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Save the Economy, Not the Stock Market

An autistic person with superior pattern recognition skills and a powerful bias towards reality over social construct. The emperor is nude.

Save People and the Economy, Not the Stock Market

Shutting down and retooling the economy during the Covid 19 pandemic doesn't mean crashing it. The Stock Market may crash, but the economy of useful goods and services could boom if we treat this right, creating an even stronger economy in the long run.S

Since writing this piece back in March, when Soapboxie rejected it due to my lack of an appropriate degree in economics, hundreds of economists have come up with virtually the same plan. It's extremely close to the plan the Biden administration will put into effect once in office, likely because it is what's obvious to everyone now.


The Economy of Useful Goods and Services Is the Real Economy

The economy of useful goods and services is the real economy, the one that keeps everybody so fortunate housed, fed, and provided with power, communication, and medical care.

If you follow the dollars used in the economy of goods and services, they lead back to actual physical things and services people use. The parts of the Stock Market that would crash if we keep people home so they're alive to work later do not lead back to things people need for survival, or even for ordinary life.

But What About the Cruise Ships and Such?

Not only do things like cruise ships not provide anything vital, they'll be bought up by billionaires who made more responsible choices with their money after they crash. They might be re-purposed or something, but it's not like they'll sit on the docks and rot. Maybe they'll be re-fit as mobile hospitals or scientific research vessels. Maybe they'll just go back to being cruise ships. When this happens, it would benefit everyone. They could be held accountable to minimum wage laws, for instance.

How Should Stimulus Be Applied to Save Lives and the Real Economy?

Everything useful that the people of the United States want will boom if the various stimulus packages and types of aid are provided correctly.

But what would be correct? Think about what the purpose of the economy is. Its core purpose is to provide interconnections, goods, and services that allow people to live and thrive. It's there to provide a way to get food, power, housing, medical care, necessary services, and physical goods. It's there so we can share our immense wealth of natural resources, including human resources with each other for our individual and societal benefit.

How to Apply Financial Stimulus to Save People and Strengthen the Economy

So, how can the stimulus be properly applied to create a boom economy of goods and services?

  1. Keep people fed, housed, and alive during the pandemic. The more people who can just stay home, the more people will survive Covid 19 and its secondary effects on healthcare and the economy. Human resources are people and we're living in an increasingly service based economy. We're already going to lose lots of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. We're likely to lose a lot of service personnel in every industry, anywhere people are forced to make many contacts with people daily. We need to preserve as many of these human resources as possible.

  1. Bail out businesses that provide vital goods and services. Give financial incentives for expanding or converting to the production of vital goods or services. Give incentives for hiring warehouse workers and delivery drivers. Keep the businesses we need for the real economy of goods and services afloat. Then we can get back to work to a new and improved supply chain rather than just back to business as usual.
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What Are Vital Goods and Services?

Everything you need to keep you and your family clean, fed, healthy, housed, powered up and employed in a vital industry like medical care is a vital good or service. It's water, power, electricity, natural gas, and other utilities including communications technology. It's manufacturing, production, farming, cooking, cleaning, educating, driving goods and people from place to place, nursing, and medical care. I'm sure there are more, but they'll become obvious to everyone once real analysts learn to see the bigger picture.

But What About the Billionaires?

Don't think the economy of goods and services has no room for billionaires, it literally makes them. Look at how Amazon is reacting. They're making moves right now that might make Jeff Bezos the richest person in human history. Millionaires will become billionaires. Middle class business owners will become millionaires.

The average person will also have better access to the real world things we all need and a great deal of things we just want as things like the entertainment industry boom.

Why Do I Dare Give My Opinion?

Well, everyone's got one. But it goes beyond that. I'm autistic. That means I'm highly biased towards physical realities rather than social constructs. When people say absolutely illogical things like suggesting we just go back to business as usual to save the Stock Market and let a few million people die instead of just doing the obvious - I lose my bleep.

There are people right now who want to sacrifice actual human beings who are, themselves, resources, for an illusory market.

It's obvious to me that the Stock Market of luxury and money as a good itself is just a somewhat sick social construct. I could never figure out why people wanted to just hang out manipulating dollar signs with nothing real behind them. From my personal autistic viewpoint, they're just playing Monopoly. They're just gambling and using what are just supposed to be physical or digital markers for goods or services as their gambling stakes.

It makes zero sense to amass a bunch of paper or virtual markers instead of amassing actual physical and human resources. Money that isn't representative of actual resources or services is not even a good replacement for toilet paper. Try using it to buy toilet paper in a city where there is none. Yep. Useless.

And now the hoarders of those markers want to sacrifice huge, vital sections of human resources to save the markers, the theoretical I.O.U. slips. It's like saving a bundle of paper or a screenshot image instead of a living, breathing human.

Humans Are Resources Vital to the Economy's Existence

The marker hoarders have also forgotten that the single biggest, richest resource for making more markers is people.

Please do the right thing. It's so black and white to me. The choice is between saving a non-living social construct or human beings and an economy of real and vital things and people.

Stay home. Practice social distancing until our most valuable human resources in a health crisis - our doctors, nurses, medical personnel, janitors, and so on are largely safe from the current threat. We not only owe it to the people meeting Covid 19 head on, we need them to be alive in the future, because we will always need medical care. We also need a functional populace. You can't have a service economy without people who serve and people who buy those services.

Staying home during the pandemic can reduce the impact on hospitals and protect everyone out there insuring life goes on.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Kylyssa Shay

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Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 28, 2020:

Informative and interesting on the global recession. It is not a good time for anyone and such people who think they have everything order are fooling everyone.

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