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Saudi Arabia Women, the Most Disadvantaged Women with no Democratic Rights, Education Rights and Basic Human Rights

Saudi Arabian Women, the ill-privileged and disadvantaged

Saudi Arabian Women, the ill-privileged and disadvantaged

No rights for Saudi Arabian women

I do personally believe that Saudi Arabian women are one of the most disadvantaged groups who are deprived of even their basic rights. This made me have a study of the negatively privileged lives of women in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a nation where constantly the rights of women are violated. Women are considered as perpetual minors in Saudi Arabia. For example, women of Saudi Arabia are never permitted to marry the men of their choice. They rather have to subdue to the wishes of their father. They are constantly under the threat of house arrest and honor killing. Women in Saudi Arabia are supposed to live under certain rules and regulations that block their freedom completely. Anyone who breaks these rules will be punished with lashings. Extreme segregation against women is prevalent in Saudi Arabia.

Women not able to travel without male guardians in Saudi Arabia

Women live a life of subjugation in Saudi Arabia. Under the system that prevails in Saudi, women should compulsorily have her male guardian’s permission to travel, to hold a job, to drive or to marry. The laws of segregation against women make their lives miserable. Women in Saudi Arabia never get a chance to defend themselves for all laws are against them. It is illegal for a woman in Saudi Arabia to be seen with an individual of opposite sex unless he is her blood relative. Women thus never get a chance to develop any relationship with any man. They will finally surrender to their father’s wish of marrying a man whom she may not like. Fathers coerce their daughters to enter into marriage with someone who already may have two or three wives.

Social Problem - Prison or jail overcrowding - Creating more criminals

Prison overcrowding and its dangerous effects on Inmates,Overcrowded prisons in US and Canada,Negative impact or effects of overcrowding

Forced marriage in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian law for women

Saudi Arabian laws fail to uphold the rights of women. Women do require their father’s permission to move to any place. Most marriages are arranged in Saudi Arabia; not many people are blessed enough to choose their spouses. Dating is basically non-existent in Saudi Arabia because of the policy of separation of sexes. Polygamy up to four wives is legal in Saudi Arabia. The cursed practice of forced marriage is widely practiced in Saudi Arabia. There are thousands of helpless women in Saudi Arabia who really want to marry for love.

Love Marriage, still a dream for Saudi Arabian women

The notion of romantic love and marriage is still a dream for Saudi Arabian youngsters. Islamic law imposes strict segregation of women and unrelated men. A woman who was caught with an unrelated man was gang raped by a group of youngsters in 2007. The Saudi Court that is blind to the rights of the weaker sex convicted her for violating the Saudi law of segregation. They sentenced her to six months jail apart from 200 lashes. The rapists were just given light sentences. As she appealed her punishment was doubled. It would be amusing to note the comments of the Judge who later told that he regrets for not making her sentenced to death. This is Saudi Arabian law. Islamic societies that are damn strict want their women to maintain their purity, both mental purity and physical purity.

Drinking among youngsters - a major problem in United States

Should the drinking age be lowered? Should youngsters be allowed to drink

No Social Network, Chat and Facebook for Saudi Arabian women

A Saudi Arabian girl who was caught chatting with boys in Facebook was thoroughly beaten and later shot to death. All websites that encourage intersex communication and interaction are banned in Saudi Arabia. Social networking sites like orkut is no longer available to Saudi Arabians. Women are subjected to numerous restrictions where the four walls of the room become their world.

Islamic Sharia law determining the fate of Saudi Arabian women – no basic rights for Saudi Arabian women

Islamic Sharia law, which is interpreted in the highly conservative way blocks women from coming to the mainstream of the society. The absolute monarchy runs with Islamic Sharia law would never become flexible enough to grant basic rights to women. The ill-fated women in Saudi Arabia are obliged to wear a veil. Until 2001 they did not have rights to hold separate identity card. Now they can obtain an identity card, but only with the permission of a man who is her relative.

