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The Damage Caused By 'Politically Correct Censorship': It's Time To Take A Stand

Joanne Kristin has diplomas in Journalism and Arts and Science from Fanshawe College in Canada.

Popping the Bubble


We are raising a society of babies, and it's no wonder people are suffering from mental anguish. Instead of teaching people how to stand up to bullying, we censor them from it altogether. We give people the option to hide in a bubble and it's not an effective or healthy way to live. All we are 'teaching' and let's be clear, and learning, is how to protect ourselves from the truth. History teaches us how NOT to repeat ourselves. Today, history in itself, is so offensive to so many, we remove it from society. Taking down a statue because it represents a time of pain for a distinguished group of people is not protecting anyone, it only builds bridges that allows ALL of us, to repeat the same mistakes made in the past. Instead of hiding behind walls, we should tear them down, and allow people to express their feelings even if people get hurt in the process. This will build strength. Hard times make you stronger.

Society allows people to stay in their "safe spaces', gives special attention to 'so-called" special groups, and silences what we say, turning people into sensitive beings who get offended by the stupidest little thing. I WILL offend some people, and frankly, I don't give a shit. I'm tired of walking around on eggshells. Aren't you?

Erasing History


A huge debate that has sprung up across the world is erasing history. Taking down confederate statues, war monuments, and changing the names of buildings is retarded. Yes, I said 'retarded', meaning foolish or stupid. I say that word, particularly, because that's exactly what removing any of these very important narratives is: a delay in terms of development. We are essentially taking away lessons we have learned and going back to square one, erasing the foundation that paved the roads we live on today. Some may say, "good", without thinking about the full extent that has come out of the process. Despite the pain some of these monuments bring to people, it is a representation of the lengths we have come and destroying anything is the opposite of what we should be doing. Instead, building upon the grounds that are already laid before us seems like a much more viable way to go. Not to be too specific, but perception is key, and as a race, why not look at it as how far along one has come, even though the struggle isn't over yet? Why can't these monuments be looked at as a position in time, rather than a painful memory. Why should you care about those honoring them? They are not you, and you shouldn't give a shit what others think anyway. Why don't you focus on yourself and what you think? Quit taking those that honor them as a personal attack on you. They too are standing up for their beliefs and that should be allowed. What's done is done, and rehashing the problem is doing nothing but making it worse, bringing it to light, and pushing those who once thought not much of it, to suddenly notice and express their side. All of a sudden it's become a threat to their culture and their heritance. Being sensitive and offended has done nothing but open up a bag of worms. In so many cases, you can't cut into a lung to remove a tumor or the cancer will spread. What we need to do is realize and accept both sides of the story.

