; not to mention it was interesting gossip to share over drinks with friends later.

Haggard, who had never been fond of his daughter-in-law to begin with, could not have cared less Sharon was talking horribly about him around town; truth was, he didn’t have a lot of kind words about her either but for the sake of his son and his wife, who still believed in happily-ever-after, he kept things to himself.

If A Liar's Pants Really Did Catch on Fire, Sharon Would Have None

The pregnancy charade had went on long enough. One evening when James returned home from work, he found a crying, disheveled Sharon waiting for him. She’d try to call him at work, she said, but had been unable to get him to the phone to tell him she had miscarried their baby. James was heartbroken; Sharon pretended to be.

Always one to look for the brighter side of life, James pulled himself up by his boot straps and viewed the pregnancy loss as a chance to have the church wedding he’d always believed in and an opportunity to return to his studies.

Before he could make those dreams happen, however, Sharon announced she was pregnant again. This time she was telling the truth, and their daughter Danna was born in 1957.

Stuck in Independence

Sharon clearly adored her daughter, spending very little time away from her. When she and James returned to Utah for a "tabernacle wedding," she hesitantly agreed to leave Danna with her in-laws while she and James were away. On the drive there, Sharon couldn't contain herself as she pictured a beautiful ceremony and when she saw the grandiosity of the Temple, she felt she was falling in love with James all over again; that is, until the ceremony happened, then she was nothing but angry.

Somewhat hurried and with only tourists who had wondered in at the right time at witnesses, it was not the wedding of Sharon’s dreams. James paid for it with constant insults and angry shouts from Sharon as they spent their “honeymoon” night at the apartment of a friend. James was finally able to stop the bickering when he promised to take Sharon to Las Vegas on the return trip to Independence. And he did, although Sharon only saw the lights of Sin City as the Kinnes’ truck flew past, headed for Missouri.

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Back home, no doubt realizing his dreams of a college education were over, James worked hard to provide for his family and give them the better things in life. In 1959, they moved into their newly built dream home in the Elswood Meadows subdivision. By this time, they were a family of four as Sharon had given birth to a second child: Troy Kinne.

Life seemed to be going well, at least to outsiders but the reality of it was, while James slaved away on second shift, Sharon was hooking up with an old high school boyfriend: John Boldizs. Where James was a man in the traditional sense, John was willing to let Sharon be in charge. As long she got what she wanted, John was getting what he wanted. What Sharon didn't tell John, however, was he wasn't the only extramarital partner with whom she shared her body. Any man who attracted her attention didn’t have to work to hard for a roll in the hay with Sharon.

James was suspicious of his wife’s faithfulness, especially after neighbors told him about the strange cars parked in the driveway only during times he wasn’t home. Add rumors of infidelity to the incredible amount of debt Sharon had accumulated in his name, James felt there was soon to be no other option and consulted a local divorce attorney.

James talked to his parents about his marital difficulties, but they convinced James to go home and try to work things out with Sharon. For the sake of the children, they said. It is a decision the Kinnes would come to regret.

On March 19, 1960, as James napped in the couples’ marital bed, a shot rang out. According to statements Sharon later gave investigators, she had rushed to the room to find their 2-year-old daughter on the bed with James bleeding profusely from the head and one of his numerous guns on the pillow next him. Danna, she said, had accidentally shot her father as he lay sleeping.

Police were weary of Sharon’s story, but had no evidence to prove it hadn’t been the accident she claimed; especially after little Danna proved she actually could pull the trigger of the gun, to the investigators’ amazement.

Sharon buried her husband, began collecting the insurance proceeds, and got on with living.

Widow Kinne

One of the first things Sharon did after James' death was to inform Haggard and Kattie they were no longer welcome to visit her or the grandchildren. Then she promptly set off for Rudy Rick Ford in Kansas City, where she purchased a brand-new, bright blue Thunderbird with the assistance of salesman Walter Jones.