Low female literacy in Saudi Arabia; no democratic rights for women

Women never had the rights to vote or compete for public offices in Saudi Arabia; very recently only they got rights to maintain jobs. The government does not permit females to ride bicycles in Saudi Arabia. Education is separated by sex in Saudi Arabia; curriculum is different for male and female students. Women do not have permission to pursue the traditional Islamic education. Female literacy rates are still low compared to male literacy rates.

High divorce rate and sufferings of women in Saudi Arabia

In spite of the strict restrictions concerning marriages, nearly half of the marriages end in divorce. Lack of freedom and restrictions cannot establish peace or stability in the country. Laws make the lives of women miserable by forcing them to marry outside their choice. Absence of freedom of expression makes them submit their lives to the cruel laws of the nation. A solution to the problems of Saudi Arabian women would be interference from human rights organizations around the world and the United Nations. Other nations should persuade the Saudi Arabian government to grant equal rights to women. Only such interference can save women of Saudi Arabia. Women of Saudi Arabia cannot achieve their rights by fighting against the government. Fight will only make their lives more miserable for all laws are against them.


asma on February 07, 2016:

as for what you said" Education is separated by sex in Saudi Arabia " i wonder what are the advantages and benefits that we are missing here ! and Female literacy is no longer valid ..unlike what you think women are much passionate about gitting education and you may google for ghada al mutairi , a Saudi Scientist woman that we all proud of among a lot of saudi women that you just neglected or forget to mention !

asma on February 06, 2016:

women are not forced to marry a man that they dont want or accept .. women and men are actually dating but in a different way .. first they met each other through the help of their patents then they see each other and they allow to know each other and decide if they want to complete their life by gitting married or just get separated .. and please if you want to judge our society, you have to separate the religion from the cultures an traditions .. Islam is seen as a brutal religion as i notice in the comments and its all because of the mixing of the traditions and the Islam ..this is not fair .. you cant judge a religion because of some ignorant

people who behave according to their background and traditions ..for example women cant travel by herself .. this is religion and in religion there always a reason behind every divine order .. we as human sometime we analysis the divine orders and try to understand why ! but no mater how we tried there always a hidden wisdom that our limited brain cant recognize .. we Obeys our god in his orders because we trust him more than anyone .. some behaviors are out of our religion .. and that what you may to talk about as much as you can .. but try to not interfere in god wisdom because he is the one who create you and me and therefore he knows exactly what is the best for his creatures ..

leena on October 03, 2015:

hello.. i really want to thank you for writing about us ..

i write to you from saudi arabia and my language is not good enough but i hope you can understand me .

here in saudi arabia we cant go out without a man we called him..mahram.. and he is one of my brothers or my father even if he just 6 years old we cant go without him Pathetic right ?

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here we cant go out without heajab or should i say black mask and the women who not wearing it is definitely slut ..

we cant love because its shame even when we loved we cant marry the one who we loved , we cant learn with out Assent from the mahram and even the Surgery we cant do it without mahram ..

i love Islam and love began a Muslim but i hate the Community here they look at us like we are a Slaves .. here you cant be adult and take your own options NNNNO your man take it for you ...they saied they are Treat us like a queens hahahaha what a queen... mabey i just want to be a normal person who takes his own designs by himself i really dont wanaa be a queen in hell yeah this is hell and we cant get out ..i hope someday i will travel the world alone and be a real woman and find my love and i still believe i can .

Pandora on May 23, 2015:

The worst situation is that when women don't even realize they are being oppressed.

Skye on September 22, 2014:

Yes, they are not taught and nurtured to be independent, free thinking adults. I am sure women are afraid to tell anyone they do not want to follow the Muslim religion and its teachings. They could be beaten or watched even more they raise their children the way their husband wants them raised, even though they may not want to, thus, perpetuating the cycle of non-questioning submission.

female-traveller on July 24, 2014:

Bottle Jinn,... that only shows how much brainwashed you are. Just re-read your comment and see all the excuses that you make to support bad treatment of women... You compare being allowed to sit only at the back of the bus to being a special princess. What's so special about it? It's demeaning.