Special Treatment For Specific Groups


I don't know about you, but I am so sick and tired of people getting special treatment. The irony of this is, the same groups of people doing this want equity. Demanding you want to be treated like everyone else and then having a fit when you're not getting noticed, baffles me. It's such a double standard. I can understand how gay people want the same rights as straight people, but let's be clear, straight people do not get parades. Do you have any kind of idea the kind of heat straight people would get if they organized a parade in honor of who they sleep with? It is porposterious. Black lives matter. Yes, and so do white lives, and asian lives, all lives matter, but you don't see them requesting and entire month on the calendar to honor their race, now do you? Now, if white people did that, they would be consider white surpremacists. Why? Double standard. You don't hear Asian people running around bitching either, because there's no Asian history month, or pro-lifers begging for privacy while their pregnant. Just as a woman may want privacy to abort their unborn child, pro-lifers want the option to detest it. It's called freedom of speech. Frankly, if protests outside the abortion clinic bother you that much, maybe you should be rethinking what you are doing in the first place. Protests are essential, but please make sure you have a valid reason to fight. Taking a knee during your national Anthem is a great way to disrespect your country, and in this case, one of the greatest countries in the world. A country so free, it gives you the opportunity to become whatever you want to be. Please explain to me how oppressed you are, as you make millions of dollars playing a national sport on TV, doing something you love to do. How many people have the opportunity to play football in the NFL? This is not an opportunity everybody gets. And lets not even talk about cops. Everyday they risk their lives protecting civilians. More white people are killed by police officers than black people every year, but you don't see white people throwing those statistics around, and if you want to talk about population, we can bring up crime statistics by race, and see what pops up there. Indians are another group living off the benefits of their ancestors. So, let me get this straight, statues should be torn down because history brings up slavery, and horrible past events, but it's okay for Indians to not pay taxes and basically live in their own world, because history states we stole it from them. The same indians that scalped people and kept the top of people's heads as a trophy. Please elaborate and explain which history matters, so I can do the math, and single out which people are the exception to the rule. Apparently, we need to erase history, but not the history that allows specific people to have special treatment. Another thing that is concerning is holidays. As Halloween passes, we learn it is offensive to dress as a demon, because they are "black". I personally don't think black people want that kind of association. They removed the Moana costume off shelves, because those who are not brown-skinned, could not possibly understand what it's like to be brown-skinned, yet, it's okay to for a little brown-skinned girl to wear a Snow White costume? Is this not creating more racism? My daughter sees no colour when it comes to black, white, brown or green people. Yet. She loves Moana. We are teaching an entire generation that there is a difference. Is this not the opposite of what is wanted? I am so confused by this nonsense. Some schools didn't even allow students to wear Halloween costumes this year, out of fear people would be offended by what children chose to go as. Seriously? Do we want them to grow up thinking it's okay to label people in this manner? That is the only outcome that is going to come out of this. That, and eventually there will no longer be a holiday called Halloween. I can't talk about Halloween, without talking about Christmas. North America was built on Christianity. Christmas is a Christian holiday. I understand other religions may celebrate something similar at the same time, but that does not mean we have to change the entire curriculum to match those needs. If I want to say Merry Christmas, I should be allowed to. If some else whats to say Happy Holidays, all for them. I should not have a hard time finding greeting cards at the store that say Merry Christmas. Just because the world is expanding and people's beliefs are different, does not mean I have to change to suit yours, as I don't expect you to change yours to suit mine. If people want equality, than for the love of God except everyone. Don't cancel out one for the other. You cannot come into my country, and change the way things are, because it doesn't suit your beliefs. It's our job to adapt, and add your beliefs to ours, not change our beliefs entirely to yours. If people weren't so sensitive to every little thing and would quit taking everything so damn personal, this world might be a little more tolerable to live in for everybody. Quit requesting special attention and then get angry when it's not the right attention you demanded. If everybody is equal, than shouldn't everybody get the same attention or lack-there-of?