Sharon was in the market for a car while Walter was in the market for a little side action. Despite a wife and kids at home, Walter enjoyed messing around. And what a day it was when he met Sharon Kinne; he sold a car and began a new affair!

So it went for the next few months, Sharon and Walter meeting up at seedy motels or her house for afternoon and evening rendezvouses. In the meantime, Sharon continued to see John Boldizs and even managed to acquire a gun through him just like the one she’d used to kill James and the police still had in their possession.

History, however, is prone to repeat itself and so it did one evening when Walter jumped from Sharon’s bed to return home to his wife. As he rushed to dress, Sharon told him she was pregnant. Walter went into a rage and told Sharon he wanted nothing more to do with her. Naked and screaming, Sharon followed Walter’s car into the street, cursing and threatening to get even with him, as neighbors watched the carrying-on of a woman who had lost her husband less than three months earlier.

The next day, Sharon called Walter’s wife Patricia Jones at her job and spun a tale of Walter having an affair with her imaginary sister. Although Walter’s philandering was nothing new to Patricia, she agreed to meet Sharon to discuss the matter despite warnings from friends and coworkers who felt uncomfortable with the arrangement.

On May 26, 1960, Sharon drove Patricia out to a common parking place for lovers on Phelps Road and announced to the stunned woman she had no sister; it was actually she, Sharon, who had been sleeping with Walter and now she was pregnant. Patricia was terrified, but refused to give up her cheating husband when Sharon insisted she do so. Patricia's insistence on keeping the loser she loved would be an unfortunate choice. Sharon fired three shots into Patricia and left the woman's lifeless body to be discovered by the next pair of lovers to venture to the spot for a little fun.

When Patricia didn’t return home, Walter was certain Sharon was behind it. He angrily confront Sharon, who firmly denied knowing his wife’s whereabouts, and threatened to go straight to the police if anything had happened to his wife.

Under the guise of being concerned about Walter’s wife, Sharon called John and asked him to help her look for the woman. After a few half-hearted attempts in a couple of places, Sharon and John drove to the Phelps Road spot to fool around.

Before the car was even shut off, Sharon gasped and told John she spotted something in the headlights. John, anxious to get things going, told her it was probably nothing more than some old rags but Sharon was insistent he check.

John Boldizs, Sharon’s lover, then discovered the body of his lover’s other lover’s wife.

Charged with Murder

Walter Jones made good on his promises to talk to police and Patricia's co-workers identified Sharon as the lady with whom Patricia had met on the last day she was seen alive. It appeared as if Sharon was finally going to answer to a Court on murder charges.

At midnight, June 1, 1960, police arrived at Sharon’s home and placed her under arrest. A few times in the past, when it suited her needs, Sharon had lifted the ban on the children’s paternal grandparents and this was one of those times. She begged them to come take the kids. They happily obliged.

Sharon was arraigned later that morning and by the afternoon she was free on $20,000 property bond offered up by four different families, including the elder Kinnes. The law firm for which Doris worked agreed to represent Sharon. J. Patrick Quinn and Alex Peebles had a reputation as excellent criminal attorneys, so Sharon had lucked out once again.

As Sharon continued to grow larger everyday with the love child she carried, her mother moved into her home to help with the children. Although Sharon was better behaved while she awaited trial, she couldn’t avoid it completely and continued to see John Boldizs, who was set to be a witness for the State against Sharon.

Sharon was a 21-year-old mother of three when the jury of twelve men returned a verdict of not guilty on charges she had murdered Patricia Jones.

Murder Trial - Again and Again and Again

When Sharon was indicted for the murder of Patricia Jones, police had also obtained an indictment for the murder of her husband James. They believed the death of Patricia, following so closely on the heals of James', was proof Sharon had killed her husband.

Now, however, they wondered: how could the jury return a guilty verdict in the purely circumstantial case of James’ death after they had acquitted in the much more evidence-secure case of Patricia?