Society can't change if women are so blinded by their controlling religion that they can't think for themselves but follow only a dusty book. They were never probably taught to think independently, like it's the case with Indian women, which makes it even sadder.

Haseena on July 21, 2014:

Dear sister,

Greetings, I like your page as you have some excellent knowledge about home remedies.

Sadly the information you have about women status in Saudi Arabia is very poor.

I request you to get the correct information from our friends and sisters living in KSA, then you will surprisingly change your view.

Thanks in advance for your kind understanding and good luck.

H C Palting from East Coast on May 07, 2014:

Unfortunately Uditi, no one can do anything for someone who will not seek help for themselves in this sort of situation. While it is understandable that she would not want to offend others or risk her safety, she must consider herself first and foremost and make some difficult choices. More and more women are doing so. I hope that she and her husband can compromise or that she can leave him before she loses more of herself.

uditi from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on May 07, 2014:

One of my colleague was forced into an arranged marriage and now they forcing her to relocate to Saudi Arabia as her husband works there but she does not want to go there. Can anyone guide her so that she is not forced to go there? She is too afraid to disclose this to anyone neither wants to go to the police or call off her marriage. She just does not want to relocate there. She is ok to adjust and live here in INDIA but how to stop the mental torture and how to help her out? She will not come out in the open due to the society and peer pressure of her family as well as her in-laws. Please guide / advise. Is there any NGO, Embassy where she can complain so that she is not forced to go to Saudi??

Maryam on April 30, 2014:

Wow! This is exaggeration. Can't help but laugh at it, sorry!

Living in SA for a year or even 10 years dose not give the whole picture. As a Saudi woman I can understand that there are lots of stupid things going on here , but you can not generalize some stories you hear on all women. "half of the marriages end in divorce"!! Are you serious?!! From where you get your info!

You mentioned many false points but I'll stop and say don't judge any culture stereotypically. Women suffer everywhere so you should focus on your country and if you could save women there then you can step forward to women all around the world. Fair enough.

Shrouds on March 19, 2014:

According to what all Muslim belief we are equal as a human except our practice in implementing the Islamic rules.As long as woman agree to follow the Islamic rules and regulations they are not far away from the democracy,they also have rights to participate in the election.It is not true to judge all Muslim country blocking the woman's right for democracy.What you mentioned probably happens only in Afghanistan which had been practiced long time ago by Taliban who restricted woman to elect and become a national leader.

Jasmeet Kaur from India on March 14, 2014:

Its really hurting to hear all these things about saudi arabia women, but sad to say that India is also no far from this state, I feel. In India too women are no more secure. Parents restrict them to go out alone in the evening etc etc.. Modernisation is also there in metropolitan cities, but we can't ignore presence of honor killing.

Napoleonm97d on March 13, 2014:

you have chosen an interesting topic to write about,and i think that the reason for applying these laws in Saudi Arabia is that the Saudi Arabia is the place where Islam has risen,so the government is under pressure from Islamic traits that forces them to apply the ((old Islamic Sharia)),however without considering to change some parts of the Sharia to match new democracy this why we see Saudi Arabia laws is very much Scrounger.

Sara on February 25, 2014:

i live in Saudi Arabia and this thing is totally wrong about us. i have no idea from wear people get like this subjects!! "open your mind and search for what you want to know"

pearly on January 05, 2014:

Lol, lulu is definitely NOT a Saudi woman, go fool someone else, lulu! one day you will pay for your lies and deception, "lulu"

lulu on November 06, 2013:

thanks dear for this nice article.. I am a Saudi woman and I can say that everything you have mentioned is completely true.. basically women in KSA including myself can't get anything done by themselves. they can't drive a car. they can't even go shopping without a male's permission. traveling without a male guardian is literally impossible. in here women have to cover up even though they are so pretty and love fashion and they would love to dress up and look beautiful and get men's attention. homosexuality is so common among young women here since they are super suppressed and not a lout to date. marriage to most women is like being raped except legally. most Saudi men are so narrow minded and ignorant and the law is completely by their side and to their own benefits. I hope one day things get better for all those who are deprived from their rights wherever they are..

