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Saturn the Significant


Saturn is God

In the ancient world, "gods" were almost always based on stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. This is why "God" is always in "heaven"; they always called the sky "heaven." Three celestial bodies are the origin of the major religions on Earth: Sun, Moon, and Saturn. This is where the idea of the "Holy Trinity" (all religions have a Holy Trinity) comes from; the Sun, Moon, and Saturn are the Holy Trinity.

The three largest religions are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Christianity is mostly Sun worship, Judaism is mostly Moon worship, and Islam is mostly Saturn worship (Saturn is central to all three). These religions are based in astrology, and Saturn has played a major role in the creation of all three. The fundamental importance, relevance, and significance of Saturn to these religions cannot be overlooked. Although they appear different, they are expressions of the same thing, and Saturn is at the very core of it.

Historically, Saturn has had an unusually large role in shaping things on Earth. Much of modern society is a direct result of the worship of Saturn; the "Brotherhood of Saturn" (the Nazis are the most famous expression of the Brotherhood of Saturn) has profoundly affected the course of history.

We are mostly unaware, but many things come from a time when Saturn was openly and knowingly worshiped as a god; Christmas is a good example. Christmas has two sides, the Jesus-side (Sun worship), and the Santa-side (Saturn worship). The celebration called "Saturnalia" (worship of the planet Saturn) is the origin of the entire "Santa" side of Christmas; "Santa" represents Saturn. The word "Santa" comes from the word "Satan"; the word "Satan" comes from the word "Saturn." Saturn is Santa and Santa is Satan -- everything about it is evil.


Saturn is the Black Cube

In the Islamic belief, Muslims are supposed to (at least once in their lives) go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia where there is a giant black cube called The Kaaba. This is where religious ceremonies are held that involve walking in circles (rings of Saturn) around the black cube which represents Saturn. This black cube always represents Saturn; Saturn is the black cube.


Saturn is El

Saturn was very important to the ancient people of this world. The Phoenician Canaanite people worshiped Saturn -- and it was the most important god to them.

This is actually where the six-pointed star comes from; it represents Saturn -- not David. All reference materials say that this was representative of Saturn; there was no star of David -- no such thing.

The ancient Hebrews worshiped Saturn too; they named it El. El is what they called Saturn. In the original translations of the Old Testament of the Bible "Elohim" was the name of God, but this is not what we would think of as the "Creator Almighty God"; this is the god Saturn. Since this is where the word Satan comes from, who is the Bible actually saying is God? Many so-called names of God, and a whole lot of other things reference Saturn by this name; this is why churches have "El-ders," for example.

Other references to Saturn include wedding rings and earrings; both of which come from the worship of Saturn. Women, in ancient times, were supposed to "listen to and obey" Saturn; that's why they were made to wear earrings. How many women realize that the rings and hoops they wear in their ears are in honor, worship, reverence, and reference to Saturn (Satan)? This brings up something very interesting to consider, how did ancient people know that Saturn had rings?

Black and red represent Saturn; those are also the colors most often used to represent Satan. Black robes are to reference Saturn; this is why black robes are worn by priests and judges. This is also why black robes and square hats (black cube) are worn at graduation ceremonies. All of these things came from, and are part of, Satanic rituals -- all in reference to Saturn. The people who gave us all of these things were Saturn worshiping Satanist, then we wonder why things are the way they are in society. If nearly all of society is unknowingly worshiping the evil force which has been called Satan, and performing rituals to go along with it, we should not be confused as to why the world is the way it is. Does it not make perfect sense? If the whole world is worshiping Satan, how exactly are we going to have a "good" world to live in? Those who dedicate themselves to finding truth, knowledge, and facts are not confused about these things -- we know why the world is the way it is.