The doubts weren’t enough to stop prosecutors, however, who proceeded with the case of State of Missouri vs. Sharon Eiizabeth Kinne on January 8, 1962. After a long, tedious trial almost identical to the first, the jury returned a verdict of guilty.

Sharon was stunned, then outraged. She ranted and raved at her attorneys and anyone else who would listen. A jury hadn’t convicted her on the murder of Patricia Jones, how could they convict her of killing James? Hadn't they listened when she told them her daughter had accidentally killed her father?

With her attorneys insisting her conviction was just a slight setback, Sharon thought she’d be released in relatively short time. A year later, however, when the appeals Court sided with the State, Sharon began acclimating to prison life and quickly became a dominant inmate, often bullying the more timid newcomers. She even learned to manipulate her lesbian lovers as she had once done to male counterparts.

Then in March 1963, the state Supreme Court overturned Sharon’s conviction and sent it back for a retrial.

Sharon's second trial began on June 29, 1964. Unlike the last trial, Sharon took the stand in her own defense this time and put on a spectacular show complete with tears. The juror deadlocked, unable to agree on a Sharon's guilt.

As was now becoming old hat, Sharon was outraged. She screamed at her attorneys, her mother, and her former in-laws. Everyone was idiots and there was no reason why she should still be trying to defend herself on these ridiculous charges!

In between trials, Sharon had difficulty finding work, somewhat because of her reputation about town but mostly because no one wanted to hire and invest training into someone likely to go to prison soon, and eventually gave up looking completely and began living on welfare. During one of her weekly trips to the welfare office, Sharon met Samuel Francis Puglise with whom she began another steamy yet volatile romance.

It was September 1964 and Sharon was awaiting a third re-trial when she and Frank, as he was called, took what was supposed to be a short vacation to Mexico. She had assured her attorneys and the Kinnes, with whom again Sharon was allowing to keep the children for her own benefit, she would return before October when the trial was scheduled to begin.

On September 14, Frank and Sharon arrived in Mexico City. Between the extreme heat and unclean water, both of them were soon too sick to get out of bed. The trip to Mexico was quickly becoming an adventure worse than prison.

On their fourth day, Sharon felt well enough to go out and ventured into a bar alone. There she met Mexican-born Francisco Ordonez, who worked as an American radio personality. Thrilled to have met someone who spoke fluent English, Sharon returned with him to his hotel room. Within the hour, Francisco lay dead on the hotel bed.

Mexico Ain't America, Hon

When the night clerk heard the shots ring out through the hotel, he rushed to Francisco’s room. As he banged loudly on the door, Sharon pulled herself together, cracked open the door and told the clerk everything was okay.

Her charm didn’t work and the clerk rushed into the room. At the same time he spotted the dead man on the bed, Sharon took aim. The clerk turned just in time to avoid death but still took a bullet to the arm. He managed to dodge a second shot just as police arrived.

Sharon was immediately taken into custody. Although she tried to manipulate Mexican police with the same charms she’d used on American law enforcement, it had no effect. By the time they interrogated her and gathered their evidence, they considered her nothing more than a gutter whore who had accompanied Fransisco to his room with the intent to rob him after sex.

The day after her arrest, Alex Peebles, her American attorney, arrived and attempted to get his client deported back to America to no avail. Mexican officials refused to release her. Sharon, as usual, screamed at her attorney who, tired of Sharon’s temper tantrums, made it clear she’d screwed up royally this time and she was on her own.

The Mexican Courts provided her with an attorney. He argued the victim was killed in self-defense, as was told to him by his blonde American client but the three-panel judgeship didn’t believe her story and sentenced Sharon to ten years in a Mexican prison for women.

Sharon had been successful in American appeals, and quickly filed in regards to her Mexican case. Unlike the results she experienced in America, the appeals Court in Mexico felt her sentence was too lenient and extended it by three years.

Finally Sharon was going to pay for the things she did, and she would pay in a Mexican prison – a system that makes the worst American prisons look like day spas.

