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Senate Democrats vs Jim Crow 2.0. It is Voting Rights or Bust.

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Welcome Back Mr. Smith.

Welcome back to Washington, Mr. Smith. This is what it takes to secure voting rights for everyone in the country. This is what it takes to beat back Jim Crow 2.0. Whether it is a 10,000-yard stare from an exhausted Marine in a foreign land or exhausted eyes and ears from tireless representatives in DC fighting for that soldier's right to vote when they return to their own homeland, the effort needed to fight for Freedom and Democracy is the same. This is why those men at the Battle of Baltimore held up that broken flag. These representatives pay homage to them with every minute they have to stand on the floor of the Senate to fight off the return of Jim Crow himself.

Hard to Believe this is Happening in 2022

We can't make history come alive any more than what this Senate fight represents. The United States Senate is having a nearly identical debate that it had 57 years ago when the original Voting Rights Act was passed. Or the one that happened eight years earlier in 1957. That Chuck Schumer must entertain at least the third version of the same nonsense is astounding. That he must sustain this level of fight in 2022 just to enable minority groups to have the same basic right of citizenship in the US that the rest of us do boggles the mind. That members of the present-day Republican Party would go to these lengths to insist on resurrecting the pain of a racism decades-old just to secure their political position within their Party should make everyone in the country vote Democratic. What will they resort to next?

Has Jim Crow Come Back or Have We Moved Back to It?

Considering that the filibuster was the tactic used twice by Southern Democrats in the Jim Crow era to delay giving the vote to African Americans, that it is now being used by Republicans six decades later to delay the same vote is unnerving. Is the country that racist or is it just a coincidence of time that the hate switched parties? Has Jim moved forward in time or has Donald Trump moved the country that far backward?

The filibuster is part of Senate rules as, without it, the minority party has no control over legislation. However, now is not the time to use it. Using the filibuster to restrain a group of Americans from access their franchise is insane. It is counter to the principles of Democracy.

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This Battle is Just the Beginning

Considering the lengths the GOP will go to stop African Americans from voting, they will likely try the same blocks against the rest of the President's agenda to build Democracy back better. They prefer their allegiance to a fascist salesman and former President to the Democratic Republic we have today. The Lewis bill on Voting Rights is only the beginning of this battle. Democracy must prevail.

When Protesting the Flag is the Right Thing to Do

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