Tammy on October 22, 2013:

I personally have a lot of friends that live in Saudi Arabia, and I would like to tell you, that it is a personal decision upon there faith. This is what they believe according to the Qur'an.

Sunil Kumar Kunnoth from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India) on September 04, 2013:

There is a typing mistake. Please read as " A lady in the northern part Kerala was brutally attacked for wearing modern DRESS. The mistake is regretted.

Sunil Kumar Kunnoth from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India) on September 04, 2013:

I fully stand on my view. We know in India many women wear Purdah just because of fear. A lady in the northern part Kerala was brutally attacked for wearing modern attack. She was totally against wearing Purdah. What a shameful act it is. Also just hear the case of Malala and how she reached England. Most of the Muslim women are living under great threat whenever they try to come out of the dark cloud of religious grip. Last month I had read a good article on the problems a woman faced in Saudi Arabia for driving in public. It is available in net too. But finally she won the game. I am 100 % sure that everywhere in the world the freedom of muslim women is limited and they are more or less caged. I invite you to India to see how women freely walk and work here. In Pakistan also, some women, especially the educated one enjoy some sort of freedom. You can observe this when a Cricket tournament is telecasting. They wear modern dress and enjoy their life. Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative countries in the world. As time and education progress, I hope they too will change.

Xhurda on September 02, 2013:

And I wander why do u speak about saudi arabia women?

Why don't u better ask all those american women who are converting to Islam Everyday, and even though they live in a democratic country they live their lives with the same family rules as in saudi arabia.

U say that women there can't walk aside with a man who is not their relative but don't ask if men over there can walk with a woman who is not their relative "does this make men also opressed there".

They just don't allow things that lead to imorality.

And "female traveller" i don't know where and when u heard that muslims think that women have no soul. U better start reading the Quran. There's a special chapter there for women. U don't find it in any other religious book. And diferent from other religions woman in islam is not considered the source of the sin.

And i tell u women are happy there. If u don't believe me go ask. Don't just read things in the internet or hear on tv the most manipulated media in the world.

When it comes to them marrying four women its not any different than in here in our land. Men there that marry four women and take responsibility of them are considered primitive. On the other hand men here who marry only one and have 100 girlfriends are considered heroes.

And respond even to those coments who say good things about women in saudi arabia don't respond only to those who bring fire and hate out of their mouths. This tells me that this is just an article of hate against muslims " men and women"

Xhurda on September 02, 2013:

Everyone here speaks about opression of this women, but nobody has ever asked them how they feel about it.

I think u will definitely get the opposite answer.

Sunil Kumar Kunnoth from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India) on June 19, 2013:

I agree whatever you discussed here. It is a terrific situation almost all Muslim women face. But the dosage of suffering is all the more high in Saudi Arabia as it being very tough on religious matters. What is more painful and mocking is that men have lot of freedom and all laws and authorities are against the women. Too pathetic, alarming and condemnable. The Islam is the most conservative religion in the world and it strictly controls the freedom of women. Let's hope the flow of wisdom come to the brains of these narrow minded clergies and authorities and the women too get at least some basic freedom there. Congrats you have brought forward a good topic with courage and confidence. Your effort is appreciated. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

bottle jinn from Egypt on May 24, 2013:

zainabzarrar , I agree with you. I am a muslima and I do understand about the islamic laws put forth by Allah, not men. the Quran is justice of the highest order. everyone feels bad for women wearing black dress and covers.. but I as a muslima am proud to do this and I prefer black abaya and hijab, I think it looks nicer. I don't care for the burka but to each their own. its the womans choice how to guard her modesty. Allah knows what's in our hearts. as a muslim convert I feel happiness I never felt before in submission to the one and only Allah .. nothing is that bad if Allah is by our side, I have no doubts. also I LOVE to sit in the back of buses lol what's so bad about the back? lol I also love to be treated like a special princess :-) having my husband take care of things for me. the TRUE believing muslim men are the most awesome men ever.

