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Say No to Joe in the 2024 Presidential Election

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Put Ego Aside and Retire

Who on either side, Republican or Democratic, will have the fortitude to challenge the two most likely Godzillas that will run for POTUS. They are, of course, Trump and Biden. Two old men that should just be enjoying whatever time they have left on Earth. But, no, they are two men with large egos. One will seek revenge on the myth that he lost from a stolen election in 2020, the other, will seek another term in office and be the oldest POTUS in his 80's.

Neither is okay. Both are selfish reasons to put the American people through another very bad election cycle with no other choices! In 2020, many Americans simply voted for Biden because they hated Trump and thought Biden was decent and fair. I was one. In 2020, there were no other viable choices that could beat Trump. This could be the same scenario again in 2024. Is this the best the USA can do.

Age IS age. Having a POTUS that is over 80 yrs. old is just not acceptable. There should be a term limit on how old a person can be when sworn in as POTUS. There is a minimum age of 35 yrs. old in order to run for president. The reason why there is not because the founders of the Constitution were also very old at the time in 1776-8. Maybe not as old as Biden is, but still, there was a sense that an old man is wiser than a young one.

Biden's popularity is plummeting due to his age, bad policy decisions and the right left wing agenda that forces him into those decisions as he tries to appease them. Biden tries to maintain the middle ground but fails.

A recent New York Timespoll released in mid-July 2022 finds that 64% of voters who intend to vote in the 2024 Democratic primary would prefer a nominee other than Biden. Within the group who would prefer a different nominee, 33% say that their reason for wanting someone different is mostly to do with Biden's age, with another 3% citing his mental acuity.

Biden would be 86 yrs. old should he win in 2024 by the end 2028. Biden will be 80 in November 2022. Of course, Trump is only a tad bit younger by a few years. But I will say that Biden's mental acuity is diminishing. You can see this just from video from when he was VP from 2010-14. He is just not as sharp and quick in responses, and he stumbles much more when speaking and that makes America look silly. Trump is no better. He has been exposed as a real danger to democracy and the USA. He is buffoon of a different nature, more akin to a Mussolini-like personality. His vile rhetoric still heard by enough far-right nut cases and many more rational Republicans than should be. He remains a dark force within that party and one that could take us back to a 2020 re-election choice. Republicans fear him for some strange reason even when he is a private citizen.

The only thing that may prevent Trump is criminal charges for the January 6th insurrection. If Trump is charged, he will have to go to trial, and being charged with crimes against America would end his hopes to run again. But that leads to another question, who then?

Possible candidates for either side could be:

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  • Kamala Harris
  • Ron Desantis
  • Liz Cheney
  • Adam Kinzinger
  • Mike Pence
  • Gavin Newsom
  • Nikki Haley
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Gretchen Whitmire
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Chris Christie

Neither party has good choices for the American people. Both show that there is no middle ground, only those on the far right and far left.

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