The Rise of Feminism


Nobody is more offended, than a woman being told she can't do something a man can do. This is the truth. Men and women are built differently. This is not just an observation, but a fact. Men are not only physically designed differently, but emotionally as well. Therefore, certain things in this world are more suited for each sex, and instead of demanding equality we should be embracing these distinctions and using our strengths to enhance positions best suited for how we are biologically built. Quit being so indignant. I am not saying a woman cannot do a man's job, or a man cannot do a woman's job, I am simply stating certain jobs are better suited by our biological design and we should take advantage of that, rather than demanding we do things that are not suited to our nature. Firefighting is a good example of this. I'm not saying women shouldn't or cannot be a firefighter, but shouldn't they have to pass the same test as a man? I know there are tricks of the trade that allow women to pick up heavy objects, but personally, if I'm trapped in a fire, I think the odds of surviving are more likely best achieved, if I was carried out but a 250lb muscle man, rather than a 150lb woman bodybuilder, who passed a less strenuous test when receiving their education. I'm not being sexist, I'm being realist. It's not to say a woman couldn't do it, in fact, I'm all for it. I just feel certain guidelines shouldn't be altered under such circumstances. My mother for example, drove trains for a living. Prior to 1988, railroading was considered a man's job, and technically still is. In 1988, employers were forced to hire women and minorities, due to government contingencies, and my mother managed to get hired in this process. At that time, five women were hired and out of those women, my mother was the only one who didn't quit, due to the demands the job offered. She retired this year, after years of service, as one of the only women in North America ever to do so. The point is, she was capable of doing the job, and she was the exception to the rule. She passed all the same guidelines as a man, and made exactly the same amount of money. What I will say, and she may not like this, is the amount of turmoil she endured during those years was less than satisfying, despite the fact she could and did handle it. As proven above, there are very few women who could. That's reality. This goes both ways. Women are natural caregivers. It's in their DNA, hence, why they are the ones who spend 9 months carrying a child inside them, hours of labour birthing them, and years nurturing them. So when I say, women make better nurses, I mean it. How many women do you know would appreciate a male nurse rubbing lotion on their back in a hospital bed? I know it would make me uncomfortable. Who do you want when you are sick? Your mother or your father? Women are naturally better at comforting, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. That's not to say there isn't wonderful male nurses out there that do better at the job that some women. Some women suck at care-giving. It comes down often to the person. Though, in some situations a man may prefer a man, and a woman may prefer a woman. I'm very tired of women demanding equality and feminists stating it is wrong for a wife to look after their husband. I read a story recently about a woman asking for suggestions on different kinds of sandwiches she could make her husband for lunch, and the feminist world blew up. "He can make his own damn sandwich". Yes, yes he can, but relationships are a two-way street and you don't know the whole picture there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your husband like that. How about we not shoot down women who feel this way? Personally, I find it sweet, and I imagine he appreciates her. So how about you feminists lighten up on the fact that some women actually enjoy taking care of their husbands. Before my uncle died, my aunt would cut his toenails. I know, gross. He was a heavy set man, and it was difficult for him to reach them. He loved, respected and appreciated her, and never turned down an opportunity to treat her like gold. This was not a man who took advantage of his wife. This was a man and a woman who worked together to build a loving and caring relationship. Don't get me wrong, it is great that because of women fighting for themselves, accomplishments have been achieved, and women can now do things they've never dreamed of, but today's feminists are taking it too far, and I think they need to realize how important it is to distinguish the difference between the sexes, and stop attacking men for simply being men. Not all men are 'toxic'. In fact, many women are 'toxic', but they often get to play the 'victim card' now don't they? Though, women and men do have the same intellectual capabilities, design plays an important role in job performance. Women perform better than men in some cases, and vice versa. Specific jobs should be based on an individual's ability, and it's okay to come out of one's comfort zone and attempt to do things one is not naturally built for, but to suggest that women and men are the same is a form of denial. I specifically don't want to get into sex, babies and abortion, rape and sexual harassment and other issues concerning the viewpoints of feminists at this particular moment, that's an article for another day, but as it's stated above, "the rise of women, does not mean the fall of men." Being a feminist in today's society, in my opinion, is not a step forward. It's a harsh attitude toward the opposite sex; another attitude this society does not need.