zainabzarrar on May 24, 2013:

women do actually marry of their choice, the dad can look for a suitable husband and then the women agrees to him. so, the women and the parents BOTH have to agree.

lashings are for unmarried women who commit adultery with men who are obviously not their husbands and this is to teach them not to commit adultery again. here, the man who committed adultery ALSO gets lashed as both took part in it.

when women travel, they can't travel for more than a day and a night without a male blood relative. this is to protect women and not an oppression.

men can have up to four wives but he HAS to be just between them, otherwise the women has the right to separate whereas the man will be punished in hereafter.

love marriage is allowed if the couple did not have a relationship before. but its society-based unacceptable as it means that man looked at the women and saw what he liked in her and he is not allowed to have more than a look unless necessary such as business or office work.

social networks are banned in Saudi as it can lead to illegal relationships between men and women and is overall a waste of time.

as for low female literacy, all women go to schools except if they can't afford. there are also donations for children to go to school. in some Islamic countries, it's a must for all children to go to school until a certain age.

finally, divorce has many laws and levels and if in the end its desperate , its permissible.

you may not be a Muslim, and that's why you don't understand the fact that we are happy and more-than-proud of our religion. so please, don't judge our religion under the name of justice. and if a Muslim women feel oppression, they can simply change there religion. our lives and religion is far more just than you can imagine.

C E Clark from North Texas on April 16, 2013:

A sad situation for Saudi women . . .

dhannyya (author) on January 10, 2013:

thank you female-traveller for your valuable comment

female-traveller on January 09, 2013:

Very sad indeed... There were times of matriarchal societies where women were worshipped as goddesses for their ability to give birth (which is magical and godly indeed) . And now women have to suffer from the external male power where everything godly in women is feared and thus restricted. Also I don't know if it's true but I read that Muslims believe women have no souls. How cruel. Women are much more intuitive then men and more compassionate, and these are the sure signs of a soul. Let's all pray for these oppressed women in Saudi Arabia and other countries like India to be freed.

I fully agree with what Express10 has said. True, men fear women, that's why they use their external power to suppress them. If they would not be a threat to them (with their beauty, wits and sexual power) they would have never oppressed them

dhannyya (author) on January 03, 2013:

u r absolutely right i too feel indian women are the most disadvantaged ones

Kumaran on December 30, 2012:

What would you say about the rapes and oppression towards women in our homeland , I am a contractor working in Saudi Arabai and I feel the women here have a much better social status than what we have in India, they are not raped, molested and burnt for dowry nor they are pushed into prostitution by their own fathers mothers and brothers .... I am working here since 12 years and I can say that nobody can even dare to look at a woman in public leave alon raping or molesting .. I feel women here have much better status .. even the they are in veils but that's their tradition . The west sponsored media will never miss an opportunity to put SA in bad light , since it cannot directly attack or force the SA govt .. its trying initiate revolutions through the Human Rights and Women's Oppression .. they are actually funding some groups here for their cunning motives .... Happy New Year

safiq ali patel from United States Of America on December 20, 2012:

First none of your information is new. We have known what you allege about Saudi society for years now. For years I was willing to believe this sob story about Saudi Women. Only recently did I realize that Saudi society is very complicated and many of those living as veiled women are actually men with make up. I think many people laugh at this tail of women in Saudi society. There are many women are treated well in Saudi Arabia and enjoy and live a life that is of divine status. I am sure that there are Saudi women who enjoy a very positive and fulfilling life too. Not ever Saudi woman has a story of oppression to tell. I'm sorry if my comments offend you but I have met many Saudi females who enjoy every moment of their lives.

dhannyya (author) on December 06, 2012:

yes..references are there in internet...some information is from my cousin who has worked as a nurse in saudi..

nansia on December 06, 2012:

have you got any references for this great article? or its all written from your knowledge...?

Pavlo Badovskyi from Kyiv, Ukraine on November 08, 2012:

Your hub arose active comments of the subject. It gives us, people who live far from Saudi Arabia a better understanding of the life there. Thank you very much for this info!

