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Shaking America


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20,000 Military Personals in Capitol

20,000 Military Personals in Capitol

Last week, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote a letter to the heads of his six different armies, in which he was very emotional and tried to tell all his military chiefs that "the American people are about two and a half centuries old." Appreciate the services, they have confidence in our services, they are proud and they understand that the role of our forces is very important for the stability of the country, the people expect the same from us even in the current situation. You have to be careful to fulfill it. ”

The letter, addressed to lower commanders of the forces, was addressed by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milli, Vice Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff John Hatton, Army Chief General James, Marine Chief of Staff General David Berger, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mitchell Glady, Air Force. There are signatures by Charles Brown, head of space operations, John Raymond, head of space operations, and General Daniel Hockenson, head of the National Guard. One of the purposes of the signatures was to send a clear message that US forces were united.

The letter was written at a time when violence is likely to erupt in the United States.

Virtually all states and cities in the United States are now controlled by the military, you will see troops in every state, big cities are full of soldiers, Washington is now looking like a military barracks.

ladies and gentlemen! If you are my reader, you will remember that I wrote long before the US election that this time Trump will lose and there will be riots in the US during and after the election, there will be riots because Trump lost. Will not be willing to believe, he has prepared his supporters for riots and riots.

The situation in the United States today is the same as that which Khaksar pointed out a few months ago. Now the US intelligence agencies are worried, they are believing in violent incidents, riots are feared, US agencies are worried, large quantities of weapons have been seized near Capitol Hill.

People in fake police uniforms have been caught. Military troops are stationed on government buildings in all the states. This is today's America, which will become weaker with each passing day. All its pride will be reduced to dust. ۔

Remember that rise does not lead to decline, decline leads to arrogance but also remember that those who rise rise often become arrogant, humility rots away from their homes. Where do you understand

When the scene of the current American situation was presented to me, I said in a low voice, "In any rising country, there are four pillars of power. The first pillar is the economy, the second is the army, the third is its external influence and the fourth is its own country." System, now look at the economy.

The American economy is indebted, the United States alone is indebted to China for more than eighteen and a half trillion dollars, even if they sell half of the United States, the debt does not come down, then there are also debts of other countries.

In the last few decades, US forces have failed to achieve their goals, and US forces have had to retreat, following the example of Russia. Only US capital was spent there, and the rest was done by the ISI. What happened, that is the credit of Pakistan but later the Americans started turning a blind eye to Pakistan too, they should value their benefactors, the Americans did not value their benefactors.

Third is the external influence. Until a few years ago, many European countries and Third World countries used to vote on a signal from the United States. Now it is not like that. In the past, many countries used to send troops at the request of the United States.

So America's influence in the outside world is not the same as before. The fourth pillar of power is stability in the country's system. Now the American people are not satisfied with their system. The system there is faltering. Hatred is growing among the people. They are not satisfied with their democracy. That is why there is a wave of fear in the United States. This wave will cause riots there. There will be riots everywhere. There will be civil war. ”

Sir! The balance of power is changing, global power is shifting to Asia, Pakistan will play a key role, you will be proud of your army and ISI. Remember that for the last fifty years the United States has been embroiled in wars, wars have been fought and China has been quietly advancing, China has gained a lot by remaining peaceful and the United States has lost a lot in its desire to gain a lot.

This is the big difference that sets China apart from the United States. Today, the United States is shaking and China is quietly rising.

Capitol Assault

Capitol Assault

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