Frank Puglise had been tossed back across Mexican-American border, where he returned to the midwest and quickly forgot about the crazy lady who’d nearly cost him his life behind bars in Mexico.

In Independence, Missouri, the Kinnes had gained legal guardianship of Sharon’s children but had lost their home when her bond was revoked in October, along with the three other families who had helped Sharon.

Sharon Kinne Is MIssing

Just five years into her Mexican prison sentence, Sharon disappeared from the Ixtapalapa Women’s Prison. She has not been seen or heard from since.

American officials argued Mexican prison authorities tried little to locate Sharon. Mexico, in turn, pointed the finger at American law enforcement who had allowed Sharon to get away with murder twice, leaving her free to cross into their country to kill again.

Age progression photo of Sharon Kinne

Age progression photo of Sharon Kinne

All the finger pointing, however, did nothing to resolve the real issue: a killer was on the loose.

For a while, the FBI closely watched the home of Sharon’s mother and brother at their new residence in Alaska but say they never saw any sign of Sharon.

As of this writing, Sharon Elizabeth Hall Kinne would be 77 years old – if she’s still alive. Some experts speculate she is indeed alive, probably living in the more southern parts of Mexico under an alias. Others argue Mexico prison officials most likely turned their backs while Sharon was taken from the prison and murdered in the name of justice for a fellow countryman.

Whatever happened to Sharon, one can only hope no other men or women died because of her self-righteous anger that too often resulted in cold-blooded murder.

Anyone with information on Kinne’s whereabouts is asked to call the Kansas City FBI Field Office TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS or submit the information at

Books and Movies about Sharon Kinne

In 1997, author James C. Hays published a book titled I'm Just An Ordinary Girl: the Sharon Kinne Story about this enigmatic woman. It's well-researched and as a result, a treasure trove of information about Sharon Kinne. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in knowing more about the case.

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Julie on January 31, 2020:

Does anybody know what happened to Danna? Or her other two children? Troy and Marla, I believe.....

Cindi Jones- Beaudet from California on September 06, 2018:

I'm the daughter of Patricia Jones who was murdered by Sharon Kinne. . My brother and I spent our lives running from this woman as our Father often told us she was after him.

Hanna on June 01, 2018:

I don't think she's dead, I think she's hiding, considering she's been on the run for sometime now, she might think it's safe and come out of hiding. If she is still alive, which I suppose she is, she better be smart enough and not come back to her family or the town where the murder occurred, because if she did, she might be easily recognized, who knows? But my best guess, she's still alive and hiding somewhere, the actual where, I'm not positive, but she's alive. I just hope that being in her 70's that she hasn't got the strength to kill anyone anymore...

Stephen Mercer on May 25, 2017:

I hadn't thought of the possibility that Mexican authorities killed her. Due to her notorious reputation in America, and how she kept duping the authorities, I'm pretty sure that she was executed in Mexico.

Jonathan on October 14, 2016:

Great article! I'm a freelancer and interested in true crime as well. I first saw Sharon Kinne on the episode of Deadly Women, "Born Bad". Sharon was definitely born bad and was a disgrace to humanity! People like her have no conscience and no regard for human life. I just want to pay tribute to James Kinne, who was a wonderful man. He never stopped trying his best with Sharon and had so much patience with her, even after she told him she was cheating. He was also a wonderful father and deserved better. His parents were great people too.

I believe Sharon Kinne is alive. She managed to kill three people and get away with it, and managed to escape prison. That tells you how evil and manipulative she was. Only someone born bad could overpower the law like that. But there's going to be a day when she has to answer to God.

Suzie from Carson City on April 09, 2016:

Quite the story about this bold, crazy female! It's hard to imagine such a cold-blooded woman who could kill so non-chalantly...

My guess is that she was taken from the prison, used & abused for a while and then disposed of. It's much too difficult to escape from a Mexican prison and then remain in hiding all these years.

You told this story well.

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