Everything in modern society can be traced back to Saturn worshipers (Satanists); these are the people who set up society on Earth. Saturn is very important in theology, religion, government, law, economics, business, education, entertainment, and is central to nearly all world affairs. There has got to be some reason why Saturn has always, and still, is such a massive influence. Why are there so many symbols and references to Saturn (Satan) all through every country and corporation on Earth? Google search symbols of Saturn It is ridiculous to think that there would be so much of this, if it means nothing. No, this means something. Something very important is happening all around us, and it is time to start paying attention to what is actually going on. It is right in your face, but only for those who are paying attention; the rest are oblivious.

Saturn also represents banking and money, which is about manipulation and exploitation; this too was given to us by the same people. Banking and money goes as far back as the ancient Sumerian/Babylonian systems that were used to manipulate their people; now banking and money are used to manipulate and control (enslave) the entire human race. Banking and money are as evil as evil can get, and just another expression of Saturn and its influence on our planet -- and a major one at that. Nothing is more powerful on Earth than the influence of money; money is Saturn, and the "love of money is the root of all evil." Therefore, the love of Saturn is the root of all evil -- nothing has ever brought more evil into our world than the love of Saturn.


Saturn's Hexagon

It is theorized by many that Saturn may have once been a star. For instance, the Electric Universe Theory suggests that Saturn was once the primary Sun of Earth. Apparently, Saturn was the Sun until there was a huge calamity of some sort, possibly a planetary body moving through our solar system. Whatever it was, something absolutely amazing happened that completely rearranged our solar system. According to the theory, in the process of this rearrangement, huge lightening bolts were exchanged between Earth and Mars. Whatever happened, it is what apparently caused Saturn to "go out." When Saturn faded, ancient people of the time depicted what they witnessed in various ways. As a result of these specific depictions, Saturn has become known as the "Black Sun." Symbols and references to this "Black Sun" can be found in many interesting places; these are always about the planet Saturn. When you start to put all this together, something very odd becomes blatantly obvious. Saturn, for some reason, is extremely significant to us. Google image search black sun

In the late 1970s, scientists discovered something unusual at the north pole of Saturn -- a perfect hexagon. Why would there be a perfect hexagon? This is a very strange thing to discover. What could possibly cause such a thing?

Saturn's hexagon is a perfectly six-sided geometric shape that seems very odd and unnatural, but it is not the only one in our solar system; several planets have the same thing. The hexagon on Saturn is huge; it is six miles deep and could hold four Earths.

A hexagram (a hexagon is at the center of every hexagram) is a two-dimensional depiction of a three-dimensional tetrahedron. A tetrahedron is one pyramid pointing up and one pyramid pointing down. A two-dimensional version of this can be seen on the flag of Israel, one triangle pointed up and another triangle pointing downward -- this is the "star" of Saturn. A tetrahedron is the three-dimensional version of this geometric shape. It is theorized that if a tetrahedron was spinning at a super elevated speed, it could possibly create a very powerful vortex known as a torsion field. Some people theorize that this is the reason for the hexagon vortex at the north pole of Saturn. According to this idea, at the center of Saturn is an enormous rapidly spinning tetrahedron. If there were a three-dimensional tetrahedron spinning inside Saturn, it would certainly express itself, very likely, as an apparent two-dimensional vortex in the shape of a hexagon on what we perceive to be the "surface" of Saturn. This is very interesting, especially when we connect it with the wide use and significance of pyramids and triangles all over the world and all through history. There absolutely must be something very important about these shapes. If not, then why have they been so important for so long to so many people? Some people believe that there is something about these shapes that is fundamental to all existence -- and they might be right.

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"Every snowflake is different," we have all heard this, but every snowflake is also exactly the same. No matter how detailed and delicate the differences are, every snowflake is exactly the same shape -- a perfect hexagram. This is because during the formation of the snowflake, as the water molecules begin to freeze, a spinning pyramid structure forms. Then, a second identical spinning pyramid forms, but does so pointing in the opposite direction. At the center of every snowflake is a perfect spinning tetrahedron. This is why every two-dimensional image of every single snowflake is a perfect hexagram. This is only one example (there are many), that demonstrate a powerful undeniable connection between the geometric shape we call a tetrahedron and the very foundation of the nature of reality. There is something very powerful here, and it is why people who are very powerful have always glorified triangles and pyramids; it's because they represent something that is absolutely fundamental to life, and a prime part of our reality.