GlstngRosePetals from Wouldn't You Like To Know on October 12, 2012:

Sounds like they are treated with less respect than animal. I would never want to live there. Great hub Voted up !!

layla on September 26, 2012:

I think because it is considered a conservative islamic country and the people seem to love the king. there is no human rights violation to having your female family stay indoors for safety..and driving is a privilege not a right. just my opinion. :-)

dhannyya (author) on September 26, 2012:

thank you Green Art, layla and The Green Lady for your valuable comments

The Green Lady from Australia on September 23, 2012:

Many of the world's nations banded together in protests and boycotts about apartheid in Sth Africa, but are strangely silent about the lack of human rights for Saudi women. Is this because the Saudi's are considered too rich to upset?

layla on September 19, 2012:


"All of their rules apply to women of any nationality within the country, my friends' wives require their husbands written permission to travel out of the country and take the children"

but it is like that in the states also.. you can't just leave and take your kids to another country either. Am i correct?

Laura Ross on September 18, 2012:

Excellent HUB! Getting the word out about the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia is so important. You give these women a voice! Thank you for a well thought out article that is important for not only women, but all people to take notice.

dhannyya (author) on August 20, 2012:

@LeanMan 2

I am going thru your hubs on Saudi Arabia

dhannyya (author) on August 20, 2012:

LeanMan, thanks for stopping by and commenting..I do appreciate much your comment..more revelations on the matter...its really disappointing as you say that no progress is happening in the status of Saudi Arabian women..

Tony from At the Gemba on August 20, 2012:

Well written, you should also note that not only do Saudi women have to marry the person chosen for them but there is no legal minimum age of consent, so girls as young as 9 are "sold" as brides to much older men.

In my experience the Saudi women are better educated and have far better ethics than the Saudi men, certainly when it comes to work. Most men quite frankly behave like pigs towards women. Read my hubs on my experiences there and you will see what I mean.

All of their rules apply to women of any nationality within the country, my friends' wives require their husbands written permission to travel out of the country and take the children.

I also have letters from western women who have married Saudis and are now trapped in the country unable to leave.

You should however note that Facebook etc are all accessible to the youth of Saudi Arabia without restrictions although most dating sites and pornographic sites are very definitely banned.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for things to change for the better in the country, there is progress but it is painfully slow and those women campaigning in the country are going through some really rough times.

If you start getting comments like some of the ones I get on my hubs about Saudi Arabia don't take them personally, just delete them!

dhannyya (author) on August 01, 2012:

Dear bottle jinn ...great to see your personal experiences..i am enlightened by your story...your perspective is correct..

dhannyya (author) on August 01, 2012:

thanks Nick Hanlon, bottle jinn and Nick Hanlon for your comment. My reply was late as I was away from hubpages for a fortnight. I just made a trip to my native place Kerala.

Nick Hanlon from Chiang Mai on July 24, 2012:

Bertrolt Brecht said that if prostitution is the rental of the body then marriage is the sale of the body.And to can't handle the fact that people want freedom to decide for themselves what kind of life we want.We in the west define ourselves as citizens,not peasants.We the people define what is good for us.Tradition and religion is just dead men telling us what to do.

bottle jinn from Egypt on July 19, 2012:

it doesn't only happen in saudi arabia. what bothers me is the marriage thing because in the Qur'an a woman has the right to choose her own husband. it is not easy to find a husband because of the modesty but they are supposed to be introduced to acceptable men. its not Islamic to force marriage! also i know what its like to be under house arrest lol i have to laugh about it. i am married to an arabian in egypt and Im american. i never go out alone without my husband. he works so i am always home and it does feel like house arrest even though all my needs are taken care of. i feel like a genie (jinn) in a bottle. really. its not a miserable exisitence but its boring a lot and i often feel im missing out on things. thank the god for the internet! and even online im not allowed to post pics of myself even with hijab.

the point is that the women are seen to be protected.. and need protection.. i don't think its because of women being low. it just seems like it and those bad men that are still holding to the arab-pagan traditions...(treating women like animals) they are so wrong this goes against everything the prophet muhammed(pbuh) said was the law of allah! i really would love to hear the kings comments on this in the holy country.