The Use of Specific Words


Now a days, everyone is so concerned about being politically correct, that everyone is afraid to say anything. Whatever happened to that old saying, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."? Quit being so offended by name calling. If you are happy with who you are, getting called a name should not affect you. Being called fat, for example, is only going to hurt your feelings, if you think you are fat. Calling a gay man by any other name will get your social media account suspended so fast, you won't have time to blink. Though sometimes these words, I shall not say are often used in the gay community as a positive term of self reference. So why is it so offensive for a straight person to call a gay person these so-called terms they call each other?? Because they get offended. If people would quit being so sensitive to these words, they wouldn't be used as a way to get under other people's skin. Enhancing this kind of behaviour by suggesting it implies negativity only pronounces the problem. Why do you care so much what other people think? You may walk around like you're in a bubble, but the reality is you can pop a bubble with your finger. Bullying, for example, is a part of life. It is what makes us strong. It allows us to learn how to protect ourselves emotionally and physically. Don't get me wrong, I am not for bullying at all, and there should be consequences for those who do, however, with that being said, if people didn't get so offended by every little thing, it would certainly make it a hell of a lot harder to bully someone emotionally. Physical abuse is a bit of a different story, but if people didn't live in constant fear of what would happen if they stood up to a bully, then it is less likely events like this would happen. For example, when my brother played hockey, at about high school age, there was this goon who all season was dirty and pretty rough. So much so, the parents were angry at how he was able to get away with this kind of behaviour. Talk about how this kid was anything but fair, rang amongst the ears of all the league. Those who retaliated seems to pay the price, having more consequences than anything in the process. At the end of the season, my brother, who seem to get taken advantage of by this guy more than anyone, beat the crap right out of him. He took it for so long, he just snapped, and in my opinion the outcome was glorious. Not only did the team and parents cheer, the parents of the bully's team did. See, ironically, they watched this bully hurt other children all season, and did nothing about it. But why? Because people are comfortably protected by the masses, even if they are wrong. The lesson here is standing up against bullying is never something to stay quiet about. Chances are others agree with you. It always amazes me the amount of stupidity captured within a group of people. Sometimes all it takes is one person to change everything. This brings me to my other point: if we take away someone's ability to stand up for themselves, by not allowing events to play out naturally, like removing the physical side of sports altogether, we are not teaching people how to fight for what they believe in. Giving everyone a participation award, for example, or not keeping score, is only teaching people that they win no matter what. Competition is vital for healthy growth and development. We need to allow people to have the opportunity to flourish without having consequences. We need to teach people that losing is an opportunity to try harder, to move on, to know it's okay not to be perfect, and to accept what happens graciously, even if it means losing. Otherwise, they walk around beating themselves up for not being this exceptional human being that's actually impossible to maintain. Failing is a part of life. Failing is what alternatively makes people succeed in the end. Stop teaching your children that there is no such thing as pain, because in reality it is all around us. Instead teach them how to deal with it. Pop the bubbles, and help them grow a set. People should have compassion for other people, but demanding one should hide actual feelings to protect another is only paving a way for your child's soon-to-be mental disorder. Quit teaching your children to be so sensitive that they can't even take a joke. Instead guide them to be confident with themselves and satified with who they are as a person. Educate them to speak their mind and stand up for others who can't speak theirs, encourage that they listen to other people's opinions even if they disagree, and allow them to argue their truth even if it means hurting someone else's feelings.

Teach Yourself

In Conclusion...

Creating what the cool kids are calling 'safe spaces' is ridiculous, and people need to buck up, quit crying, and learn to not take everything so personal. It's hard to say a joke without being reprimanded. This process is destroying traditions and conservative view points that we've worked so hard to establish. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling a specific way about something and stating out loud how you feel about it. Certain activist groups, protests and crude behaviour is all a side effect of the bubble we've created, because as it stands, nobody wants to be put in a corner. Speaking our minds should not be something we are punished for. There's nothing more satisfying to the left media than shutting down conservative voices. Let's at least let them know that we aren't going down without a fight.

Too Politically Correct Or Not?

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© 2017 Joanne Kristin


Joanne Kristin (author) from Canada on November 12, 2017:

They featured it last night and I didn't change a thing! :) That article sounds interesting Bob, I'll pop over to your page and read it soon.

Robert E Smith from Rochester, New York on November 10, 2017:

It bothers me that your article will not be featured. I have one like that. I think the thing they didn't like was when I said that all people are born in sin, like the Bible says they are. I had a picture of a baby to illustrate the "born" part and I think that concept offended someone. I may include a disclaimer saying that although babies are born sinners, they are too young to know how to ask forgiveness and so the Bible says it is just like they did ask forgiveness. If they die they go to heaven. Anyway, you keep writing. You're great at it and very clear with the way you explain things.

