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Seth Rich May Have Been Called as a "Witness" in DNC Lawsuit, Past Video of Rich Unearthed

Seth Rich at 2015 election integrity conference.

Seth Rich at 2015 election integrity conference.

One of the lead attorneys in a politically-charged lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and former DNC Director Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has said that Seth Rich, the victim in an unsolved Washington, DC murder last summer, "might have been a potential witness" called to testify in the lawsuit.

The attorney who names Rich, Jared Beck of Beck and Lee, his wife, mentions Rich in a video statement to supporters last June 13. In the statement Beck announced that he has asked the court, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, for federal protection of the plaintiffs, themselves, counsel, and witnesses as a result of threats and harassment.

The request was subsequently denied.

Rich was a data expert at the DNC who was hired by Wasserman-Schultz. A video just unearthed by an Internet researcher showed Rich's concern for the very kinds of issues which plagued the Bernie Sanders campaign, electronic voter disenfranchisement, which might be relevant in the case.

During the 2016 Democratic primary season, many Bernie Sanders supporters complained bitterly that in the critical states of New York, California, and Arizona, they found themselves removed from the voter rolls or registered incorrectly. In Arizona the magnitude of the problem was so egregious that a lawsuit filed against election authorities was joined even by the Clinton campaign.

In a question posed to an election integrity conference in 2015, Rich asks the panel about ballot rejection and "provisional ballots," which are the ballots given out by election officials when there is a problem with a voter's registration.

The class action lawsuit, filed last June by Bernie Sanders supporters, alleges that the DNC and Wasserman-Schultz were concerned solely with engineering the nomination of Hillary Clinton, regardless of the DNC's representation of itself as a neutral overseer of a fair Democratic primary process.

On June 12, 2017, one of the plaintiffs, Angela Monson, filed an affidavit with the court in which she reported that someone had broken into her house and tampered with her computer.

On June 2, co-counsel Cullin O'Brien of Cullin O'Brien Law in Fort Lauderdale, reported that he had been receiving anonymous phone calls in which references were made to his family and to the recent discovery of the body of a federal prosecutor in nearby Hollywood, Florida, Beranton Whisenant. Whisenant was found on May 24 of this year washed up on a beach with what police say was a trauma to the head, possibly a gunshot wound.

In a Twitter message about the anonymous phone calls to O'Brien, Elizabeth Beck said "Pray for us."

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And on June 1, 2017, the Becks filed a notice to the court reporting that their office had received a phone call from someone using a voice-disguise modulator. wishing to the discuss the case. The court filing included a photo of the Beck office's caller ID device which indicated that the call traced to a number which was listed as belonging to the Florida district office of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Wasserman-Schultz's office has denied making any calls to the Becks.

To date no effort by law enforcement has been made to investigate phone company records in an attempt to trace the call, which would amount to a violation of the rules of the court against defendants contacting parties and attempting to sway the case.

Finally last week, Attorney Elizabeth Beck sat down to an an online interview which shocked the Internet, when she broke down in tears, her face a mask of stress and fear, and expressed confusion and alarm at the number of recent deaths of persons she said were linked to the Clinton Foundation and the DNC.

Elizabeth Beck graduated from Yale Law School in 2004. Her husband Jared graduated from Harvard Law School in 2004 after graduating from Harvard College summa cum laude. Thus far their main practice has been litigation, with successful cases against corporate giants such as Unilever.

Photo of caller ID in Beck court notice.

Photo of caller ID in Beck court notice.

Seth Rich was found wounded but not dead with two gunshots to the back in DC in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016. According to a January 16 Washington Post article, Rich was conscious and talkative when he was found. Police confirm that bodycams were worn by the first three responding officers, but the DC police department has stated that bodycam footage will not be released, so what Rich said when he was found will remain a mystery.

Researchers into the problems surrounding voter registrations which plagued the Bernie Sanders campaign have noted that any information necessary to determine whether or not a likely Democratic primary voter leaned to Sanders was located in the DNC's NGP-VAN database, with which Rich would have been very familiar. Election integrity experts have wondered how almost all of the voters disenfranchised by faulty registrations leaned toward Sanders. The NGP database could provide an answer to this question.

Hackers could conceivably access the NGP-VAN database, find out who was leaning toward Sanders, and then hack into voter registration systems to tamper with registrations. One election integrity expert involved in election-related lawsuits has said the NGP-VAN "knows whether you like anchovies or not."

Meanwhile the mainstream media has continued to label any suggestion that recent multiple strange deaths are in any way connected, including Seth Rich's, the DNC lawsuit's process server Shawn Lucas, the recently deceased Clinton emails researcher Peter W. Smith, South Florida District federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant, and former former Haitian aid official Klaus Oberwein, all named by the Becks, as a "conspiracy theory" and "fake news."

Last May David Weigel of the Washington Post penned an article which mockingly dismissed such suggestions, "The Seth Rich conspiracy shows how fake news still works." The article failed to mention Rich's connection to the NGP VAN database, or the fact that Julian Assange, the publisher of the leaked emails last summer which Hillary Clinton and the DNC now blame for their election loss, has posted a $20,000 reward for the killers of Rich.

More and more, Internet sleuths are stepping in and calling authorities to ask basic questions about puzzling deaths, and requesting documents.

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