Nick Hanlon from Chiang Mai on July 18, 2012:

One day justice shall come.Maybe not too far away judging how powerful the Arab Spring has been.Keep pushing the cause.This needs to become the new Apartheid.

dhannyya (author) on July 17, 2012:

thanks Sohini for the comment

Sohini on July 17, 2012:

Nice article dhannyya....I salute your bravery for writing this kind of article despite of the threats of some stupid...

dhannyya (author) on July 02, 2012:

dear khalid...thanks for your comment..i was not judging Saudi Arabia women. I was rather trying to highlight the sufferings they undergo

khalid on July 01, 2012:

Who are you to judging the Saudi girls pure and chaste Who are you to Chohen reputations Sorry for you people read books agitators and liars But I will be able mind and you with questions you Do you know where is your sister? Well you know where is your mother? The concept of family you have loose, but rarely ... We have learned from our religion, that women are mother and sister treat them as treats most valuable property rights Not arbitrarily to one incident in Saudi Arabia there are more than 10 million women???? Take care of your life and do not want your intervention If you are happy in your life let alone

dhannyya (author) on June 26, 2012:

thanks saudia for the comment...i feel that the wrong interpretation of religion only is making human beings deprived of their rights

saudia on June 26, 2012:

Wonderful article, but I like to Ask the author if the religion of Islam the law of God or democracy

dhannyya (author) on June 25, 2012:

thanks guest for the comment..

guest06 on June 25, 2012:

Its very tipical observation from one western critic. Its very bravely from You to talk about this society in so critic manner. Why is everybody so happy with "Democracy" You have. Why everybody likes the society that brings our families to the death. All democracy roules were made (like cheating of spouse, homosexuality...) to make you global market slaves. If You can not understand this, get home and think more!

dhannyya (author) on June 22, 2012:

thank you KathyH for the know??even the Indian women (mostly nurses) who work in Saudi Arabia have to wear the traditional pardah (black fully covered dress) in Saudi Arabia...they are also in the same bondage in Saudi..

KathyH from Waukesha, Wisconsin on June 22, 2012:

Excellent hub! My husband has been to Saudi Arabia many times and told me many of the things you've written. In fact, American women that are in the Air Force have to wear the same type of clothing AND, they have to sit in the backs of buses. My husband told me the American men would look after the American women that were there in service to America to be sure they weren't further mis-treated. Interesting topic! Thanks for sharing, voted up!

Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on June 18, 2012:

I have done some extensive reading on the disadvantaged women of Saudi Arabia and it always stirs very deep emotions for me. The world is being deprived of the most beautiful, interesting minds and for that, I am sad. My belief, and again, this is my belief, is that somewhere deep down, the men who carry out the barbaric and horrible acts are intimidated by what may happen if such wonderful and intelligent women were allowed to walk their own life path.

I want to thank you for providing the world with this important article.

dhannyya (author) on June 15, 2012:

thanks Jhudah for the comment..yes i also cudnt believe the extent to which women are oppressed in that land

Jhudah on June 15, 2012:

i mean "deprived"

Jhudah on June 15, 2012:

it's really sad that women are treated Like that! they are not just deprive of their rights as women but also deprive of their rights as human.

great hub and thanks for your courage in writing this.

dhannyya (author) on June 13, 2012:

thank you iangb40 for the appreciating comment..this was really soo happy

iangb40 from Hamilton, Canada on June 12, 2012:

Your writing on the oppression of Saudi women covered many aspects of the injustices under which they live. I have written columns for the Hamilton Spectator on Sharia Law and the oppression of Muslim women in the Middle-East. You certainly covered a lot of ground on this topic. Your writing has enlightened other Hubbers who commented that they were not aware of the oppression of Saudi women, and that in itself is one of many achievements you accomplished by writing this piece. God bless you, dhannyya. And thank you for exposing this affliction on Saudi women. (By the way, your Hubs are fresh, eclectic, and a pleasure to read. Great work!