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Joanne Kristin (author) from Canada on November 09, 2017:

I'm honored you took the time to read it and comment, Bob. I love to hear what other people think, and I'm grateful you posted your thoughts and how you feel. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. :)

Robert E Smith from Rochester, New York on November 09, 2017:

Wow, Joanne! I had to break off reading several times to comment. So much common sense! So much wisdom. I feel the same way you do about erasing history but have never heard it expressed the way you did.

When it comes to special groups, I see a multi-layer problem. Of course I agree with you as does my wife of 19 years who is African-American. But since the trial of O.J. Simpson, I have heard that it is about time that blacks can get back at, get even in a society that is unbalanced in favor of ruling class white people. However, as the "unbalanced" society demands a change I see more struggle, not less. I see people forced to take a side when they were ready to do what they think was right and then to be hated by one group or another.

You nailed the feminism issue. I have always been a guy in touch with "his feminine side" while still maintaining my manhood. I feel that men today are gradually losing the idea of what a man is because the lines between the sexes has become so blurred. The way a grandfather lived and the things he passed on to his sons is different than what his son teaches to his son. I shudder to think about what the new generation is teaching not only in the family but also in the classroom. Male children and female children reaching for the impossible and feeling pain all the while from those whom they trust to tell them the truth.

The wisdom in ths article should be lauded. But, I am afraid that it may be too late to correct this mess without many people being unnecessarily hurt.

Loved the article. Bob.

Joanne Kristin (author) from Canada on November 08, 2017:

America's issues probably all stem from the "American Dream" term and how an entire nation was brought up to believe they can have whatever the hell they want; the left is a walking contradiction, and the exact result of this. I think your fear is the same as everybody else's. Nobody wants to be the actual true definition of the word 'minority'. You're a very smart man Ken. I have had one too many glasses of wine to get into any of this at the moment or answer your question in full, but I think for the most part it's hard to dissect such a complex country into just one specific major divide.

Ken Burgess from Florida on November 08, 2017:

Whew... that was a lot.

If you had to overly simplify our current differences, how would you see the Nation's major divide today?

Looking back to the 60s, the issues would have been equal rights (and the anti-war movement), which more or less united together under what would be considered the 'Left'.

Equal rights and equal opportunity for women and all races.

Despite ANY claim otherwise, this HAS been accomplished. We have had a minority President, we have minority actors and sports stars and talk show hosts and you name it... explain to me how Oprah has been oppressed because of her race or gender.

In fact, the very term 'minority' is totally misleading and misused. There are more women than men. There are more non-whites than whites.

So, to an extent, it makes a great deal of sense that we no longer see things through the prism of the Eurocentric history of beliefs and customs. Or should I say, other venues of contribution to society should be sought out, and made more prominent, be they from Mexican-American or Asian-American, or whatever-American.

And I would be fine if that was all the 'Left' seemed to embody today, I am not afraid of other cultural or racial histories and heritage being added to the curriculum of our society... I am however, afraid of he destruction of what America was meant to be, the promise it held for those who came here, the opportunity for Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am afraid of social government policies that exclude a person because they are white, or favor someone because they are not white. That was not what those who fought and marched in the 60s wanted this nation to be about.

It was never about stripping away a person's ability to express himself, freedom of speech was meant for all, not for some, and not to be blocked, monitored or punished.

And it was never about denying our history, where we came from, why we came to be. For 250 years our heritage and the Constitution has been preserved, the sovereignty of the nation fought for, and freedoms and liberties preserved.

It seems to me that today the 'Left' is made up of those who want to do away with some or all of those things, enforcing upon others restrictions on their freedoms and liberties.

Tamara Wilhite from Fort Worth, Texas on November 08, 2017:

Excellent article.

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