It is completely logical to consider how this might play a part in the formation of the hexagon on Saturn. It does seem very odd at first, but when you understand the significance and the connections, it really does not seem odd at all. Pyramids are a fundamental part of nature; of course people who know this have elevated these symbols to high places -- it makes perfect sense that they would.

Think about this information within the context of what we know about ancient Egypt. What exactly is going on here? What did they really know, that we have yet to figure out? There is something here that is absolutely astonishing. Something very profound is hidden within whatever the ancient Egyptians actually knew, and whatever they were really doing. Upon understanding the massive significance of the pyramid, this seems undeniable and blatantly obvious; but for those who do not understand, it is just an unimportant unsolved mystery that deserves little attention.


Saturn's Rings

Between Voyager 1 and 2 there were differences in the rings of Saturn. There should have been no changes in the rings between the two missions, but there were.

Areas where there had been no material at all, somehow in only nine months, became full of matter; this was not supposed to happen. These things are not supposed to happen in such a short time period, but here in the rings of Saturn it did. Photos show the rings cut off like they just end; it looks like there could be something making the rings.

Some people believe (and photos seem to confirm this) that there are enormous spacecraft of some sort around Saturn that actually generate the rings. This seems, like so many other things, very odd at first; but some very good research into this has taken place. A very good case has been made to support this idea, as strange as it seems. Before dismissing something, It is always a good idea to remember that there are things going on in the Universe that we literally know nothing about. How do you know that there are not spacecraft around Saturn that make the rings? You don't, and as long as you don't, it is possible.


Saturn Sounds very Strange

The Matrix

Saturn produces twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun. Some people believe this is because it was once a star, others believe something else entirely.

One theory suggest that Saturn is a gigantic electromagnetic frequency broadcast system. It does kind of look like it could be a satellite antenna of some sort. These ideas suggest that Saturn broadcasts an electromagnetic frequency toward the Moon; the signal is then directed toward Earth to be experienced and perceived by humans. Apparently, the purpose is to interfere with humanity's ability to perceive reality as it actually is. A "fake reality," exactly like in the movie The Matrix, then becomes the only reality that humans can experience.

As bizarre as this all may sound, it is absolutely possible. More and more science (especially quantum physics) is very much suggesting that the very "fabric" of our reality is in fact digital. Digital -- just like video games and computer software programs. According to a growing number of scientists, the foundation of what we call "reality" is nothing more than "1s and 0s" -- computer code. It is completely scientifically possible that we do live in something that is exactly the same as The Matrix. When this is combined with the very well understood knowledge of how electromagnetic fields and frequencies can influence -- and even control -- the human mind, it is not hard to imagine this bizarre theory actually being real.

These ideas seem to be very strange for sure, but it is possible. Don't be too quick to dismiss things that you don't know anything about. If this "matrix theory" is true, it's not like any of us would ever be able to tell the difference. We wouldn't have any idea in the world, if this was true. This would mean that we are living in a "fake reality" -- and don't know anything about it. What business do we have dismissing ideas about things that we don't know anything about? Maybe we do live inside "The Matrix."


Saturn has Always been part of Us

However it goes, and no matter what you believe; Saturn, for some reason, has always played a very important role in all of known history. People of Earth, even going back to the most ancient times, have always had a very high regard for Saturn.

Saturn symbolism shows up in all religions, is represented by most governments, and is featured in the logos of the vast majority of powerful corporations. There is something very important about Saturn, or this would not be so. Have another look at the symbols of the planet Saturn. Now, look around where you are right now, do you see any symbols of Saturn? Pay attention when you go out into your community; pay special attention to product packaging in stores and signs in front of businesses. Do you not see Saturn everywhere?

If it were not important, there would not be all this having to do with Saturn. There is something going on here that we don't know anything about -- maybe we should start trying to figure out what it is.


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