dhannyya (author) on June 11, 2012:

thank you Cheeky Girl and b. Malin for your comments. I too did not know about this until I researched about Saudi Arabian women...its really sad thing that women are oppressed to this extent in Saudi Arabia

b. Malin on June 11, 2012:

This was such a Sad Hub to read dhannyya. Having worked for a Muslim Doctor for many years, I learned a lot about what your Hub expressed. Sharia Law is Horrible, and I hope never allowed to become "Law" in America. I pray for my "Sisters" over there...Woman in America understand, and sympathize.

I look forward to Following your Hubs.

Cassandra Mantis from UK and Nerujenia on June 11, 2012:

If this is not repression, then I don't know what is, apart from total and utter slavery of course. YOu are entitled to marry who you want as a woman. It should not have to be dependent on some male who is in charge. If the woman is too young, then she does need the okay of a parent.

Saudi Arabian culture is a proud history and should have a focus on its achievements. This hub reveals a darker side to the plight of women. My own partner, Cathy (she writes as "Astra Nomik" here in Hub Pages) almost wound up in an arranged marriage, though it was Hindu, and not Islamic. Happily she did not go through with it, and she is much happier now. I think her poems in her hubs say it all!

I don't understand why women don't organise themselves and form groups, and set up a National Movement. If they invited International Women of renown to speak at forums and meetings, and get media publicity, things might change. Although something tells me that is not without its dangers too.

No woman should have to be treated like this. You did a great thing by highlighting these matters in this hub. Thank you for giving us such a very important inisight into Disadvantaged Women in Saudi Arabia.

dhannyya (author) on June 10, 2012:

thank you HSchneider, John Sarkis, Yaduvanshi for appreciating this hub....people unjustly suffer in different corners of the world..and we are not aware of that..

Yaduvanshi from Bharat Vrse on June 10, 2012:

Voted up

Yaduvanshi from Bharat Vrse on June 10, 2012:

Suppose it all is true for any islamic or muslim nation may be do due to over indulgence of religion with governance

May the almighty bless these less privileged human beings

John Sarkis from Winter Haven, FL on June 10, 2012:

Hi dhannyya,

What a wonderful hub this is. And yes, to paraphrase HSchneider, 'religion and government should be separate'.... I was very impress with this hub as it's exceptional!

Voted up and away


Howard Schneider from Parsippany, New Jersey on June 10, 2012:

Excellent Hub, Dhannyya. Saudi Arabia is a prime example of the terrible problems that arise when religion is brought into governing. Women usually are mistreated with rights taken away. We see that here in the U.S. with laws that the social conservatives and religious fundamentalists are influencing. Religion is a personal thing and has no place in government.

dhannyya (author) on June 10, 2012:

thank you Express10 and always exploring, even foreign women who are in saudi for job purposes have to wear parda (the full covered black dress). life of women is horrible in saudi arabia

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on June 09, 2012:

There is a time when people must rise against inhumane treatment. The women of Saudi would make a great force if they realized that banding together would show courage and a resolute for change. Why have they allowed this for so long..Bless you for writing this educational hub...

H C Palting from East Coast on June 09, 2012:

As a woman, I am sad to hear of the horrible treatment these women endure. I learned of it at an earlier age through reading due to my own curiosity. It stings quite a bit that Saudi Arabia is still stuck in this rut. The world is advancing, opportunities are being missed that ALL in Saudi Arabia could benefit from due to these laws.

My opinion is that it is the men who FEAR the women. The power, intellect, ability, capability, and their beauty. Why else would they go so far to thoroughly make them feel inferior, even so far as to keep them covered from head to toe in cloth and in oppression?

dhannyya (author) on June 09, 2012:

thanks Johnathan for the comment

Johnathan L Groom from Bristol, CT on June 08, 2012:

!you're awesome!

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